Proven Peptides Review: Should You get SARMs from here? Yes, But Let’s see why!

Updated on March 18, 2023

Are you looking for faster results to get leaner muscles? Want to enhance your endurance level and hit the gym for a longer duration? 

We have a solution for you. And the answer is NOT steroids.

Proven Peptide has come with clinically tested SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) that work like steroids without any side-effects. 

Without any delay, let’s look at the company that has marketed the SARM with such strong claims.

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Proven Peptides Review: Brand Overview

Proven Peptides is an Orlando based SARM brand. It is somewhat new in the industry but was quick to leave a mark. It’s USP of 3rd party clinical study approved products have garnered the trust from its target audience.  

They’ve also become the leading SARM choice in the top nutrition blogs. SARM helps you in gaining muscle mass of up to 30 pounds within 60 days. Proven Peptide offers 8 products and ships within the USA. And at better prices than the competitors. It does leave a positive impact on the mind. 

But with sports authorities banning SARM, it is important to know the truth. Are SARM’s trustable or are the clinical studies surrounding it a mere marketing stunt?

Let’s find out! 

Is the brand Proven Peptide worth your trust?

An alarming point comes in mind that FDA has approved SARM only for research purposes. So, are the SARMs legal for bodybuilding?

It is your choice! 

People have consumed it in the past; they’ve seen the results in the form of enhanced muscles and we would look into that detail. 

The important thing here is SARM’s brand does NOT have a good reputation in the supplement industry. As per masculine development, 90% of SARMs in the market are FAKE. This is a major setback. 

That’s why we were more cautious in scrutinizing the Proven Peptide brand. 

Although the company was transparent with its clinical tests, having them done from an impartial third party. They also offer chat support for a hassle-free shopping experience. 

So, it is important to know about the details of the product and the benefits they offer. We’ll also look at the side-effects of the product. 

Scroll down to unveil!

Shipping Policy

Proven Peptides are quick with delivery. They are happy to deliver to you anywhere in the United States. You can expect your supplement delivery within a week. Whereas if we talk about their counterparts, especially Enhanced Athlete, the customers have faced delivery issues. 

Proven Peptide offers FREE shipping on orders above $99. Also, they offer loyalty points on the amount you spend. 

Return Policy

Proven Peptide comes with the 30 days return policy. If found unsatisfied, you can return the product by writing an email to the support. You are assured to get back 100% of your money back. 

A point to note – if found unsatisfied, the return policy covers only the amount of the product, the shipping cost won’t be refunded. 

In case the product is found leaking from the packaging or you are NOT happy with the packaging, you can reach out to the support team. They would replace the product with the newer one. In this case, you do NOT have to pay the shipping cost.

Mode of Payments

Proven Peptide accepts money through online transactions only. Unlike other SARMs’ vendors who provide only the e-check option, Proven Peptide provides you with three payment options:

1. e-check

2. Bitcoin

3. Zelle Pay. 

Of them all, Zelle pay is the easiest. 

But if you want to conceal your identity, you can pay for the supplement via Bitcoin. Since in bitcoin, all the transactions are end-to-end encrypted and decentralized. Hence, your personal details would remain anonymous. 

Bonus Tip – With Bitcoin, you get the order confirmation message within a flash, and the shipment procedure takes place even sooner. For this product, you can expect 1-7 business days’ duration to confirm the payments.

Before we go into the product details, SARM should be crystal clear to you. And if it isn’t, we got your back!

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Knowing SARM

The acronym stands for selective androgen receptor modulators

SARMs are similar to the androgenic steroid. They also elevate the testosterone level. But it differs from androgenic steroid in the aspect that it causes lesser impacts on sex hormones.

And how does SARM achieve this? 

The secret lies in the mechanism. 

Steroids attack every androgen receptor. The ones which are coming from your heart, from your blood vessels, everything gets affected. 

Meanwhile, SARMs are selective in their attack. 

This selectivity eliminates the side-effect without comprising much of the positive impacts. According to researchers, SARMs offer 70-80% benefits of steroids without damaging your liver. 

Another important difference to mention is the following. 

Androgen Steroids are illegal as the side-effects of it are life-threatening. But SARMs are completely legal. They are legal to consume and build muscles.  

Now we will discuss three best-selling products of Proven Peptides, their usage, and its possible side-effects. After that, we’ve made quick FAQs for you to get a better understanding. 

Then we’ll veer off from the scientific study and hear the Proven Peptide reviews from fitness coaches on YouTube. The complete aggregation of science and audience feedback would help us in giving the final decision about the product. 

Best-selling products of Proven Peptides

#1. Ligandrol 

You can find it in medical labels as LGD-4033. Also, be cautious before purchasing Ligandrol. Read the labels carefully. Companies just rebranded the product under the name of Ligandrol. 

Proven Peptide sells the genuine LGD- 4033. 

