Setting Up Your Own Assisted Living Residence

Updated on May 18, 2020

If you have worked in healthcare for some time with a focus on caring for elderly patients, you might be considering taking steps to establish your own private assisted living residence as a business. This will be a lot of work, of course, and you will need a strong team of care workers and other healthcare professionals behind you to make it a success. However, there is much more to it than that, and here are some other points you will need to plan for before you open your new assisted living home.


Any business needs insurance to run legally, and the healthcare industry is no different. As an assisted living residence, you will need specialist insurance cover such as Long Term Care insurance, malpractice, professional liability, and buildings and contents cover, to name a few. You must make sure your business has the correct insurance in place to avoid any legal issues that could arise later down the line. Meet with an insurance broker to discuss your options if you are not sure what cover is right for your needs.


As the whole world has gone digital, so has the healthcare industry. The advances in technology have been incredible for medical development and patient record protection included in this. Electronic medical record systems are a much more efficient way of keeping patient records than only on paper. However, it is advised you keep both digital and physical copies for back-ups. All records must be stored away safely; therefore, to protect your EMR software, you must make sure you have brilliant firewalls installed on your business computer networks. 


To open an assisted living home, you will need to acquire a space that is big enough to house all the residents. You can search for homes via estate agents, but it could be worth purchasing a home that has already been used for the same purpose. While you can, of course, modify a large house to make it suitable for an assisted living residence, this will cost a significant amount of money. Instead, search for a house that has already served as a care home as it should already have many of the things in place that you will need as an assisted living residence. Only minor tweaks and improvements will need to be made if the property is in otherwise good shape. 


Any business needs to have a strong marketing strategy to succeed, and advertising your assisted living home to the elderly and their family members are essential. There are many ways you can do this, via your website, social media, TV and radio advertisements, other relevant healthcare sites are all useful platforms to use. Hire a professional marketing firm to help you if this is an area of expertise you are not familiar with. 

Caring for those in need is an incredible and fulfilling job. It can be challenging for elderly individuals to leave homes that have many happy memories for them and to move into an assisted living residence. Still, by making yours welcoming and offering the best standards of care, you will see success and bring happiness to your residents. 

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