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How To Start A Mobile Healthcare Clinic For Doctors On-The-Go

While the majority of Americans have convenient access to healthcare facilities, some people in the U.S. still do not have the means to have themselves treated by a doctor. According to the 2018 data from the National Centre for Health Statistics, about 87.6 percent of Americans can visit a medical facility when needed. It means that the remaining 12.4 percent of the people have difficulty reaching a doctor. These people usually live in remote rural areas of the country. The need for accessible healthcare facilities will also increase when natural disasters occur

During this time, the regular clinics and hospitals become fully occupied with patients. Because of this, healthcare experts may consider setting up a mobile health clinic to fill in the demands of the public. If you are a registered doctor who wants to start a mobile clinic in one area or plan to practice the profession without staying in one place, here are several tips on how to start a mobile healthcare facility. 

Do Thorough Market Research

Before starting a mobile healthcare facility, you need to gather all the important information about the possible patients in the area. It is a must know all their needs and how they want to receive the treatments. Find out if they require other types of medical attention aside from primary care, such as dental medicine, mental health services, and chronic disease management. It is also essential to learn the profile of the people living in the area to understand how many people require pediatric care, geriatric care, maternity care, and other special medical needs. 

Invest In Your Mobile Health Van

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When planning to run a mobile healthcare facility, a vehicle that comes with all the facilities used to treat patients is definitely important. You can choose from a wide variety of vans available in the market and choose which one will fit the requirements. After investing in the van, it has to be customized to turn it into a mobile medical clinic. 

To raise enough money to pay for the van’s customization and begin the mobile clinic operations, try asking for donations from different corporations and foundations.  Once enough funds are gathered for the vehicle, it would be easy to take the medical facility anywhere. 

Build a Smart Marketing Plan

Starting a mobile healthcare clinic means you will begin with no customers and zero visibility. To boost the mobile clinic’s reputation and encourage more patients to visit the mobile facility, you must advertise the services to the areas around the clinic. Some strategies needed to implement to market the services include distributing flyers to the community partners and other venues like schools, churches, and daycare centers. Another effective strategy is making the van visible in the area so everyone will know about the mobile clinic. It will let the mobile health facility to reach as many places as possible while promoting mobile healthcare services. 

Operating a mobile healthcare facility is not an easy task. But if launched properly, the mobile clinic will become a lucrative business while serving the community at the same time. It will also let the mobile facility help the community hospitals to take care of as many sick people as possible if they become too swamped with patients. As a result, more people will get the medical attention that they deserve with the help of mobile clinic services.

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