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Clinical Care

The Marketplace Manifesto: Why Healthcare Marketplaces Are Broken, and How To Fix Them

Dhiraj Patkar

Healthcare marketplaces are broken. Stop and read that again: broken. Not sub-optimal. Not struggling. Not in need of fixing. At ...

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Patient Care

Evolution of Healthcare Interoperability: Then and Now

Joe Rostock

The lack of interoperability in healthcare is arguably one of the most significant challenges our industry faces. While other sectors ...

Artificial Intelligence

AI’s role in Discovering and Developing New Pharmaceutical Drugs

Jennie Lynch

The pharmaceutical market in the US has been growing steadily, and is projected to reach a value of USD $861.6 ...

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8 Strategies to Increase Your Healthcare Business’ Online Visibility

Danny Shepherd

A strong online presence is essential for the success of any healthcare business. With more people turning to the internet ...


How Technology Improves Health Outcomes

Tom Langan

Today’s healthcare environment looks radically different than it did several years ago. An industry based almost exclusively on in-person engagement ...