It comes in either liquid or pill form with various dosages. Proven Peptide gives in the form of liquid for easy ingestion. 

Advantages of Ligandrol

It is used to enhance testosterone levels. As per the research, testosterone levels have a direct relationship with muscle strength and endurance. 

It enhances muscle growth, bringing cuts and leaner muscles. 

Also, customers have experienced increased workout hours at the gym after its intake.  

The biggest advantage is preventing muscle loss. Hence this supplement finds its place in cancer treatment as well. 

It also helps in increasing the bone mineral mass by inhibiting the activities of the osteoclast cells, which shreds the bone. Hence it prevents the development of osteoporosis.   

Ligandrol does not affect prostate-specific antigens in the body. This property gives Ligandrol an upper hand over anabolic steroids. Steroids, on the other hand, increase the prostate-specific antigens. This can lead to an increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

When we are talking around Ligandrol, there is a twin SARM Ostarine. People are generally confused about which one to choose, as both offer similar benefits, elevating the testosterone levels.

The main difference comes in the degree of effectiveness. According to corpina, Ligandrol is 11x stronger than Ostarine. Hence for faster results, we recommend you choosing Ligandrol over Ostarine.    

Recommended dosage

The daily recommended dosage of Ligandrol is 10 mg. We suggest you not to overdose else it may cause temporary suppression of testosterone levels.

Bodybuilders recommend taking the supplement for 6-12 weeks cycle complemented with a protein-rich diet. 


According to supplement police, a renowned supplement blog, Ligandrol does NOT possess any threats to the body. 

The researcher supports by saying Ligandrol does not affect the estrogen levels and doesn’t create liver problems. So, unlike anabolic steroids, they have null chances of getting any side-effect.

Adding up, Dan, a researcher from Harvard, writes that Ligandrol has shown no signs of addiction during its consumption. So, this is a positive aspect to prefer Ligandrol over illegal steroids.

#2. Nutrobal or Lbutamoren

In product labels, it is written as MK-677. It is an active growth oral supplement. 

The intake of Nutrobal stimulates the production of the growth hormone. Studies shown that Nutrobal increases the growth hormone by 40%. This results in bigger muscles around the liver, kidneys, skin, and bones. Hence the development of stronger, harder, and leaner muscles comes naturally.  

Advantages of Nutrobal

Nutrobal regulates your body and muscle mass to attain the right balance. If you eat excess calories, it converts the extra fat to muscle mass. Thereby enhancing muscle strength. And if the calories are deficit in diet, it would convert the body fat into the calories. Hence, it helps in shedding off the extra fat, making your body well-toned. 

The biggest advantage with Nutrobal is that it enhances hormones naturally. This protects you from any side-effects.

According to the clinical study by NCBI, Nutrobal increases bone mineral density. Hence, it increases bone density and makes it strong. Like Ligandrol, Nutrobal reduces the development of osteoporosis. 

Nutrobal offers quality sleep to its users. This is the advantage that mostly all the Nutrobal reviewers loved. Many bodybuilders expressed how Nutrobal solved their sleep issues. It also helps in increased focus, alertness, and concentration. 

Recommended Dosage

Dan recommends you to have 15 mg of Nutrobal every day. It is recommended to consume it before you sleep. This way, you can fetch the immediate benefit of sound sleep. And, you can also avoid the extra calories craving during the day time. 


Since the secretion occurs naturally, Nutrobal does not pose any health risk. 

Although there is one factor we want to highlight – Nutrobal increases the appetite of the body, so carbohydrate intake and water-retentivity may increase. 

But the problems can be overcome by modifying your diet.

Consuming low sodium and low carbohydrate diet (also known as Keto diet) should be maintained to avoid gaining extra weight.

Cautionary Note – Nutrobal reduces insulin secretion. So, diabetic people should avoid using it.

#3. Cardarine

Unlike the other two, it is a non SARM product. 

But not to worry, as it is not a steroid either. 

As we discussed above, SARM activates the selective androgen receptor, while the steroid goes in with all guns blazing. 

Cardarine also shows selective activation but to the AMPK and PPAR-delta receptors. 

Now we’ll walk you through how it impacts the body.

Advantages of Cardarine

It helps in increasing muscle growth and endurance strength.

It is a fat burner, and hence, increases the metabolism rate to cut the fat quickly.

It does so by showing selective activation of the receptors which are responsible for the burning of fat. In this case, they are PPAR-delta receptors 

The metabolism rate gets further triggered by activating the APMK receptors. APMK are responsible for the consumption of ATP in our body. And just to remind you, ATP is known as the energy currency of life. Hence activating AMPK, Cardarine is increasing the ATP presence and hence enhancing the metabolism of our body. 

Also, studies have shown, its consumption has impacted an increment of the good cholesterol in the body.  

It quickly starts acting on the body when consumed because its half-life is only 24 hours.

