Modere Trim Review: Are There Any Better Alternatives?

Updated on May 2, 2023

Modere Trim by Modere Inc. is a weight loss liquid supplement. 

It burns the fat and beautifies the skin! It sounds like a tantalizing offer.

But wait! Our eyes couldn’t believe the label showed only two ingredients. Also, there is a lot of criticism on Reddit and Amazon. 

The sources suggest that Modere is found guilty of MLM. It is an unethical marketing technique where they sell the products to the customer as equity, assuring they can sell the product in the future. 

So, we decided to dive deep into it. A comprehensive guide having all the facts and critics from nutrition experts. Compiled for you to make a better decision with the weight-loss supplement.  

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Modere Trim Review: Is it Legit?

Modere Inc. has been making inflated claims on weight loss. The product contains many benefits claimed by the company. It sounds slightly fishy, doesn’t it? Also, there are many negative customer reviews. And the fact that they use MLM marketing gimmicks doesn’t help their reputation. These situations sound the alarm on the trust factor of the company.

Modere Trim is a weight management supplement. It comes in a 450ml bottle. It promises to cut the extra fat out and is an anti-aging product.  

Modere Trim comes in 5 different flavors to choose 

  • Coconut Lime
  • Chocolate – the most demanded flavor.
  • Vanilla
  • Lime
  • Apple Crumble

Modere Trim Pros Vs. Cons


  • Beautifies the skin due to the presence of glycerine
  • Nurtures the hair
  • Comes in a variety of different flavors
  • Relieves the pain around joints.


  • Rachel suspects that the company hid its ingredients from the public view
  • Not an effective fat burner as the company projected, better appetite suppressants are mentioned here
  • People reported that Modere Trim tasted way too sweet 
  • Feedback has suggested that it creates in-digestion problems
  • A $100 supplement. Way too expensive than other supplements in the market. 
  • High on fat. Every serving gives 6 gm of fat  
  • Not recommended for a Vegan. It contains traces of chicken. 
  • Hidden conditions in the return policy

Also, each claim made by Modere Inc. is ended with an asterisk (*).

Eddie from Reddit said that the asterisk reflects the claims are NOT verified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

So, with conflicting claims and limited proven results. It is important to look at each ingredient it is made of. Knowing the ingredients would help you understand the impacts of the Modere Trim. Hence you can make a sound decision after the review.  

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Ingredients in Modere Trim

As you’ve noticed, it is made of only 2 ingredients. 

Below is a brief about the ingredients, their benefits, and side effects on your body. All of this will be explained in pure layman’s terms. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dissect it!

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

The company claims CLA is responsible for fat burns and increasing metabolism. But the research work completely disagrees with this. According to Examine, CLA does very little to cut weight. Also, it is very inconsistent in delivering results.   

Similar findings by NCBI suggested that the health benefits shown by CLA aren’t promising nor consistent. CLA cannot be treated as a nutritional nor medical food. With the accumulated research, and both pointing to the negation. You can’t rely on the company’s claim on this. It seems to be they exaggerated the weight loss impacts by CLA. One point deducted!

Liquid Biocell

This is the propriety ingredient of the Modere and is made from a combination from:   

  • Hydrolized Collagen Type II – This is the component that gives the Modere Trim a characteristic liquid form. 
  • Collagen is a protein which decomposes into amino acids when consumed.  
  • NCBI research highlights it has almost a “nil” impact on weight loss. It is more towards the skin anti-aging and beautifying process.
  • Chondroitin Sulphate and Hyaluronic Acid – relieve pain around the joints. Hyaluronic acid repairs the tissues around the joints. Hence it relieves you from the pain. 

Though they don’t have any side effects, we wonder why they were added since it has little to do with a fat burner. The ingredients added don’t justify the importance of the supplement.    

Also, Reddit reviews, specifically this one from Ms. Rachel, indicate that Modere Trim may contain glycerine, but this ingredient is not listed on the company’s label. This has led to suspicions that the company may be hiding information about its ingredients from the public.

How does Modere Trim work?

Modere Trim contains CLA, which helps inhibit cell fat storage and increases metabolism and weight loss. Additionally, including collagen can help slow the aging process, resulting in more beautiful skin and a natural glow on the face.

How to use (safely) Modere Trim?

According to the manufacturer, Modere Trim must be consumed daily: one tablespoon (around 15ml) early in the morning. However, nothing much else is mentioned on how to take it. For example, do you take it on an empty stomach or after/before exercise? 

Who should use Modere Trim and who should not?

Suitable for both men and women in general. 

NOT Suitable for

  • Vegans. As it contains traces of chicken in the Biocell
  • Not suitable for children under 18
  • Not suitable for a pregnant woman
  • Advisable only to in-take after dietician’s suggestion. 

Price & Shipping Policy

You can buy directly from the company’s website. The catalog price is $99.99 + Shipping charges additional. 

Shipping charges depend on the location. On average, it is about $4-5 extra. You can expect your product to be delivered within 5 days. Regarding return policy, the company states within 30 days full money-back guarantee. But that’s far from reality. The condition section explicitly mentions when a company feels that the product has not shown the intended result. It is advisable contact them first before purchasing.

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Modere Trim Side-Effects

Modere Trim customers have faced in-digestion problems. 

It includes:

  • Nausea 
  • Stomach Ache
  • Backache
  • Diarrhea

Many nutritionists believe Modere has minimal ingredients. That means it is unlikely to adversely affect our bodies. Finally, something good to hear! 

Better Alternative Available? 

PhenQ is a supplement pill made to eliminate the extra fat to make you healthier and fitter. The product manufactured by WOLFSON BERG Ltd.

