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Employee Relations

Tackling the Skills Shortage Within the Biopharmaceutical Industry

By Prof. Ian Marison (Biofactory Competence Center) and Dr. Peter Levison (Pall Corporation) Biopharmaceuticals are made by genetically modifying living organisms and are one of...


3 Strategies for Healthcare Executives to Overcome Cloud Migration Challenges

By Brandon Franklin Though digital transformation has topped many healthcare organizations’ priority lists for years, the industry’s complexity makes for a sometimes-difficult transition to digital...

Most Healthcare Apps Fail. But Yours Doesn’t Have To.

Cool Photos from Depositphotos By Steve Peretz  With an estimated 350,000+ mobile health apps available, patients are more connected than ever. As part of the pill plus...



Are Tall Tales Detracting Investors?

Cool Photos from Depositphotos By Kevin Coker, JD, MS, MPH, co-founder and CEO of Proxima Clinical Research Pitching investors is stressful for every entrepreneur. How do you...

Facility Management

How to Clean Up With a Five-Star Audit Rating

Cool Photos from Depositphotos Audit scores should be about more than just compliance, says Dan Teare, Sector Director at mpro5 The new National Standards for Cleanliness...

Why Streamlining Gas Supply Is the Best Decision for Your Healthcare Facility

Cool Photos from Depositphotos By Beau Hoy, VP of Healthcare at EspriGas Conversations around the supply chain are heating up across the country, and leaders at the...

Mitigating and Recovering from Disaster with FEMA Assistance

By Scott Cormier, Vice President of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety, Medxcel  We have to be prepared when disaster strikes, and that includes...

The Role of Glass Railing in Enhancing Daylighting

Photo credit: Depositphotos By Laura Rygielski Preston, President of Trex Commercial Products There’s no denying that daylighting – the harvesting and distribution of natural light – continues to...

COVID-19’s Delta Variant: Preparing Facilities for the Long Run

By Scott Cormier, Vice President of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety, Medxcel  The COVID-19 Delta variant has dominated the news and social media...

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Construction and Real Estate

Building Facilities that Deliver Critical Resources to the Native American Population

By Mark Murphy, Vice President of Program Management, Harrison, Walker & Harper, LLC While the need for adequate healthcare services, especially in underserved communities, is...

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