Nugenix Review: OverHyped or Awesome?

Updated on February 23, 2021

Low testosterone is a common problem among older men. Studies reveal that an estimated 36.6% of men over 45 have lower testosterone levels than what they should have. This means these men are at risk of both mental and physical complications.

There are a few supplements out there that promise to help boost testosterone, but many of them do not work. This is why the average man with low testosterone often has a difficult time turning to nature as a treatment option.

Nugenix is a total and free testosterone booster. The supplement promises to help increase the amount of bioavailable testosterone circulating in the male user’s body. This would, in turn, yield several advantages. Let us take a look at whether or not the supplement actually works – and what men should know before they use it.

While Nugenix has some potential, it does not seem like the best option available. Some ingredients are questionable. We’ll share everything people should know about Nugenix – and consider why opting for Testogen as an alternative might be an ideal option. You will be able to check our top picks of testosterone boosters here.

Testogen Best Alternative

Nugenix Review: Overview Of The Brand

Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster is a dietary supplement that men can use to boost the amount of free testosterone that is available in their blood. While total testosterone score does play a vital role in the male body, free testosterone score is considered more important as it relates to the amount of this hormone that the body has access to and can actually use. By boosting free testosterone levels, the product gives men all the advantages that this hormone has in the male body – including a boost in energy, muscle function, and sexual function.

Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster is promoted by Direct Digital LLC. The product has an official website that provides detailed information about the product and the ingredients that are used to formulate the product. The website also contains a shopping cart and external links to third-party websites that sell the supplement. Apart from being available at its own official website, Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster can also be purchased at other online and offline locations – some stores that stock the product includes GNC, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. The website also has a special discounted offer that first-time customers can purchase.

As the name suggests, the product claims to boost levels of free testosterone in the body. This can have many benefits for the user of the product. The product’s container claims that the effects of the formula on the user’s body will provide an increase in libido, male vitality, sex drive, and sexual performance. The product also claims that the user will experience the benefits of free testosterone outside the bedroom as well – an increase in physical strength and a boost in muscle performance will provide the user with advantages when he participates in any type of physical activity, including high-intensity strength training workouts.

Nugenix Pros & Cons


  • Some ingredients do have scientific evidence to prove that it can increase bioavailable (or free) testosterone scores in the male body. This means that the product may have a positive effect on testosterone levels.
  • The product is available at different retailers – including some physical stores. This means the product is relatively easy to get ahold of, even when a potential user does not live in the United States.
  • The product’s website offers first-time customers a special discounted offer so they can purchase the product at a reduced price and try it out before they invest in a product that may (or may not) work for them.


  • The product contains a proprietary formula, which means individual doses are not specified. In order to determine how effective the product may be at increasing free testosterone levels, the specific dosage for fenugreek extracts is needed.
  • The product may only be effective when combined with an intense training program and a balanced diet. Men who use the product without participating in regular training sessions may not experience the intended benefits.

Nugenix Benefits

There are a few claims that Nugenix makes regarding the benefits that the supplement might be able to offer the male user. The main benefit would be an increase in testosterone. The supplement has been formulated to focus on two different areas of testosterone:

  • Total testosterone, and
  • Free testosterone

The combined effect may offer the user more benefits compared to supplements that only focus on boosting the total amount of testosterone the body makes.

Total testosterone refers to all of the testosterone hormones that are present in the man’s body. Free testosterone, on the other hand, rather refers to the hormones that have not been bound to a protein. Some testosterone binds to a protein. The body also converts some testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and estrogen.

Free testosterone is sometimes called bioavailable testosterone. It refers to the hormones that are circulating freely in the bloodstream – these are the testosterone hormones that the body can use for certain functions.

A higher level of free testosterone is desirable. This is what the Nugenix supplement claims to focus on.