PhenQ works by increasing the metabolism rate. This increases the energy flow in your body, which improves your physical activity. This helps in burning down the extra fat in the body. 

Having testimonials backed by over 19,000 customers, PhenQ has become the top preference from the leading reviewers in the dietary domain. To read a full review visit here.

So, let’s dive into the ingredients. Check out whether all the claims are done to praise or hype.


Unlike the Modere Trim, PhenQ has a detailed list of ingredients.

Martina Sophia, a nutritionist, states that PhenQ has maintained complete transparency in listing the ingredients. The company has not tried to conceal any figure or ingredients on its labels. One point to Wolfson here. 

Also, WOLFSON BERG Ltd. stated on the website, “they have clinically tested all the ingredients used and assured that they are safe for human consumption.” After such a strong statement, it becomes more important to investigate the roots of reality. 

α-Lacys Reset®

Alpha Lacys is the combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and cystine. 

ALA is an anti-oxidant. So, it regulates the sugar flow in the blood. 

Also, ALA being a fatty acid it releases the energy from the body and hence increases the metabolism rate. This helps in reducing the weight of the body. 

Moreover, ALA acts as a thermogenic. This reflects it increases the internal temperature of the body. Due to this body feels warmth and hence the metabolism rate increases. This further burns the fat in the body.

Cystine helps in monitoring the appetite of the body. This reduces the occasional snaking habit and hence supports in following the diet plan. 

Capsimax Powder

Blend of niacin (or commonly known as Vitamin B3), caffeine, piperine, and capsicum.

Piperine is the spicy fragrant extract from the black pepper. It is used to increase the absorption tendency of the ingredients in the body. This would help the body in showing the weight loss results quicker. 

Also, the capsimax has a spicy crunch. This elevates the heat inside the body so it brings a thermogenic effect in the body. As noticed earlier, thermogenic helps in burning the extra fat.

The dose of Vitamin B3 reduces the levels of cholesterol and fatty acids. Hence lowering the fats stored in the body.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium is a popular element used to strengthen the teeth and bones of the body. Also, the regular dosage fastens the bone repair. 

Calcium is also used in excreting out the extra fats stored in a form of urea. Thus, calcium helps you in reducing weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate

When you are on a diet (most of you might be in the phase as well) you are stuffed with broccoli, spinach, and cabbage. What’s missing here? Oh! The sugary doughnut or my choco-chip cookie. 

Do you know when you stop eating them, your heart WON’T allow you to stop sugar? You would be craving that sugary product. 

Now, this is where chromium helps you. Chromium helps in stopping the sugar munching. This is done by regulating the sugar level in the cell. Hence you would stay on track with your dietary plan.


It is a natural fiber derived from the cactus. Since it is rich in fiber, it controls the appetite. This helps in improving the weight management system of the body. 

Also, according to the research, it improves the digestive system. It does this by ejecting out the waste liquid fluids, thus helping you in feeling lighter and healthier.   

L-Carnitine Fumarate

This ingredient is present in nature and can be found in nuts, fruits, and meat. Chemically it is the derivative of fumaric acid, which is present in apples. 

It improves the metabolism rate of the body by breaking down the cells stored in the body. As a result, it brings a higher level of energy to the body. And the more energy you have, the more you can spend on physical activity. Hence would bring faster weight loss. 


Caffeine is an ingredient we all heard of before. 

But what does it give to the body?

Here is the answer:

It improves the metabolism rate of the body by 6-12%, according to NCBI.

And studies have found that caffeine reduces appetite. 

Both things help you with cutting the extra weight. 

But, what people miss out on in the praise is the amount of caffeine. If caffeine intake is more than required, you will feel dizziness, sleep issues, and irregular heartbeat. Caffeine in PhenQ contains 150 mg, and this is a very safe quantity of caffeine, according to many experts. 


  • With caffeine, it increases the metabolism rate of your body
  • From Nopal and calcium, it reduces the appetite. Hence it blocks the weight put on risk. 
  • Rich in fibre, hence it improves the in-digestion
  • Regulates the sugar flow with the help of chromium is inside
  • Rich in vitamins. You get the holy benefits of Vitamin B3, chromium and calcium
  • Elevates your mood. It makes you feel more energetic and lighter. 
  • Having clean transparency with values, you can be better assured of the results. 
  • 85% of the customers’ testimonials. All speaking the same success.
PhenQ Alt Smaller 1

Side Effects

With supplements, they indeed enhance your metabolic activity. In the same fashion, it is also true that it comes with contra-actions.  

Dr. Shah puts up saying “mild” side-effects with PhenQ

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Bloating  


FeaturesModere TrimPhenQ
Metabolism rateIncreases from CLAIncreases from caffeine, ALA, capsimax
Thermogenic elementNot foundWith ALA & capsimax
TasteToo sweetTasteless
Fat burnerDo, but small and slowDo and brings quick results
Beauty productBeautifies skin, having collagen in itPerforms only fat burner. This is also what the name suggests
TransparencyLacks in itVery transparent
IngredientsOnly 2 key ingredients7 key ingredients
Money backYes, but with conditionsYes, no conditions apply
PriceExpensive, $99.99$79.9 product

 Conclusion: What Should you Choose for Weight Loss?

PhenQ best alternative fat burner

Everything you need is included above, allowing you to self-analyze and determine your next steps.

The points discussed highlight the shortcomings of Modere Trim, as it attempts to offer one solution for 100 problems, which ultimately did not work out for them.

In contrast, PhenQ focuses on providing faster and more effective weight loss results.

The review is now complete, and my job is finished. The decision is entirely up to you to make!


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