MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Review: What is it? Benefits, Side Effects, Where to Buy?

Updated on September 9, 2023

If you are reading this, then you sure ran past the MK-677 GH secretagogue. Wondering what it really is?

You are about to discover everything that you need to know about NUTROBAL, but before we get into the details about MK-677, let’s find out what a GH secretagogue is?

GH’s are growth hormones that are responsible for functions such as aging, strength, the composition of the body, and much more.

Now a little bit about NUTROBAL.

It is also known as MK-677 and is a GH secretagogue, or GH releasing hormone, that helps in better development of the body.

If taken for a 12-week cycle, it can help improve your mood and help you retain muscles more effectively. It also improves your sleep cycle, helps in metabolism boost, and reduces fat more effectively.

Want to know more? If it is beneficial? Does it have any downsides? What dosage does one have to follow? Or if it is a clinically approved drug?

This article explains all the aspects of this anti-aging, GH secretagogue drug, also known as Nutrobal – MK-677.

What is Nutrobal (MK-677)? Is it a Steroid & Legal?

Nutrobal is an Investigational drug. So, it is not legalized to be sold in any part of the world. It is not legal to be marketed and consumed by Humans.

Growth hormones reduce with increasing age; hence, this is mostly required by people who practice vigorous exercises or play tough-sports and require PED’s to keep up with the overall development of the body.

The Simulation of Growth Hormone that helps retaining muscles and reverses the normal aging process by just oral dosage for a cycle is generally achieved by Nutrobal or MK-677.

  • Nutrobal is definitely not a steroid, and it is not even claimed to be a SARM. It is a Growth hormone that you can use in day to day life to increase growth hormone levels in your body.
  • This helps you in losing fat, retaining muscles, and reducing the aging process.
  • Improvement in the sleep cycle, growth in muscles, and reduction in fat are some of the benefits of Nutrobal.
  • If you are growing old and if you consume Nutrobal, it helps in maintaining your age and reducing the aging process.

Nutrobal is an effective way of increasing the stamina and power of the body; it increases the muscle mass and helps in healing the muscle post-workout. As there is an increase in appetite, this is mostly used during the Bulking phase by bodybuilders.

  • It is Illegal as it is not clinically tried and tested. Once the testing is completed, it will be legalized around the world.
  • Also, it has no negative or adverse effects on human organs, which makes it more useful then steroids, which are very harmful.

No injection is needed as this can be taken orally, which makes it different from steroids, which needs to be injected into the body parts to experience the growth.

How does Nutrobal (MK-677) Work?

Hormone Ghrelin, which is also known as the Hunger hormone, is the main content of Nutrobal. The stomach secretes Ghrelin to bind GHS-R receptors, which results in an increase in appetite. It helps in the growth of the hypothalamus and Pituitary glands.

As the Insulin growth factor and the growth hormone production in the body increases, the fat stored in the body is burnt more effectively and efficiently. So, you can see a drastic decrease in fat content in your belly and thigh area. Nutrobal also helps in making your skin glow and reduces hair fall.

Nutrobal increases your sleep cycle, making you gain muscle and peace of mind both at the same time.

The working mechanism of Nutrobal can also be described as, Increase in Ghrelin means a boost of the hypothalamus and Pituitary glands to supply growth hormone and supply of IGF-1, which makes us more energetic and stronger.

All human beings go through the aging process; it involves depletion in the muscles and the decline of growth hormones in the body.

  • Nutrobal boosts the Growth hormone in the body, which means it helps in the production and utilization of more growth hormone than a usual body produces and utilizes.
  • A decline in Fat-free mass also holds a major part in aging. But Nutrobal helps in retaining the Fat-free muscle mass and helps in the increase of lean muscle mass of the body, which directly helps in muscle growth overall and helps in fighting against muscle loss.
  • When muscle loss, as well as the Growth hormone secretion, boosts, The Aging process becomes slow. It even helps in making the skin glow.
  • The Result of Nutrobal is seen in many such studies where people more than 60 years of age were provided with a 10 Mg dosage of Nutrobal, and there was a significant decrease in their aging process.

Nutrobal makes old people live longer and healthier, as well as it helps people greater than 30 years to retain their muscles and growth hormone secretion. Which further helps in slowing down the aging process so that you don’t look or feel old.

What are the benefits of Nutrobal (MK-677) & Result Expectations?

Nutrobal or MK-677 has many health benefits to the body. As explained earlier, it doesn’t help you in just gaining the muscle, like other SARMs, it keeps you satisfied with the overall growth throughout the process of muscle retention.

