Burn XT Review: Are There Better Thermogenic Fat Burners?

Updated on February 25, 2021

Confused, how the supplement would help you in weight loss?

Burn XT is always under hot debate. Critics put views on the BEST fat removal supplement, while rest of them doubt its SIDE-EFFECTS.

According to the Burn XT manufacturer, to date, they managed to sell over 30,00,000 buckets. With the stargazing reviews on Amazon of 4.2 when 18,728 people have reviewed it. 

The company’s reputation and customer reviews both favor at one point. 

BUT are you aware that Amazon never holds legitimacy of the review? Also, the customer sees only short-term benefits while it is the nutritionist who can project the long-term impacts from the concerned supplement.  

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Burn XT Thermogenic Pros and Cons – Who outweighs whom?


  • cGMP certified company
  • Transparent with ingredients
  • Very old brand in this industry
  • Effective for both man and woman


  • Dr. Shah mentioned Green Tea extract (an ingredient in the fat burner) wasn’t that effective.
  • Robert from Gym Rat World claimed it is not made by the best fat burning elements. Possible there can be a better product to replace.  
  • Too many ingredients used in making Burner XT.
  • A huge intake of caffeine can cause sleep issues and restlessness. 
  • Deficient in chromium and calcium.
  • Sports review mention Fat Burner XT lacked Vitamin B3. This similar statement also made by Dr. Shah. 

Definitely, with this, it would be best if we look into each ingredient. To see, what it is made of. Also, you will understand what information about these ingredients is available to mankind.  This would help you in making a more informed decision.

What is Burn XT Thermogenic?

A cGMP-certified brand indicating all the ingredients used are derived from natural resources and no synthetics are used during its manufacturing. The supplement aimed at cutting down the fat though the means of improved metabolism, increasing the physical activity, and suppressing the appetite

Burn XT Thermogenic Review: Genuine or Marketing Gimmick?

Dr. Shah states that owing to the brand age and 30 millions of bucket it delivered. It gets hard to say the product is fake. 

The company revealed 5 ingredients with the exact quantity they are included. In the transparency part, they deserve a point.

Burn XT – Ingredients insights

Here, listed all the ingredients one-by-one. Presented you with the opinions of veterans in the supplement industry. So, it gets easier for you to know unbiased benefits and side impacts associated with each ingredient. Also, it presented the research work (wherever relevant), to show you the authenticity of the claim. 

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL

It is a naturally occurring amino acid, which cuts the fats and uses it to raise the energy level of our body. This ingredient is also used in the sports person’s energy drink to boost their performance.

Green Tea Leaf extract

Green tea is a derivative of caffeine. Caffeine has proven the results of increasing the metabolism rate in our body. According to health info.org, It increases the oxidation of fat, due to this fatty-acids break down into the source of energy. Hence it improves physical activity.

But you wish to have that in your Burn XT. Different from the company’s claim, Dr. Shah tested and concluded that the fat burner didn’t show any signs of having Green Tea. 

So, with conflicting statements, we can’t guarantee the Burn XT to show the desired result. 

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine, being a stimulant, alerts the nervous system of the body, making it active to work for a longer duration. And longer the body works, more the metabolism in action. By virtue, faster the person would shell out the weight.

Here, caffeine is in the anhydrous form that implies the water has been soaked out from the preparation, leaving only the pure substrate. 

According to Acheson, et al. (1980) “Caffeine stimulates the metabolic rate in obese people. It is accompanied by higher oxidation of fat in normal-weight subjects.”

According to Health info, the too high dose of caffeine is there in Burn XT. This makes it inadvisable to take for children under 12 or who are allergic to caffeine.  

Capsimax Cayenne Pepper fruit extract

Claims by Jacked Factory that capsimax can improve one’s physical activity and muscle management. Though contradicting, Dr. Shah shows that there is not enough research done around capsimax to conclude. Hence, with conflicting opinions, it fails to comment in the for.

Bioperine Black pepper fruit extract

Piperine is a natural fragrance extracted from the black pepper. The 95% of the Piperine blended with Curcumin, results in Bioperine. 

