Prevent Risks in the Workplace: Advantages of Online Safety Training and How It Can Benefit Your Business


The amount of online safety training benefits are sky-high for any place of business. You can avoid issues and learn how to protect your business through training employees online.

However, you might not be sure that you want to jump into something new if you don’t already know the benefits upfront.

You should look for specific online safety training advantages and their direct effects on your business. You also need to know how online safety training for employees helps them, managers, and the business as a collective. You can partner with communities of practice, like Participate, which integrates training and community. It’s an interactive way to learn that combines your favorite parts of social media and online learning to inspire connection and growth. 

Here are some of the most important online safety training benefits for your business. Some of which are ideas you may have already thought of. While others might come as a refreshing surprise and a successful new process to invest in.

Holding Others Accountable, Responsible & Safe

There are multiple online safety training benefits for any kind of employee.

Online safety training for employees notifies them about any safety training assignments. It’s the perfect way to hold employees accountable and responsible to finish their own safety training.

Another great benefit of online benefit training courses is how employees’ supervisors are notified of the employees’ assignments and their most recent completion status.

If you have an employee that isn’t completing their safety training, you can easily check and find out why. This leads to higher completion rates for safety training which can all be reported and tracked with online safety courses.

Automating Safety Training and Safety Messages

Providing consistent training messages to employees can be difficult for workplaces to upkeep. It could be since companies often train different employees at different times. A company could also be using multiple trainers to do the job. 

You could have employees that are working many different shifts in different locations, such as home, or completely remotely.

Online safety training courses makes it easier to send the same standard message to your employees. That way, the time they complete their training doesn’t matter nor which day it is. 

Other online safety training benefits are helpful methods to deliver a standard and consistent safety training message in multiple languages. Your employees could have another native speaking language and still receive proper training. It will just be in the language that they best understand.

Making Online Safety Training More Effective 

Some things to consider before your next safety training program are: was it created by the best safety training experts?

Think about your online training materials such as PowerPoints, videos, etc. The more online content, the more online safety training advantages. 

Next, consider the people serving as instructors during your online safety training courses.

Ensure that these people are qualified for the job and at least have experience with instructional design. They could also have a degree in education, training, learning, and development. They could also have taken a coach-the-coach course. 

Most companies can answer questions with simple “yes” or “no” answers. But many people using online safety training for business are experts in safety instead of training. That is not bad either, however, someone with more directly correlated experience would be best for the job. 

Partnering with online safety training providers involves taking advantage of their expertise. That includes their safety experts, designers, graphic designers, technical writers, audio engineers, computer programmers, eLearning authoring specialists, and others. Allow experts to help you with your company’s safety training. 

This should also help your online safety training courses to be more engaging, comprehensive, and overall more effective than other courses.

Include additional opportunities for employees to evaluate their learning through feedback from practice questions. End your online sessions with tests and other assessments that can best evaluate training comprehension.

Lower Online Safety Training Costs

Online safety training for employees can drastically reduce your safety training costs.

This is guaranteed whether your training remains the same or increases. One of the best ways to cut safety training costs is by reducing the desire to hold all of your safety training through instructor-led, average classroom delivery method. That means you can have classrooms led by instructors and use online safety training during other times.

You could see a significant amount of savings when you eliminate travel expenses, accommodation, training locations, paying overtime, buying meals and so on.

You will save on training content created by instructors such as worksheets and PDFs. You can also inform workers on upcoming training, storing training records, creating training records, etc. through automated systems to save on costs.

Outside of cutting down on safety training costs, you can save your business from costs related to injuries, accidents, illnesses and near deaths. You will also save on fees or penalties from regulatory agencies such as DOT or with EPA. You can expect lower insurance premiums for your business as well.  

Bottom Line On Online Safety Training Benefits

Bottom line: online safety training for employees gives them freedom and flexibility to complete their training.

In addition, you can should your customers to appreciate their investment in online safety training once they know about the benefits. This could also result in employees taking a more active role in the culture around safety at work.

Giving employees the freedom to be in charge of their own training schedules results in higher morale. This can also result in greater productivity at work. This is all the better when working to have a solid competitive advantage with hiring new employees and maintaining your current employees.

Consider these online safety training benefits today before investing in your next online training system!


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