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Automotive Retail Cloud – What Do You Need to Know?

Tekion are a company who has consistently been changing the game since they came onto the scene. It’s not difficult to see that this...

Role Of Technological Advancements In The Vehicle’s Safety in Dubai

Traveling in the personal is one of the topmost requirements of this modern world. But with the increasing number of vehicles on the road,...

The Keys to Unlocking Healthcare AI’s Vast Potential in 2021

Photo credit: Depositphotos By Vatsal Ghiya Healthcare is often thought of as an industry on the cutting edge of technological innovation. That’s true in many ways, but...

Bringing Data-Driven Decisions to the Healthcare Industry

Photo credit: Depositphotos By CJ Singh COVID-19 illuminated the harsh consequences of the healthcare industry’s slow embrace of technology to enable data-driven decisions. As a record number...

Technology Innovations That Will Have a Big Impact on Medical Practices in 2021

Photo credit: Depositphotos By Daniel Kivatinos 2021 will be another year of major innovation for healthcare technology. Because COVID-19 has disrupted the way medical practices operate, we...

Don’t buy fake Instagram followers. Ever. Do this Instead.

Buying followers on Instagram sounds like a tempting idea. But is it really effective? Research tells us that it is never a good idea.  Firstly,...



Facility Management

The Importance of Lighting in a Medical Facility

Spending time in medical facilities is never fun. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you are, and what you’re in for –...

Tips for Infection Prevention in Healthcare Settings

Infection prevention is a recognizable topic due to current situations within the healthcare industry. Thus, strategies have become increasingly valid and vital due to...

Spruce Up Drab Interior Entryways with These Design Ideas

Interior doors are essential in a home. An open entryway symbolises opportunity and opportunity, while a close door provides security and privacy. If you're planning...

Qualities of a reliable security guard: hiring professionals for ensuring comprehensive security

Investing in security guard services should be a top priority for the commercial and private sector to ensure a safe environment, prevent robbery and...

Adapting “Lean” to a Clinical Space: A Few Tips

Conversations in healthcare often focus so much on bettering care and service that we often forget to consider how we can improve care centers...

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Construction and Real Estate

Modular Construction in Healthcare: Preparations, Advantages and Challenges

Photo credit: Depositphotos By Mike Wood The $400 billion healthcare construction industry has seen its fair share of change over the years. From new materials and the...

Essential Tools & Gears for Construction Work

Whether you are a carpenter or contractor, there are some tools and pieces of gear that are absolutely essential. Aside from just construction applications,...

Values of a Good Building Design

If you dive into a design magazine, you will get to see a lot of catchy yet very tricky designs. On one hand, some...

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