Peperine enhances the absorption of the ingredients in the body. According to Ayurveda, Curcumin increases mental memory and removes the fungal infection from the skin.

How does the Burn XT Thermogenic Fat Burner work?

Term ‘thermogenic’ where thermo means heat, and genic means producing the effect. 

So, a thermogenic fat burner produces a heating effect, directed to increase the metabolism rate. The increased metabolism leads to decreasing the fat stored in the body. 

It spikes in your metabolism rate (from the use of caffeine). You would find improved physical energy in your body. This would involve you more in physical activities to burn calories. 

Also, it suppresses appetite which further leads to improved weight management.

How to use Burn XT?

It is important to discuss the right procedure of the intake. Since the supplement high on caffeine. So, if taken inaccurately can do more harm than good. 

Burn XT comes with 60 tablets, each having 700 mg of supplement. 

“The label suggests you to in-take2 tablets with a glass of water and after a routine physical activity, to take another 2 pills with water.”  

Though, use discretion in following this. 

Jacked Factory, the manufacturer suggests starting off with 1 pill a day for a couple of days. This would make your body to adjust the drug. 

Leading nutritionist suggest to consume not more than 2 pills a day. Taking one pill at a time with 5-6 hours of routine work before consuming the other one. 

Also, thesportreview.com refrains you in-taking before the bed. As high caffeine content may cause sleep issues. 

Emergency link advice to consume the pill with a lot of water and to keep the body well hydrated.    

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Who should use it & Who should NOT?

It is verified that it is suitable for both men and women. The high portion of caffeine makes it unadvisable for children under 12.

According to Tony Nahas, a practitioner advised NOT to take such supplements for pregnant women as it can affect the fetus.  

Also, people who are allergic to caffeine. This supplement is NOT for you High presence of caffeine, talked before. 

Side-effects of using Burn XT

Surprise, you would also be, quite common side-effects are shared by Dr. Shah, Diet Wiki, and Mark Jones. 

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Bloating
  • Shaking
  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches

All three are renowned bloggers in the nutrition industry. All 3 websites hold high domain authority, verified by Moz. 

Common view over side-effects reflects Burn XT did show unfavorable behavior to a large number of its in-takers.

The high presence of caffeine, an open truth, can create mental disturbance and sleep-deprived. 

According to dietspot.com, consumers have reported the excess of urine than supplement burning the stored fat.  

Where you can Buy Burn XT?

You can buy either from the manufacture’s website, Jacked Factory


You can buy from Amazon. 

Burner XT cost is around $29.99 (shipping additional). 

You may get a 5% discount from the website on the 2nd bucket if you order 2 buckets.  

The Company claims to have a hassle FREE 90-days return-back guarantee. They’ll pay back your price of the product.  

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Better Alternative:

PhenQ is a popular supplement that many dieticians are suggesting. It is manufactured by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED. 

PhenQ works by enhancing the metabolism of the body. The increased metabolism stimulates the person’s mood and the energy to perform the physical activity. Thereby burning the excess fat from the body. 

Wolfson has stated that 85% of the PhenQ users have successfully burnt excess fat. This speaks volumes about their success.   

Silently, let’s overview the ingredients PhenQ made from. After that, we compare both the brands and conclude which fits the BEST


Gerina says PhenQ contains lesser ingredients than Burn XT which is a positive sign. As lesser the chemicals brand includes smaller the chances of showing side effects.

The company states “We have clinically tested all the ingredients used and assured that completely safe for human consumption”

Martina Sofia, a nutritionist, expresses that PhenQ is completely transparent and honest in describing the ingredients. Wolfson Berg has mentioned even the smallest of the quantities used in the making of PhenQ.

α-Lacys Reset®

Allen Hicks, an experienced nutritionist, advised using PhenQ to get the faster result. All because of the ingredient called α-Lacys Reset®. It’s a patented combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cysteine. 

