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Aionic Digital Appoints Eric Huiza as Global Chief Technology Officer

In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to innovation and leadership in the artificial intelligence sector, Aionic Digital is proud to announce the appointment of Eric Huiza as Global Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This appointment aligns with Aionic’s vision to drive business transformation through AI-driven solutions, leveraging extensive experience in systems integration and consulting to herald a new era of data management and integration efficiency. 

Professor Huiza’s role at Aionic is anticipated to catalyze significant advancements in data integration, enhancing operational efficiencies, and fostering financial growth for both clients and software channel partners. His expertise is particularly relevant as the need for software tools designed to revolutionize data handling by increasing accuracy, reducing operational time, and cutting costs have now become available to almost all companies. 

Eric Huiza shared his enthusiasm about joining Aionic, stating, “I am thrilled to contribute to Aionic’s mission of harnessing AI for practical, impactful applications. We are poised to introduce innovations that solve complex problems while driving economic benefits for our stakeholders.” 

Ralph Miller, Founder and President of Aionic, remarked on the strategic hire, “Eric’s expertise in AI and systems integration is a perfect match for Aionic as we navigate the complexities of data integration in a digital-first world. His leadership is key to our continued growth and innovation.”

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About Aionic

Aionic Digital, with its focus on software development and systems integration, is uniquely positioned to leverage its industry experience for the development of practical solutions combined with its expert consulting to maximize the value of its clients’ investments. Its mission is to bring AI into the businesses they serve and leveraging our expertise in marketing and commerce to facilitate a message of a global brand while allowing real-time local marketing in our current verticals of software, health care, manufacturing, retail, and travel and leisure.

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