The Pros and Cons of Testosterone: Everything You Need to Know!


Testosterone boosters are a natural supplement designed to increase the body’s production of the hormone testosterone.

This hormone is an essential component in male and female bodies, although men tend to have much higher levels. As men age, their bodies naturally produce less testosterone than it did when they were young, which can lead to some common problems like low muscle development, muscle atrophy, diminished libido, and low red blood cell production. Women, meanwhile, actually produce more testosterone as they age, resulting in an increased sex drive, more facial hair, and even deeper voices.

There are several testosterone pros and cons that can affect whether or not someone wants to take them. Most people who do are older men worried about their bodies and image of masculinity, especially if they were athletes and suffering from the decreased physical performance. So, what should you know? You can check the best testosterone booster at laweekly before reading this guide.


Testosterone is responsible for a ton of positive effects on men. The hormone injections or patches can help treat erectile dysfunction and improve the libido, making a man’s sex life better and more satisfying. The hormone can also aid in reproductive health and stave off the development of unpleasant conditions.

Another pro of testosterone is that they aid in muscle development and maintenance in the average male. Many athletes and bodybuilders fear the day when age starts to eat away at all of their hard work and make it difficult to perform. By using testosterone, the average individual can improve muscle growth and maintenance without the negative side effects of anabolic steroids. Some examples are transdermal patches like the Ageforce Testosterone Patch.


But what about the negatives? Well, too much testosterone can lead to baldness as well as an increased risk of developing heart and prostate conditions like cancer. However, these are in the most severe cases. More common cons would be the development of sleep apnea, acne, enlarged breasts in men, and even testicular shrinkage. These require consistent and prolonged use to develop, so they are still rare.


If you’re anxious about taking these products, remember the testosterone’s pros and cons. There are numerous benefits. However, if the risks make you wary, consider alternative methods to increase testosterone like changing your diet to include foods that stimulate the production of this essential hormone. If you’re only considered about your muscle growth, consider using different products like the Ageforce HGH Patch, which stimulates muscle development without putting more testosterone in your system.