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Patient Care Technology

Why Healthcare Is Such an Attractive Target for Attackers—and What to Do About It

David Kellerman

While the finance and technology industries are still broadly perceived as the most valuable targets for cybercriminals, the truth is ...

Female doctor is using a digital tablet in her work. The Digital Hospital, with new and modern resources and easy access to the important information about the patients, test results and patient registration

Revolutionizing Care Delivery Through Digital Transformation and the Quintuple Aim

Dave Bennett

Improving the patient experience. Promoting better outcomes. Lowering costs. Often held in opposition to each other, these three concepts were ...


Beyond Cookies: Leveraging Contextual AI in Healthcare Marketing

Jasmaan Panesar

When it comes to improving personal health, most people start their journey online before stepping foot in a doctor’s office. ...

Health care and medical services concept with flat line AR interface.smart medical doctor working with stethoscope.

Strategies for Reducing Data Costs in Healthcare

Brian Liddell

There is no business today that can operate without a plan and a strategy for effective data management. It is ...


Enhancing Medical Training Effectiveness: Leveraging Data-Driven Innovations in Medical Education

Mike DeSimone

Technology advancements continue to accelerate at a rapid pace – yet the way we train future medical professionals remains long ...

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