PhenQ Review: How effective is it for weight loss?

Updated on January 3, 2021

Do you desire to shed off some pounds? We know the feeling that comes with being unable to look at yourself twice in the mirror because of all the body fat staring back at you. It is a path that many don’t like, but unfortunately, millions around the globe have to face it every single day.

Today, we will be sharing with you our PhenQ review and how you can use it to torch all the excess fats you don’t want in your body. Millions of people struggle with weight loss across the globe.

It is not always fancy to be called overweight. It is not just good for your self-esteem, but also it puts you at risk of contracting all manner of lifestyle diseases, including heart diseases and stroke.

To help people lose, there are a plethora of detox plans, weight loss pills, weight loss coaching programs, slimming pills and other products that promise to give magical results after just a few weeks of use. You should be wise enough to realize that most of these products are not genuine and just a ploy by the savvy manufacturers to take advantage of your desperation to get lean.

With their superfluity in the market today, knowing what works and what doesn’t work is always a real challenge.

However, we believe that PhenQ has the right formulation to help you realize your weight loss goals. Its makers have strong faith in it, and results by past users also indicate nothing but success for most people. You can even check various PhenQ reviews online like this one.

In this review, you will get all the facts you need about PhenQ. In the end, you should be in a position to decide on whether or not this is a pill you would be interested in using.

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  • Brings tangible results
  • It is a product of a world-renowned company
  • Natural product with no ill side effects
  • Features real economic offers
  • It is legitimate and safe for use


  • Not ideal for minors
  • Contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

PhenQ is one of the leading weight loss pills in the market today. It is a powerful concoction of a new dieting formula that brings together various ingredients known to have multiple weight loss benefits that will make it easy for you to attain your body goals.

It is the product of a reputable manufacturer and, with all the glossy reviews it continues to get from past and current users, there are all indications to suggest that it might as well be that one magic pill you have been looking for to help you lose weight.

It is a product made of all-natural ingredients and has been thoroughly tested and proven to bring the claimed results. It contains some of the most potent natural ingredients ever known to the weight loss world.

This is where it gets its ability to work wonders when it comes to weight loss. Also, the product is generally safe for use by most people. However, expectant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, individuals suffering from serious health conditions, and minors should not use the product.

You will also love the fact that the manufacturer always offers tantalizing deals which makes it possible for you to spend less while getting more of the pills.

PhenQ Review: Brand Overview

PhenQ has been described as five powerful weight loss pills combined in one. It is a new generation fat burner with a sophisticated formulation and modus operandi which have proven to be deadly effective in torching all the unwanted fat in the body.

It is a revolutionary supplement manufactured by Wolfson Berg – a renowned manufacturer of sports and nutritional supplements based in the United Kingdom. The supplement not only contains some of the most potent natural weight loss ingredients but also, it is specially formulated to work on different aspects of weight loss at the same time.

The manufacturer claims that PhenQ has similar benefits as Phentermine, though it doesn’t come with the kind of negative side effects that made Phentermine to be banned. Therefore, the remote similarity in the names should not make you think that Phentermine is one of its ingredients.

According to the manufacturer, all you need is two pills of PhenQ a day and you will be well on your way to losing lots of weight. It is a safe weight loss pill that can be used by nearly all persons of good health, except for a few contraindications on pregnant and lactating mothers and individuals suffering from serious health problems.

PhenQ Ingredients and Their Benefits

Each one-tablet dose of PhenQ contains the following-:

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Nopal
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate
  • Capsicum Extract
  • Piperine Extract
  • Niacin Powder

Below is a detailed description of all the ingredients listed above-:


α – LACYS RESET is a product of two potent weight loss synergistic compounds of CYS and LYS. These two are highly active and patented formulas that work by balancing between the production as well as the neutralization of free radicals. They do this when they activate the aerobic metabolism in the mitochondria.

α – LACYS RESET is the special and most important component that makes the PhenQ weight loss pill so effective. It is well known to be superior to other liposoluble products and it is also well known to speed up the process of metabolism. 

Metabolism is the process through which the body converts foods and drinks into energy, which will be utilized by the body instantly or stored for use at a future date.

α – LACYS RESET can also help in increasing the body’s muscle mass, and burning fat to aid the weight loss process. This compound is also known to increase the energy levels in the body, improve mood, reduce fatigue, and help in recovery after injuries or workouts.

