Aquaguard: Water Purifiers, Services, Maintenance & Much More

Updated on July 2, 2019

Purifying water before drinking has become a crucial step nowadays because at present the water contamination level has increased to a dangerous level. Among all the water problems, the presence of harmful salts and hard water are some of the significant issues that can directly affect our health if consumed without proper filtration. Metals like fluoride, mercury, arsenic, and lead get mixed with the river water due to discharge from various industries, and we cannot trust on the municipality to filter it with the most advanced technologies.

Aquaguard has gained a reputation in the water filtration industry of India because of their numerous water purifiers and filters product offerings, coupled with their unmatchable services and customer support. Aquaguard offers a wide range of water purification devices, basically purifiers and has a strong distribution network as well as service centers across the country.

No matter in which city you are living aquaguard has a strong presence across all the prime cities of the nation. To find an aquaguard service center is elementary as you can visit the company’s site or choose to browse through the internet to search for the nearby aquaguard service center. In case you are unable to find a service center in your city or your nearby area, you can make a call on the aquaguard tollfree number and speak with the customer care executive. For queries regarding any issue related to aquaguard water purifiers’ customers can quickly get assistance from expert customer care executives of aquaguard.

Aquaguard RO Water Purifiers:  A Complete Bliss

Unlike other filters that work on traditional and old filtration technique that are not compatible for removing rigid bacteria present in water nowadays, aquaguard water along with eliminating harmful bacteria from water can efficiently retain the nutrients available within the water. Aquaguard makes sure that your family gets essential nutrients that are present in the water. Presence of advanced filtration technologies and parts such as ultra-filtration membranes, UV lamps, and UF makes aquaguard one of the best water purifying brands of the nation.

To get details about water purifier specifications and features offered by aquaguard or to get contact details or address of a nearby service center Aquaguard toll free number can be dialled at any time of the day. To register any request or query regarding any service related to aquaguard water purifiers people can visit Aquaguard site as well as they can speak with service executives of aquaguard by dialling a valid number given for the city they belong to.

To inquire about different AMC plans that aquaguard offers it is suggested to call on the aquaguard toll-free number. You might be wondering what this AMC plan is and what is its importance?  AMC plans are Annual Maintenance Contract plans that are vitally needed by your water purifiers to perform efficiently. AMC plans cover different cleaning and maintenance services for your water purifier and provide periodic maintenance to the RO purifier to make it serve you undisturbingly.

To get detailed information about several AMC plans, one can visit aquaguard RO customer care or can register their AMC request by dialling the customer care number of Aquaguard. The different AMC plans offered by aquaguard provides customers with the opportunity to choose an AMC plan that best suits their needs as well as budget. Replacement of filter membranes or UV lamp, filter blade change, and other replacement and repair services are covered for water purifiers if you buy an AMC plan. Free installation is an additional benefit that aquaguard provides to its customers. Budget-friendly and easy to operate water purifier options by aquaguard makes it the number one water purifier brand of India.

Reliable aquaguard Customer Care Services

To register a different kind of Aquaguard service, a person can call on aquaguard complaint number and get direction to avail the demanded service. The 24*7 customer support offered by aquaguard customer care department helps in building consumers trust in the brand, along with assisting in a wide variety of queries related to aquaguard water purifiers.

Aquaguard is one of the prominent water purifier brands of India and having a position in the water purification industry believes that keeping a customer happy with its product and services is very important to remain in the business. Best customer care team at aquaguard and well-trained technicians work hard to make the customers experience free of hassles.

There are several certified and authentic service centers of aquaguard across different cities of the country, which means the water purifier brand is easily approachable for any support required for aquaguard water purifiers. The services availed from an authentic aquaguard service center comes at a very reasonable cost, which is another advantage for choosing aquaguard as your water purifier.

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