The supplement also makes additional claims. Apart from just raising testosterone, the supplement also promises to provide the following benefits:

  • Increases the amount of lean muscle mass in your body.
  • Helps to promote improved strength, which makes it easier to work out.
  • Assists in boosting your sex drive. This can also help to improve your sexual function and reduce erectile problems.

Nugenix Ingredients:

Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster contains vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and Zinc as individual active ingredients. All three of these nutrients have been linked to healthy testosterone production. In addition to these nutrients, the formula also contains a proprietary blend called the “Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex.” The following ingredients are included in this blend:

  • L-Citrulline Malate – L-Citrulline Malate is an amino acid and is often used by bodybuilders and athletes to reduce the amount of fatigue they experience during intense workout sessions. The amino acid plays an important role in the body – it helps detoxify the user’s liver, and it can help expel ammonia. Citrulline is also converted into another amino acid, Arginine, in the user’s kidneys. This amino acid, in turn, is converted into another molecule known as nitric oxide. While both Citrulline and Arginine can offer an improvement in blood flow, no evidence is available that they can increase testosterone levels.
  • Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract – An active compound in fenugreek, known as fenusides, contains potent anabolic properties that may help to provide a boost in physical attributes, such as muscle strength, muscle growth, and muscle tone. Fenugreek is also a powerful libido booster, and it has an anti-diabetic effect in the body. A study by the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Texas concluded that fenugreek could increase levels of both total and bioavailable (free) testosterone. Studies are very limited at the moment, and more evidence is still requested.
  • Tribulus Fruit Extract – A lot of claims are made about Tribulus Terrestris. Many sources also claim that the herb can increase testosterone levels significantly. Unfortunately, all scientific studies that have been done to monitor the effects of this herb on testosterone levels haven’t provided any significant results. In fact, most studies did not notice any change in testosterone scores.

How Does Nugenix Work?

Understanding how a supplement works can give you insight into how effective it might be.

First of all, it is important to understand that Nugenix is not testosterone replacement therapy. It is also not a pharmaceutical drug. Instead, this is an all-natural supplement. The supplement includes a number of extracts from herbs and plants. It also contains a few nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. The idea behind these is to stimulate the processes in the body that causes testosterone to be produced.

Some of the ingredients that are found in Nugenix may have additional actions to provide. Some may help men experience a boost in their overall strength. This helps the man work out harder in the gym. Since resistance training and strength training protocols have been linked to an increase in testosterone, this may provide further benefits.

How To Use Nugenix?

Nugenix is a supplement designed with ease of use in mind. The product is provided in the form of a dietary pill. It is taken by mouth. Men are advised to only take one serving of the supplement every day. Since it is a high-dose product, it will generally provide enough of these ingredients to allow men to benefit from the formula with one daily dose.

It is important to note that a single serving includes three capsules. Men should avoid taking more than three capsules in a single day. This may lead to an increased risk of unpleasant side-effects. Taking less than three capsules as a single daily serving may also make the supplement less effective.

Men are advised to take the product with water and food. The water will ensure the capsules can be swallowed easily. Taking the product with food helps to reduce the risk of the man experiencing unpleasant gastrointestinal side-effects.

Nugenix Side Effects?

Considering side-effects of a testosterone booster supplement before using it is important. Even though the product does not use chemicals or synthetic hormones, there are still a few side-effects that could occur.

First off, men should understand that the product uses a proprietary blend. This means the specific dose for each ingredient in the supplement is not revealed. Instead, the product only provides an overview of the dose for the entire proprietary blend in each serving.

This makes it hard to determine if some of the ingredients might have been included at too high doses.

The supplement also contains a lot of vitamin B12. While this is an essential nutrient, too much of it can cause problems.

The plant extracts found in Nugenix may also cause stomach upset. This could lead to diarrhea or constipation. General discomfort in the abdomen may be experienced. Some men may also experience abdominal cramping or pain.

Better Alternative Available?

Even though there are potential positive factors related to the Nugenix supplement, we cannot ignore the potential side-effects and the fact that several men did not experience the expected results when they turned to this product.