Recommended dosage

Jon Anthony, a fitness expert, recommends the dosage from 10-20mg every day. The cycle length around eight weeks.


Though being alike SARM it offers no serious risk to health. 

But one thing we would like to highlight here – researchers can’t comment on the carcinogenic (cancer-producing) nature of Cardarine. The research is still undergoing to answer that question.

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Benefits of Proven Peptide

Proven Peptide is a SARM manufacturer, so it offers the advantages of both a reputed brand and the SARM product. 

We’ll discuss both of them separately and would look at the FAQs to clear your further doubts.

Benefits of SARM

1. The elevated testosterone levels lead to an increase in your strength and endurance.

2. It enhances the concentration and helps you to stay motivated towards your fitness goals.

3. It makes the bones strong by decreasing the development of osteoporosis. 

4. It helps in fighting against cancer. It’s interesting to know how it is done. 

When you are hit with cancer, the cells of it spread rapidly around your body. In its early stage, the doctor advises you to have chemotherapy. This is the same treatment where you lose the hair. But the issue with chemotherapy is, you quickly lose the muscle mass as well. And the SARMs prevents the body from losing muscle mass. Hence it helps you in fighting against cancer.   

Benefits of trusting Proven Peptide Brand

Completely American

We all have that one product written “Made in America” but most of the parts are from “China”. We have no grudges with China but their products lack quality control. 

In case of SARMs, the situation is even worse. 99% of them are the China products which are later rebranded to look American. 

In this scenario, we are proud to say Proven Peptide comes from the remaining 1%. They are manufactured and clinically tested within the USA territories.

Price and Variety

Proven Peptide comes in different intake volumes eg., 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml bottles. 

This will help you in ordering SARM precisely based on the requirement of your cycle. In general, cycles would be 90 days long. And you can expect a consumption of 1ml every day. 

Third-party tested

Assurity of claims because they are tested by an outside neutral body. 

Trusted by high authority websites

Blogs such as supplement police, corpina, and masculine development have rated the Proven Peptide as the TOP product. These testimonies speak volumes about its success.

Fast delivery and flexible towards the payment mode

FAQs about Proven Peptides – 

Q1. Are SARMs legal for athletes?

It is banned for athletes because it gives an unfair advantage to them. The reason behind this is the efficacy of the SARMs in enhancing the muscles. But its usage for the research purposes is completely legal. It is being consumed by many bodybuilders during their competition preparation.

Q2. What are the ambient conditions to store SARMs?

Store at room temperature (not in a refrigerator), and out of sunlight. 

Under these conditions, SARM’s bottle is fit to be consumed for several years.  

Q3. What should be the diet with SARM cycles?

According to skinny yoked, SARM should be supplemented with a rich protein diet. He suggests diet to complement with fish oil and whey protein.

Q4. Does Proven Peptide offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with your SARM for any reason, you can simply mail to their support to claim the full refund. You can claim your money back within 90 days of your purchase. 

Q5. What are peptide points?

Peptide points is a loyalty program. In this, you’ll be earning Peptide points for every dollar you spend. You can redeem those points and save up to 10% on your next order. This gives you another reason to order in bulk. To save extra, you need to login to your account before making a purchase. 

Q6. How does the shipping packaging look alike?

Proven Peptide comes in two-layer bubble envelope wrap. The smaller packet is inside the bigger one. The smaller one would be holding the supplement bottles. 

 Proven Peptide review by YouTube Fitness Experts

First, we saw the video of Brian from Finding success. 

The excerpt of the video is this:

“I took Cardarine and Ligandrol. Within a week I experienced a pump in the muscles. I’m consuming about 10 mg a day and would continue with 10-12 weeks. 

Using Cardarine for 1 week, I’d say it is pretty safe and would suggest you take it in mild quantities. This would be enough to give you a fat-burning effect. 

Another thing I noticed, I had a hard time breathing but with Cardarine, it helped me in getting rid of the breathing issues as well. After a week, I can lift weights twice as compared to when before I started the SARM cycle.”

Another latest review we found from SARM review lab. The summary of his review is:

“I’ve faced a lot of disappointment with the past brands but happy to say Proven Peptide doesn’t come into that list. 

I did Cardarine for 8 weeks to gain muscle mass. I lost body fat and enhanced my endurance levels. I can feel this when I jog. 

The supplement was flexible with the diet. I would recommend giving Proven Peptide a try.”  

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Final Verdict

We’ve seen all the three BEST selling products of Proven Peptide. 

Observed the benefits over the competitor in the industry. 

The better shipping service, 3rd party clinically tested, and ZERO side-effects. 

Then we showed you the live testimonials of the fitness experts. They all had amazing experiences with Proven Peptide. And all this at a NO risk, 90 days money back policy.

We hope we answered your queries about Proven Peptides to the fullest. If you have anything else to share, comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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