Top tips for gaining muscle mass

Updated on April 29, 2021

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The keys to a successful mass gain can be summed up in just two words: nutrition and training. It takes more or less time depending on body type, and some people need to use suitable weight gainers. In short, it will take the time it takes, but it will work better if you follow this common-sense advice. Admittedly, nutrition is fundamental, but it only makes sense when accompanied by good weight gain training.

Here are the nutrition rules for rapid mass gain

Rule N ° 1: Eat, eat, eat

The first mistake of beginners is insufficient caloric intake. To gain lean muscle, they do not eat enough for fear of gaining fat and hope to gain mass with a calorie deficit. One of the solutions is to add starchy foods during your main meals to increase your caloric intake or to use a weight gainer supplement, especially if you have difficulty gaining weight.

Rule N ° 2: Drink water

The muscle also needs water to build itself. To be sure you are drinking enough, do not wait until you are thirsty and drink in small sips, especially during your workout. Hydration is essential for a fuller and voluminous muscle, healthy digestive system, and overall health.

Rule n ° 3: Favor proteins

You mainly need protein to develop your muscle growth. Put it on the menu of each of your meals included in the morning. Eat 5 or 6 meals a day, always with protein. Protein snacks will help you a lot.

Coaches’ advice: This WPI whey protein isolate is the best protein for gaining dry muscle as quickly as possible.

Rule N ° 4: Eat fat!

Too bad, beginners tend to zap them for fear of gaining fat, but these fats are necessary for cholesterol which is involved in the metabolism of hormones. But beware, that does not mean crisps or sausage, but rather olive oil, nuts, avocado, salmon, sardines, all rich in omega-3.

Rule N ° 5: Think about vitamins and minerals

They are really necessary for protein synthesis and allow your muscles to take full advantage of amino acids. Besides, they are the guarantor of good health and a strong immune system.

The training rules for Mass Gain

Rule N ° 1: Start with the warm-up.

This is valid for any sport. Start with series with light loads. You will avoid injuries. Save the stretch for after the session. You should never stretch a cold muscle.

This is valid for any sport. Start with series with light loads. You will avoid injuries. Save the stretch for after the session. You should never stretch a cold muscle.

Rule N ° 2: Make short series, heavy loads

Train hard with heavy loads, and it will make your muscles grow. Do short runs, because endurance will not help you build muscle. The ideal is to do between 6 and 8 reps per series, doing 3 to 8 different exercises per muscle group. Your session will last 45 minutes to 1-hour maximum. Change the order of your exercises or workout routine every six weeks to prevent the body from getting used to stress.

Rule N ° 3: Work on large muscle groups

For mass gain, avoid working the isolated muscles. Targeting the biceps is good, but it is not what will make you gain mass. On the contrary, your metabolism will work at full speed, if you train your whole body. You will produce more hormones. Above all, do not make the mistake of working only the upper body. To balance your line, do squat, you will strengthen your thighs and make them more massive. You can, of course, alternate upper body / lower body sessions, but if you only train the upper body for several days, your muscles will not have time to recover.

Rule N ° 4: To gain weight, avoid cardio

Even if you are told that cardio is good, it is not a good idea, because you will burn calories, but also waste your amino acids. If you want to do it, to control your fat mass, do not do your cardio sessions on the same day as weight training. Do not do it more than three times a week and also not at the start of the session. Indeed, you must keep your energy to push heavy and not to exhaust your muscle.

Rule N ° 5: Learn to rest

Your training must be planned only every other day (3 to 4 sessions maximum per week), 1-hour maximum, and you must rest between the series. Your sleep is also very important. The ideal is to sleep 8 hours a night to recover. Without this, you are exposing yourself to overtraining, and you will not have results in terms of mass gain.

On the contrary, you risk seeing your muscles melt. Also, avoid any form of stress which will increase your cortisol (the hormone which will strongly compromise muscle anabolism). With the best advice from our experts to gain mass quickly, you now have in hand all the keys, whether nutritional or training, to successfully gain mass.

Stop wasting your time with exercises or bad habits that only harm you. Here the best way to increase your muscle mass in a short time.

You should not exercise every day. 

As you read it, exercising daily will not help you develop your muscle mass. What it will do is let the muscles rest. It is not advisable to exercise in the same area more than twice a week. The only part of your body where you can work daily is the calf. On the other hand, the muscles of the arms are easily depleted, so you should work them less frequently.

Weightlifting with superior grip is the exercise that will give you the best results. Forget about the machines that stabilize the weight for you. If you want to work your body, do bench press, squats, chin-ups or deadlifts.

Sleep well

Sleeping for 8 hours ensures that your muscles develop. Not only is it enough to go to the gym, but the rest is also very important for the body to replace dead cells and secrete growth cells.

For a routine to work, you do not have to spend hours in the gym. You can exercise for 30 to 45 minutes. That is right, less than an hour! Many people make the mistake of spending a lot of time training, which causes them muscle exhaustion. The best are short routines, but you should make every minute you spend in the gym worthwhile.

Few repetitions with a lot of weight are the key to increase muscle mass. Low weight and many repetitions will only help you mark the area you work in. 

Five servings of fruits and vegetables will give you lots of antioxidants that make proteins reach muscles faster. You must mix the consumption of both.

Doing push-ups on the floor with one arm is better than doing them with two. Why? You will burn more fat while working abdomen, chest, shoulders, trunk and triceps.

Best Home Gym Equipment To Gain Muscles Mass

There are many options when it comes to home gym equipment to gain muscle mass. Here ae the best picks:

1. Rowing Machine

A rowing machine can be a very good investment in your weight loss and muscle-building endeavors. There are many reasons why a rowing machine is a great tool to help you accomplish these goals. First of all, rowing machines are very effective because they work your large muscle groups. 

 A rowing machine also allows you to do a range of exercises and you can choose the type of resistance that you’re comfortable with. Thus, you’ll be healthier and feel more energized as a result of using the best rowing machine.

2. Dumbbells and Barbells

Dumbbells and barbells are better known for their ability to strengthen and tone muscles, increase stamina, and improve muscle mass. The most basic of exercises that you could do with dumbbells is the deadlift. 

It’s important to have the right type of dumbbells when you try to do deadlifts as not all dumbbells are designed for deadlifts. If you want to increase your weight and to get a better workout, you should use heavier dumbbells. 

3. Bench Press

It’s a common equipment that you can hardly miss. With bench and weights, they help develop the chest, back, and arm muscles. Lift the weights up and down to gain muscle mass and strength, and improve stamina.

4. Cables And Pulleys

When weights are set on the pulley and you pull using the cables, they help build the arm muscles and enhance grip. Cables and pulleys also help beat muscle fatigue.


Somehow you must recover the energy consumed. Red meat gives you vitamins and especially proteins, essential for volume. Of course, we recommend that you do not eat it more than twice a week. Avoid fats, since these will not help you build muscle, but belly.

Of course, you can spoil yourself for a day. It is necessary to consume some fat. Therefore, we advise you to break the diet for a day and enjoy your favorite dish, as long as it is not junk food.

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