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MDMA Announces Leslie Trigg, Outset Medical CEO, as New Chair

The Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) announced today that Leslie Trigg, Outset Medical Chair and CEO, was elected as the new Chair of the MDMA Board of Directors during the 2022 Annual...

Employee Relations

Tackling the Skills Shortage Within the Biopharmaceutical Industry

By Prof. Ian Marison (Biofactory Competence Center) and Dr. Peter Levison (Pall Corporation) Biopharmaceuticals are made by genetically modifying living organisms and are one of...


Scaling Virtual Solutions to Improve Osteoarthritis Management

By Dr. Randall Stafford and Amanda Rees, CEO and Co-founder of Bold Impact and Prevalence of Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of disability for adults...

Distinguishing Your Healthcare Organization—Digitally: 3 Considerations for Leaders

By Joshua Titus Some experts predict that telehealth’s bubble burst. Others say hospitals have “slowed their roll” when it comes to digital innovation, with most...



Facility Management

Things To Consider When Opening a Mental Health Center

If you’re thinking of opening a mental health center, read this first. Learn about the things you need to consider before making any decisions.

Creating a Compliance Culture is a Must for Healthcare Facilities

By Jack Evans, Director of Regulatory Compliance, and Kathy Neal, Director of CMMS and Facilities Support, Medxcel Why do we visit healthcare facilities? We can...

RTLS Supports Changing Role of Facilities Managers

By Mohsen Hekmatyar A facilities manager’s world revolves around one word: efficiency. Maintaining efficiency in a healthcare environment is a significant undertaking as it is,...

How to Clean Up With a Five-Star Audit Rating

Cool Photos from Depositphotos Audit scores should be about more than just compliance, says Dan Teare, Sector Director at mpro5 The new National Standards for Cleanliness...

Why Streamlining Gas Supply Is the Best Decision for Your Healthcare Facility

Cool Photos from Depositphotos By Beau Hoy, VP of Healthcare at EspriGas Conversations around the supply chain are heating up across the country, and leaders at the...

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3-D Technology Brings New Dimension to Healthcare Design

By Ryan Anderson, Engineering Leader, Trex Commercial In the medical field, accuracy and precision are essential. The same is true for architectural design. When the...

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