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Tackling the Skills Shortage Within the Biopharmaceutical Industry

By Prof. Ian Marison (Biofactory Competence Center) and Dr. Peter Levison (Pall Corporation) Biopharmaceuticals are made by genetically modifying living organisms and are one of...


How Automating Aspects of Communication Can Give Healthcare Professionals the Space to Focus on Delivering Quality Care

By Rajat Mishra The health industry in the United States is renowned for being complicated and inefficient. Over recent decades, many think-pieces and critiques have...

Why Data is Easily Compromised on Physician’s Devices and What Can Be Done to Secure It

By Denis O’Shea, founder of Mobile Mentor I was recently at a dinner party with a physician friend. Partway through the meal, he received a...

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Facility Management

Mitigating and Recovering from Disaster with FEMA Assistance

By Scott Cormier, Vice President of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety, Medxcel  We have to be prepared when disaster strikes, and that includes...

The Role of Glass Railing in Enhancing Daylighting

Photo credit: Depositphotos By Laura Rygielski Preston, President of Trex Commercial Products There’s no denying that daylighting – the harvesting and distribution of natural light – continues to...

COVID-19’s Delta Variant: Preparing Facilities for the Long Run

By Scott Cormier, Vice President of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety, Medxcel  The COVID-19 Delta variant has dominated the news and social media...

At California Skin Clinic, Looking Good Begins With the Ceiling

Cloud 9 Medi-Spa, a new luxury medical skincare clinic in Southern California’s burgeoning Inland Empire, wanted to project an image of elegance, epitomized by...

2 Biggest IT Challenges for Healthcare Facilities

As technology evolves, it presents new challenges for the healthcare industry. Learn about the biggest IT challenges for healthcare facilities with this guide.

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Construction and Real Estate

Embracing Location Strategy to Drive Systemness Across Healthcare Organizations

Photo credit: Depositphotos By Jay Johnson, Managing Director and National Practice Leader, JLL Healthcare When choosing the site for a new healthcare facility—whether it’s a hospital, surgery...

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