The Gift of Creativity

Updated on December 21, 2021

Thanks to Healthcare Business Today for the opportunity to share articles with you. This is the second article in my series “Are You A Creative?” 

The gift of creativity is something we all possess, even if we don’t always spend time with ourselves. We all have a lot on our plates these days and usually find ourselves trying to figure out where the time goes! 

The month of December always inspires me to connect with my own creative gifts and reflect on how much they mean to me. 

I ask myself these questions…

  • How did I use my gifts over the previous year?
  • What gifts did I neglect to nurture?
  • What gifts do I want to focus on in the new year?

What do your creative gifts mean to you? Do you carve out an hour each week to discover something new about yourself? Does the thought of nurturing your creativity stay at the back of your mind with no intention of making time for it?

I think it’s important to remember how much our own creative gifts can be gifts to others. When others see us paying attention to our own creativity, it’s inspiring! This simple action can help someone discover something about themselves. 

Here are some ways that you can spread the gift of creativity in this giving season.

PROMISE yourself to be encouraging to others. Kind words and positivity are some of the best gifts you can shower on someone. 

PROMISE to let friends and colleagues know you are aware of the special qualities they possess. You may know someone who doesn’t recognize their amazing gifts or potential. This is your chance to help them find the best in themselves.

PROMISE to be enthusiastic about the successes of others, especially when they have a breakthrough in regards to their own creativity. 

PROMISE yourself to stay inspired

In my online course “Spark Your Creativity: The Steps to a Successful Creative Journey” I ask learners to take a confidence-building journey with me. I learned that as a creative, one of the gifts I could give myself was time to soul search. How many times have you stopped yourself from pursuing a personal passion, even as a hobby? Creativity is a personal gift of self care. Giving yourself the time and permission to discover more about your own talents and gifts is one of the most gratifying experiences in life. 

I hope you will enjoy an inspired holiday season. I would love to hear from you on how you are planning to re-connect with your creative gifts.

As my gift to you, please take a few minutes to listen to my holiday release “Homecoming, “ which is streaming on all platforms. 

Happy Holidays and whatever you do, stay inspired!

Nashville-based hit songwriter Kirsti Manna’s 6-week #1 Billboard chart smash hit “Austin” introduced Blake Shelton (NBC’s “The Voice”) to country radio. She is a creativity expert, keynote speaker/performer and publisher. The go-to person for inspirational information, her mantra “Whatever You Do, Stay Inspired” empowers creatives everywhere to find their voice. 

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Nashville-based hit songwriter Kirsti Manna's 6-week #1 Billboard chart smash hit "Austin" introduced Blake Shelton (NBC's "The Voice") to country radio. She is a creativity expert, keynote speaker/performer, and publisher. The go-to person for inspirational information, her mantra “Whatever You Do, Stay Inspired” empowers creatives everywhere to find their voice.