Further, this ingredient is proven to be effective for weight loss in clinical studies. It has shown to increase the thermogenic and metabolism of the body. Henceforth, it can cut the accumulated fat from the body

With 600 mg of alpha-lipoic acid, managed to cut down the excess weight successfully without showing any significant drop in the cholesterol and serum levels. 

Capsimax Powder 

Blend of niacin (or in local language Vitamin B3), caffeine, piperine, and capsicum. 

Piperine is a spice fragrance that is extracted from the black pepper. This was also present in the Burn XT. By piperine, would improve the absorption tendency of the ingredients in our body that would help you in getting results faster. 

Indian Journal of Pharmacology recommends

“Supplementing piperine using HFD [high-fat diet] significantly reduces not just body weight, triglyceride, total cholesterol, LDL, VLDL, and fat mass, but also increased the HDL levels, without a change in food intake”

The dose of Vitamin B3 reduces the levels of cholesterol and fatty acids thereby burning the stored fats. This is present in PhenQ which was sadly absent in Burn XT. 

Calcium Carbonate

Unlike Burn XT which was deficient in Calcium, but not with PhenQ. It is a well-known fact, the calcium is for the stronger bones and the faster repairs.

Research suggests, Calcium helps in removing the extra fats in a form of urea and hence helps in weight loss. 

Chromium Picolinate

When on a diet, our sugar eating stops. Which our ever-loved taste buds repel. Making the dieting the stiffest task to complete. Theirs comes chromium to rescue. Chromium helps in reducing the sugar munching from our body by controlling the sugar cells. All together it helps in weight loss efforts. 

Since it regulates the sugar level of your body when intake. So, it improves the insulin secretion of your body and hence improving the metabolism. Also, the study suggested that chromium helps to cope up with stress and depression. 

These are just the added benefits that one ingredient of PhenQ provides. 


It is a natural element found in cactus. Nopal being rich in fiber would help you in slowing down the digestion. This leads to control in the hunger of the body, which ultimately prevents you from casual eating. This casual eating is, in general, the root cause of the excess fat. 

It also secretes out the fluids from the body. This would make you feel lighter and healthier. 

Added benefits, rich in amino acids, Nopal helps you in remaining energetic throughout the day. 

L-Carnitine Fumarate

It is an amine derivative of fumaric acid which is present in apples. It is naturally found in nuts, vegetables, and meat. 

Pekala et. al. (2011) 

“Essentially, L-carnitine transfers the chains of fatty acids to the mitochondrial matrix, hence allowing the cells to break down fat and also gain energy from the stored fat reserves.” 

It is found that it improves the energy levels in the body that leads to higher physical activity and hence faster weight loss


Caffeine in PhenQ contains 150 mg against 270 mg on Burn XT. A lesser amount of caffeine would automatically have a lesser impact on sleep and mental irritation. So, it is good to see, PhenQ has worked on eliminating the overdose of Caffeine from the supplements. 

Also, after hovering around the internet, you can assure with NO usage of Phentermine on PhenQ nor in Burn XT. It is a BANNED stimulant which earlier was used to decrease the belly fat.

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  • Burns the excess stored fat in our body
  • It helps from the relief of sugar munching. Thanks to the chromium in PhenQ
  • With calcium helps you in making the bones stronger. 
  • PhenQ is rich in fiber, which helps you with digestion imbalance.
  • Having appropriate caffeine would help you in increasing the metabolism
  • Regulates insulin secretion.  

Side Effects

Obviously, nothing is full-proof. In our investigation, we unfolded countable side effects that are reported with the use of this drug.

Dr. Shah put’s up saying “mild” side-effects

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Bloating  

Conclusion: Should you go for the Alternatives Instead?

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After analyzing the talks from the experts and ingredients used in the preparation. 

  • Both companies were transparent with ingredients. Two Claps! For both of them!
  • Both from the reputable brand.
  • Used by both Man and Woman.

BUT with PhenQ, many experts have trusted on it. 

Also, narrower scope with PhenQ on getting side-effect than Burn XT. Not to forget a lesser dose of caffeine and more abundance of minerals. These all reflect that PhenQ is the better Thermogenic Fat Burner Choice for YOU in 2021. 


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