  • It improves your sleep cycle, reduces the Aging process, and has no side effects to any of the body organs. Unlike the other SARMs, no PCT is required post cycle.
  • The result expectations are generally high with this supplement because it is the best in the market.
  • It has minimum or no side effects, making it a favorite. Muscle retention, reduced aging, fat loss, building strength, and stamina are some of the results you will get out of using Nutrobal.
  • Stubborn fat like thigh fat, belly fat, and chest fat is effortlessly reduced by using Nutrobal, and it helps you in attaining a physique you dreamt of.

Hence, it is a game-changer for many people around the globe. Obesity is a major factor that makes life in today’s world, and Nutrobal is a magic pill for fat loss. Fat loss depends on metabolism and muscle training; both the parts are boosted by taking MK-677.

It has many good qualities that differentiate MK-677 from any other product in the market:

Metabolism boost:

It helps in boosting your metabolism that helps to increase the fat loss quotient and maintaining body weight. You burn unnecessary fat stored in the waist, belly, and thighs and make sure that you burn all the unhealthy weight you have gained eating junks all through your life.

Bone density and Lean muscle mass:

One of the major changes that Nutrobal brings is that it helps in increasing muscle mass and bone density. This helps you to be stronger and more active all the time. The boost in strength and stamina helps you do wonders. Many sports athletes use this product to gain lean muscle mass. A gain in muscle mass gives you a better shape, and muscle training for such muscles helps in your weight loss too.

Sleep and mental health:

One of the major qualities of MK-677 is that it helps you increase your sleep cycle. This helps you in relieving your stress and anxiety. This gives you mental satisfaction and helps in the betterment of your mental health. In today’s world, sleep is the most important thing to keep your mind and body relaxed. The sleep that you get every night ensures that the muscles are regenerated properly for tomorrow’s workout sessions.

Skin benefits

It helps in improving your skin slow and making your hair smoother and silkier.

Effects the insulin

It helps in an increase in your Insulin growth factor, which helps you increase your Mind skills and increases your memory. Increased appetite levels can affect the sugar levels in the body sometimes.

Nervous system

MK-677 helps in healing the nerves and protects for healing your nervous system if in case there is damage. It helps in improving your Cardiac muscles and kidney too.

Sexual life

As MK-677 contains the libido, it can help you with better sex life and decreased estrogen levels. It doesn’t play with the testosterone levels of the body, but it still increases Libido content, which is useful in the betterment of sexual life.


MK-677 helps in healing your muscle tissues in case of any muscle injuries or wounds. It is apt for athletes recovering from any type of injury. It helps to make the process fast. It increases muscle growth and boosts the repair process of the injured muscle, which makes it strong and heals much faster than the regular healing that the body does.

All these factors make Nutrobal favorite choice when it comes to sports and bodybuilding.

Maximum Safe Dosage?

Nutrobal makes you lethargic as it sends a message to the brain for healing your body.

People take up to 20 Milligrams of Nutrobal in a day, either 20 Milligrams at once or 10 milligrams twice a day.

A single cycle of taking Nutrobal lasts for a maximum of 12 weeks and a minimum of 8 weeks. But significant changes are seen in the first few weeks of using MK-677. You can easily gain a muscle mass of 110-15 ponds in the whole cycle.

Dosage maintained in 15-20 milligrams per day is said to be safe, and there are no negative effects.  You should always get expert advice before taking any such supplement as there is a study of your medical history involved before the dosage to check if you are fit to start the cycle or not.

Side Effects of Nutrobal (MK-677)?

Every medicine or SARM has its own good and bad. We, in a competitive market, are looking for such supplements that have the least amount of side effects and maximum effects in our bodies. Nutrobal comes with a minimum side effect, and these side effects are not going to harm your body in the long run. It is not going to affect any of your body parts for permanent damage.

You can’t keep Nutrobal in the SARMs category too, as it is just a hormone that activates Growth hormones. Hence there are possibly the least side effects of using MK-677.

While you are doing a course of Nutrobal you can experience below mentioned negative effects:

  1. Water retention: Higher dosage or dosage that is maximum and is not suggested by experts can cause water retention in your body.
  2. Sugar levels: You might have an increased sugar level in blood. As the appetite increases, there is an increase in the sugar level in the body, and you need to keep a track on that as high sugar levels can make you feel dizziness. So, Most importantly, avoid eating any saturated sugar content during the cycle. This is one of the reasons people who are suffering from diabetes are not suggested to use this supplement as they can have a bad effect on their health.
  3. Appetite increase: There is an increase in appetite as Ghrelin is secreted in the stomach, which increases your appetite level. An increase in appetite might make you lethargic at times. You will feel the hunger most of the time. But don’t worry, MK-677 won’t let you gain any fat.
  4. Lethargic: Taking MK-677 can make you feel lethargic. That is the reason the majority of the people take it at night before sleeping. It increases the sleep cycle and gives you deep sleep, which helps you in muscle growth and mental healthiness too. But if you consume it in the morning before breakfast, you will feel hungry and sleepy the whole day as Nutrobal will be doing its work.

