Where and When Do Most Pedestrian Accidents Usually Occur?

Updated on December 21, 2021

Pedestrians take a big risk when they are walking in high-traffic areas. When a vehicle hits a pedestrian, serious injuries or even death can occur. Injured pedestrians need to be aware of the rights they hold as victims. Pedestrians also need to know where accidents usually occur so they can take extra precautions in these areas. 

Pedestrians Must Take Precautions to Protect Themselves

Pedestrians are required to follow the rules of the road. When individuals are walking in heavy traffic, they need to protect themselves and remain vigilant. If a pedestrian is injured, they need to find an injury attorney. An attorney will help an injured person protect their rights and best interests as they go through the process of seeking fair compensation. 

Areas Where Pedestrian Accidents Occur Frequently

Some areas are more dangerous than others. Pedestrians must be aware of the danger zones so they can be especially careful. Taking time to look both ways and wait for full clearance will help pedestrians avoid increasing their risks of danger. The following are the areas where most pedestrian accidents occur. 

Urban Locations

Urban locations are prime zones for pedestrian accidents. In these areas, there is often a lot of traffic, including large trucks. Both motorists and pedestrians must remain on high alert when in these areas so they can avoid accidents that could lead to serious injuries and damages. 


Some intersections are notorious for pedestrian accidents. In 2018 alone, 74% of pedestrian accidents occurred at intersections. Pedestrians are in the most danger when they attempt to cross the road in front of motorists. If there are walk signs, pedestrians are safer at intersections but accidents still occur. 


Walking along the shoulder of a road can lead to pedestrian accidents. The shoulder of the road is not designed for pedestrians, yet people walk in these areas frequently. Unfortunately, motorists may not expect a pedestrian to be in these areas so they may go off the road and end up colliding with a person. Even though pedestrians should not be walking on the shoulder of the road, the driver is almost always responsible if they cause an accident. 

Parking Areas

Parking areas are one of the most dangerous areas for pedestrians because these areas are so difficult to transverse. Drivers are often distracted in parking lots and may end up causing a pedestrian accident because they are not paying attention. 

What Should Injured Pedestrians Do After an Accident?

When a pedestrian is injured because of a collision with a motorist, the individual needs to take immediate action to begin protecting their rights. An individual should seek medical care right away to ensure there are no serious internal injuries. A person also needs to make sure they protect any evidence, including the clothing they were wearing at the time of the accident. 

Getting help from an attorney is an essential step for injured pedestrians. Dealing with the insurance company and the claims process can often be overwhelming. When hiring an attorney, injured pedestrians will be able to rest assured their rights and best interests will be protected. 

Pedestrians will find advocacy when hiring an attorney to help them with their injury claims. No victim should have to fight their case alone when there is legal help available. 

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