At this point, the process of choosing the right testosterone booster supplement becomes harder. A man wants to find a supplement that is going to be effective and safe.

Luckily, there are quite a few alternatives that men can try out. After extensive research, we found that Testogen is the best alternative to Nugenix. This particular supplement has several benefits, and the brand provides better transparency when it comes to looking at the ingredients included in its formula. You can check testogen’s review here.

Similar to Nugenix, Testogen is a supplement that focuses on offering men a natural alternative to the pharmaceutical drugs that are used as part of hormone replacement therapy. The supplement strives away from the use of synthetic hormones. Its focus is not to replace the testosterone hormones in the male body. Instead, the supplement rather focuses on helping the body get stronger and to get the natural testosterone production processes to work more effectively.

The supplement comes with a unique natural formula. Every ingredient found in the Testogen formula was included based on recent scientific study and data that have been made available. This ensured the scientists behind the formula were able to offer men a solution that works more effectively, while also taking safety concerns into account.

The supplement does not only focus on providing a boost in testosterone. It has a triple-action formula. It helps to stimulate the growth of lean muscle mass in men. It also assists in creating an improvement in strength – making it easier for the man to be more active.

As an alternative to Nugenix, the Testogen supplement also seems to be a safer option. There are thousands of reviews available for the supplement – and even the off-site and external reviews lean toward a more positive side.

Pros & Cons


  • The supplement only includes certain natural ingredients in its formula. The entire formula introduced by the Testogen formula has also undergone extensive research. The ingredients have all been proven to provide specific benefits to the male body.
  • There are several bulk buying options available that allow the customer to save when buying more than just one bottle of the supplement at a time.
  • The supplement comes with worldwide shipping. This means a man can buy it regardless of where they live.
  • The tripe-action formula works on multiple areas that all contribute to higher levels of testosterone in the end.
  • The money-back-guarantee that comes with the purchase of a Testogen helps to provide more peace of mind for the customer’s money.


  • The user needs to take a total of four capsules every day. This is more than the Nugenix supplement. It is a very potent formula, however – which is why a large number of capsules should be taken.
  • Even though considered a safe formula, some men may still be at risk of experiencing certain side effects. This is especially the case when the man uses the supplement alongside certain pharmaceutical drugs.
  • It can be relatively expensive when the user decides to buy one bottle of Testogen at a time – and not everyone will be able to afford one of the bulk packages right away.

Pricing And Shipping

Testogen is available to people from all over the world. Unlike many competitors who will charge a shipping fee, the company behind Testogen offers free shipping on all orders – whether the customer lives in the United States or another country.

Pricing depends on how many bottles of Testogen the customer buys. A single month’s supply will cost the customer a total of $59.99. A five-month supply costs $179.99 and a three month’s supply can be picked up for $119.99.

Testogen Best Alternative

Final Verdict: Should You Buy Nugenix Testosterone Booster?

Nugenix is a supplement with some potential as a testosterone booster. The major issue, however, is the side-effects that some people experience. There have also been cases where men did not experience the expected results.

Taking all into account, we find that Testogen is a superior testosterone supplement.It has fewer side-effects and a formula that is based on the latest scientific research into natural plant extracts and nutrients that can boost a man’s testosterone more effectively. This concludes our Nugenix review.

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  1. Testogen is great! I am a 50 year old university instructor who works out about 5 times weekly for 45 minutes. I have a 34 year old girlfriend. Before starting Testogen, we would spend 1 to 2 nights within the week together, and I would read papers and do research on weekends. Unfortunately, after about 20 to 30 minutes of intercourse, I would fall asleep. However, since I have been taking the supplement, usually we spend 3 nights together with having about two rounds of sex most nights. Also, now on Saturday or Sunday afternoon/evening we make it our business to have deep and intense intercourse. Testogen has made me realize and reminded me of how enjoyable it is to be a man!

  2. Useless product!!!!

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