Getting Legal Help: How to Find the Best Accident Lawyer

Updated on May 21, 2024
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In the United States, a car crash occurs every 16 minutes. Over the course of a year, 35,000 people in the country will lose their lives to these crashes and a further 2.35 million sustain injuries.

And it’s not just roads. Even out at sea, an accident is bound to happen. In 2017 alone, over 1,000 people succumbed to marine accidents.

With stats like these, it’s safe to say anything can happen to you when you’re on the move. And if you’ve been the victim of an accident, the first cause of action is to get treatment.

The next step? Find the best accident lawyer.

But with so many accident lawyers in practice, how do you settle on the best? Keep reading to find out.

Ensure the Lawyer Has a Valid Legal License

In 2016, a fake estate lawyer was charged in court for practicing without a license for 10 years! Although only a handful of such cases make it to the news, there are a lot more people posing as lawyers out there.

This is why the first thing you need to establish is whether the lawyers on your list have an active law license. Not only that, but they must also be licensed to practice in your state.

Don’t just take “yes, I’m licensed to practice in Texas” for an answer. Get their license number and verify it with your state’s bar.

Area of Specialization

Just because one is an accident lawyer doesn’t mean they’re qualified to represent you. A good accident lawyer specializes in specific accidents or personal injuries. As such, you need a lawyer who’s well-versed with laws around the nature of your specific accident.

If you were injured while you were on the high seas, for instance, you need a marine accident lawyer; a professional who has handled several marine accident cases. On that note, learn what to do in the event that you’re involved in a marine accident.

A Track Record of Success

Law license? Check.

Area of specialization? Check.

At this point, you might be tempted to hire a lawyer who ticks those boxes, but don’t. That’s not enough.

You need a lawyer with a proven track record of success. If a lawyer has been in practice for five years, what do they have to show for it? How many trial cases have they won? What’s the total amount of settlements they have secured for their clients?

With a lawyer with a good success record on your team, you’ll be confident that your case will reach a favorable outcome.

Perfect Professional Reputation

Some lawyers are really good at winning cases but their reputation leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe they are hard to get in touch with on the phone or they have a habit of dropping cases midway, leaving clients frustrated.

Ensure your lawyer has a strong professional reputation. Check online reviews and ask them to refer you to some of their past clients.

Finding the Best Accident Lawyer Simplified

Hiring an accident lawyer can make a big difference to your case. They’ll help you secure the compensation you deserve.

But you have to find the best accident lawyer. Otherwise, you risk losing the case. With this guide, you now know how to do your search and end up with the best.

Good luck and continue reading our blog for more legal tips.

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