Additionally, the substance comes with a horde of other benefits that will improve the overall quality of life. Going for it is, therefore, a smart move for anyone in need of a safe, and reliable weight loss process.

Calcium Carbonate

There are several clinical studies that suggest that calcium carbonate can help in burning the excess fats in the body, making it another potent weight loss ingredient in this weight loss pill. Calcium carbonate works by signaling the brain that the body doesn’t require the stored fats. 

This, then, comes with the feeling of being full and nourished, hence, no need to take more foods. When the brain gets the signal that the body doesn’t need any of the excess fat, it will cause the body to utilize the excess fats, hence, further aiding the weight loss process.


This is a fiber-rich natural ingredient obtained from cactus. As such, Nopal has always been a very good source of amino acids and fibers. This is of immense importance when it comes to preventing constipation-related issues among users. 

Foods that are rich in fiber will always ensure that you have normal bowel movements while at the same time making you feel satiated most of the time. When you feel full most of the time, you will not have the urge to eat now and then, and this will ultimately aid in the weight loss process.

Nopal is also vital in ensuring that you are energetic so that you remain productive most of the time. 

Additionally, Nopal also helps in getting rid of excess fluids from the body. This is an important process towards weight loss since some of the weight in the body is always a result of water retention. Read more about ingredients here

Caffeine Anhydrous

You have probably heard that if you want to lose weight, then you should drink less coffee. However, this is not true. 

Caffeine is always a vital component of many weight loss drinks and pills. It is a natural ingredient with a variety of benefits to the body and its inclusion in the PhenQ formulation greatly increases the potency of the product.

Caffeine anhydrous is a highly concentrated form of caffeine. You will be surprised to learn that so strong is this ingredient that just one teaspoon of it in powder form is equivalent to the caffeine you will find in 30 cups of coffee.

Caffeine helps the body in a variety of ways, including increasing alertness and the body’s energy levels. The substance also comes with appetite-suppressing effects. 

If you are trying to shed off some pounds, then you realize how important it is for you to reduce the frequency of your food intake. 

With caffeine in your system, the desire to eat regularly will disappear, hence, you will have a safe way of reducing the number of calories you allow into your body.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a mineral present in whole grains, meats, vegetables, and meats. Research has shown that the substance is effective in helping to regulate the cravings for carbs and sugars which are some of the main reasons for weight gain. 

Due to its ability to balance blood sugars, the substance is effective in keeping cravings under control. Also, due to some of its characteristics, it can help to turn stored carbs and sugars into energy. 

Finally, there are studies that suggest that having good amounts of this substance in your body will prevent snacking or emotional overeating – common habits known to increase one’s likelihood to gain more weight.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-Carnitine Fumarate is an amino acid that aids in the creation of energy within the body. The amino acid works by supplementing the conversion of fats stored in the body into the necessary energies. This particular amino acid is available in plenty of dairy products, green vegetables, and well ripen avocados.

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum is the substance that makes chili peppers so hot. It increases the pill’s ability to burn fat through a process known as thermogenesis. The extract present in PhenQ features blends of caffeine, piperine, and Vitamin B6. It is deadly effective in turning up the body’s heat to increase the metabolic processes, which, in turn, helps to burn fat and accelerate some other metabolic processes within the body.

Piperine Extract

This ingredient also boosts enviable thermogenic properties just like capsicum. It is mainly obtained from black pepper. Several studies and clinical trials suggest that piperine may be effective in stopping the creation of fat cells within the body.

Niacin Powder

This is the last but not least ingredient in PhenQ formulation. It is rich in essential vitamin B. As a part of the pill’s formulation, it helps the body to convert food into energy which further discourages the storage of the energy in the form of fat. 

Though a lot of Niacin concentration in the body may lead to an increase in appetite, it is a substance that is easily lost through sweat during physical activities such as sex and exercise. 

As all those trying to lose weight through exercise and dieting programs, it is vital that you get generous amounts of niacin in the diets.

Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ works due to the combination of various ingredients in the pills, the brand website also claims that a lot of studies have concluded that PhenQ’s ingredients work well together to decrease body fat percentage. Several online PhenQ customers have reviewed that it works. PhenQ has a variety of mechanisms that are used to bring incredible weight loss results.