The thing to be noted over here is that these symptoms are not seen if you are taking a mild dosage of MK-677. If you take 10 Milligrams per day, you won’t see any such side effects. These only occur when you are taking high dosages of more than 20 Milligrams a day.

At least Nutrobal is better than all the steroids that represent in the market. Even MK-677 doesn’t come under SARMs, it’s just a hormone boosting hormone and has minimum or no side effects when taken in the prescribes way. People using MK-677 are confident about the usage, and many bodybuilders use it during their bulking phase. It is very popular as it helps in increasing the sleep cycle. Bodybuilders need good sleep to have a complete muscle recovery to train harder the next day, and Nutrobal serves the purpose.

Where can you Buy Nutrobal (MK-677)?

In a world where plenty of duplicates are available, that can affect your body in a very negative way; duplicate products do not consist the actual proportion of the materials to be used hence you won’t see any changes after taking the supplement for a whole cycle, and it will waste your time any money.

Buying it from a trusted source becomes very important. You can buy Nutrobal from the below link:

Why buy from this source?

The answer to your questions are jotted in below points:

  1. Every batch of supplements is third party tested.
  2. You get easy assistance in placing the order.
  3.  You can return it easily.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nutrobal:

What Does Nutrobal (MK-677) Do To The Body?

– Nutrobal is also known as the GHRH or the Growth hormone release hormone. It has a hormone called Ghrelin. This boosts your appetite, improves digestion, and helps in absorbing all the healthy nutrition from your food. It activated the Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland to release growth hormone and IGF-1.

An increase in Insulin-like growth factor or IGF-1 results in making you stronger, increase your power, Fat loss, Increase in metabolism, sleep cycle, and better skin.

These qualities of Nutrobal makes it a great mass gainer and is effectively used in the bulking phase in bodybuilding.

Does Nutrobal (MK-677) give you energy?

– Yes, it does, as the metabolism is boosted with the secretion of IGF-1 hormone. You can feel an increase in the overall energy and stamina of the body.

Does Nutrobal (MK-677) raise testosterone?

No, Nutrobal doesn’t increase or decrease the testosterone level in your body as the hormone only helps in improving the appetite and Sleep cycles for better muscle growth and boosts in metabolism. It does not interact with the testosterone and doesn’t affect testosterone levels of the body.

Can you drink alcohol on Nutrobal (MK-677)?

– Alcohol intake is not permitted while taking MK-677 as it can affect your liver and glands, which are being used by the hormone.

Is there a PCT (Post cycle therapy) required?

– No, as there are no or minimum side effects that are not related to any organ or body part, there is no PCT required to post the cycle. A normal Nutrobal cycle ranges from 8-12 weeks. Then you are good to stop the medication and resume to a normal appetite try to reduce carbohydrates. It doesn’t affect testosterone levels, so your sexual life is also not affected. Hence, there is no need for a PCT post Nutrobal cycle.

What other SARMs can be taken in addition to Nutrobal for the best result?

– It can be best used as a bulking product for the bodybuilder. You can add Ostarine with MK-677 for much better results as both help in Lean muscle mass growth.

Ostarine is also a muscle gainer that helps in increasing the Lean Muscle mass in the body and helps to fight against muscle injury, helping athletes and bodybuilders to make an easy recovery. It also increases the strength and stamina of the athletes and is one of the famous SARMs present in the market today.

You can also stack Nutrobal with Mupostarine and Testomucoris. No creatin should be added while having these supplements.

MK-677 should be avoided during the cutting phase, as it increases hunger and appetite. So, it is not suitable for any bodybuilder in his cutting phase.

When do I start getting results?

Below is the time span, in terms of weeks, when you would start experiencing results:

  1. Improved sleep takes one week to take effect.
  2. In case of healing of joints, you get results in 2 weeks.
  3. The loss of fat starts from the 4th week onwards.
  4. You start feeling hungry in the first week itself.


There are many advantages of using Nutrobal like Reduced aging process, better muscle growth, and retention, better digestion, Better secretion of hormones, and better absorption of the essential nutrients from the food. You can trust this supplement, and you can see wonders happening in your own body within 8-12 weeks of usage. You can consult your physician and get your medical history checked. Then you could start using MK-677. People who are diabetic or alcoholic are generally not suggested to take this supplement as there are a sugar level rise and risk of kidney damage involved.

Keep in mind that there are similar fake products in the market that can affect you adversely and always buy it from a trusted source so that you can get maximum results with no tension of side effects.  Here is the best place to buy MK 677.

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