How Do You Select the Right Pharmacy Continuing Education Program?


In today’s highly digitalized world of health, your pharmacist diploma or degree will only you get to the door. To remain competent, you need to keep up with the changes taking place and learn new skills. Joining professional pharmacy organizations and participating in the local pharmacy and health-related events will help, but it is not enough.

The best way to keep up is to pursue a live pharmacy CE course. But with the plethora of CE programs available today, selecting one can prove to be pretty tough. Here are some outlined tips to help you out.

Set Your Goals 

Some pharmacists perceive continuing education as a gateway to getting their license renewed. Others pursue it so they can learn what is happening in the world of health, while others do so to advance their career skills and become more competent. 

Therefore, before you sign up, take time to analyze and determine what you want to achieve with the CE. Do you wish to renew your license, or are you looking to become more skilled and competent?

Note, any CE program will help you get your license renewed, but only a quality live pharmacy CE program will help you become competent. Set your goals so you can start your searching knowing what you are after, and only opt for a program that aligns with your vision. 

Find Out the Specific CE You Need for Your Certification

As a professional pharmacist, you already know there are different types of pharmacists in the U.S. From retail, clinical to chemotherapy pharmacists. To qualify for any of the mentioned, one must attain specific academic requirements. 

In that light, another essential factor to consider while selecting a continuing education program is the particular CE you require for your license as a pharmacist. But if you have skills in different areas, then take on a CE program that may help you meet the requirements for multiple certifications. 


Even though the cost should not be the determining factor, it also plays a role in your decision. Why? Well, you may come across the best live pharmacy CE in your search, but if you can’t afford it, then it’ll be of no benefit to you. Alternatively, a CE program might be great but does not offer value for your money. Therefore, make sure you consider the cost, and if you can afford it, evaluate whether it provides you value for your money. If you are employed, look for a continuing education program, your employer might be willing to reimburse.

Try New Challenges 

It is excellent to take on a learning program to enhance your existing skills. But it is also great to take on a course that will help you learn something new other than what is happening in the pharmaceutical realm. Therefore, choose a CE course that will help you explore a new area. 

Program Accreditation

The last thing you want is to dedicate your time and money to a CE program only to find out that the certificate you earn at the end of it isn’t valid because the provider isn’t legally registered. Unfortunately, this is a mistake most pharmacists make. Save yourself the trouble and stress by making sure you check out state requirements to see what is required of you and the provider.

While there are many other factors to consider when choosing a live pharmacy CE course, the above should help you narrow down your list. 


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