The five main ways through PhenQ works include the following-:

Stops fat production

PhenQ pills reduce the body’s ability to produce more fat, and in so doing, it prevents fat buildup which is normally a precursor to weight gain. It primarily inhibits the processes responsible for producing and storing the fat in the body to make it available in cases of emergencies.

Increase the rate of metabolism

As a potent fat burner, PhenQ is a natural metabolism booster. It will not just inhibit the production of fatty cells in the body, but also it will help in releasing the stored fat so that they can be converted into energy. 

This means that it will dramatically increase your daily calorie spending, helping you get rid of stored fast quickly, hence, faster weight gain. Unlike traditional dieting approaches that focus on slowing down metabolic rates so that the body can use fewer calories, PhenQ does the opposite by increasing high metabolic rates to allow for superior fat burning.

Acts as an appetite suppressant

If you want to lose weight, then it is important that you watch what and when you eat. When you allow the body to develop the habit of taking in too much food, you will always feel more hungry every time you attempt to decrease the amount of food you take.

Some of the ingredients contained in PhenQ are phenomenal when it comes to appetite suppression. Taking the pill will make you feel fuller for longer, hence, reducing any tendencies you might have had for wanting to eat when you should not be eating. 

By having a suppressed appetite, your intake of calories will go down, and you will be on the right path towards shedding off the extra pounds.

Boosts your energy

It is a fact that those who resort to slimming diet programs will always experience feelings of low energy and a lot of fatigue and exhaustion. If you go for PhenQ, however, you can forget about such side effects because the formulation of the pills contains substances and ingredients to stop such symptoms from occurring. Due to this, you can go on with your normal life while you take the pills, and you don’t have to stop any of your daily activities simply because you are on a dieting program.

Enhance mood

PhenQ also works by enhancing the user’s moods so that they don’t experience negative effects such as anxiety, depression, and mood swings. This is unlike most of the weight loss programs that are usually characterized by severe cyclothymia, short temperament, and mood swings.

How to use PhenQ?

The recommended dosage for PhenQ is two pills per day, with one pill taken in the morning and the second pill taken at noontime. 

Users are discouraged from taking the pill in the afternoon because it may lead to sleeping disorders due to its high caffeine content. You are also advised to reduce your caffeine intake when using this supplement.

Who Should use PhenQ and Who Shouldn’t?

PhenQ is safe for use for both men and women, and the dosage is also the same for both – two pills every day. Vegans are also free to use the pills because it is made of all-natural products obtained primarily from plants.

Pregnant and lactating mothers, however, are not allowed to use PhenQ pills. It is also contraindicated for persons taking other medications, as well as individuals with medical histories. Minors, too, are discouraged from taking the pills.

Side Effects

The pills enjoy a relatively strong safety record with nearly no side effects. This is because they are made of rich, natural ingredients. However, those with preexisting health conditions should seek advice from a medical expert before they take the pills.

PhenQ Reviews: Before & After

Phenq reviews by their customers

PhenQ was able to help people who were not losing any weight/fat even after pushing for hours in the gym. The natural ingredients increased the metabolism & energy levels during their workouts. Some people use this as their daily supplement as its made out of ingredients that are needed in a balanced diet.

I have tried several weight loss pills, but all of them were just waste down the drain. I was skeptical about using PhenQ, but despite my skepticism, I’m glad I tried it out. I have lost 13 pounds after just a month of taking the pills, and I will not stop until I get my dream body – Geraldine, Scotland.

Where to Buy PhenQ Supplement?

You can buy PhenQ only from the official website – Each packet contains 60 pills which are equivalent to one month’s treatment. With every purchase, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. When you buy two bottles, you get one bottle free, and when you buy three bottles, you will get two bottles for free and a free Advance Cleanse.

Where to buy phenq products

Conclusion: Would we recommend this Weight Loss Supplement?

PhenQ is a highly reputed weight loss pill with thousands of raving reviews. This is a subtle indication that it is helping its users get the results they desire. It is a product of a reputable supplement manufacturer, and it also comes with adequate scientific backing for all the claims made which we have mentioned in this PhenQ review.

Additionally, it is made from 100% natural ingredients, hence, safe for use by all persons, except for the contraindications. If you are in the market in search of an ideal weight loss pill, then you shouldn’t hesitate to go for PhenQ.

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