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Artificial Intelligence

Start With Disclosure

Meghan Gaffney

Healthcare, patient safety and the rise of advanced AI Healthcare rarely leads when it comes to the adoption of new ...


5 benefits healthcare professionals gain from digital business cards 

Sharat Potharaju

Patients perceive healthcare professionals who hand out business cards to be better communicators, have greater medical expertise and provide a ...

A blond medical or scientific researcher or doctor using looking at a clear solution in a laboratory with her Asian female colleague out of focus behind her.

The growing role of clinical Influencers in product development

Tommy Carls

The landscape of the medical technology industry is constantly changing and evolving. With new technologies and digitization, it’s no surprise ...

Patient Experience

Patient Engagement: The Cure for Health System Revenue Woes

Carrie Kozlowski

Americans aren’t the only ones getting sicker — our health systems are ailing as well. A report published last September ...

Medicare Benefits

Understanding What Medicare Recipients Want From Health Plan Benefits 

Dave Etling

With more than 900 healthcare insurance companies in the United States, it has become increasingly critical – and more difficult ...

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