How Does Technology Affect Our Relationships?

Updated on March 18, 2020

Truly, the information age has changed the way people conduct themselves in education, business, and human interaction as a whole. Advances, such as instant messaging, email, and, of course, social media has worked amazingly well to make communication a lot more convenient. Dating experts from found out that the availability of relationship apps and dating sites made it a lot easier to find real matches without having to go out of your home.

Here’s how technology helps people find new friends and start new relationships:

  • Quite interestingly, reputable dating sites, apps, and related sites are actually leading to more offline interaction. It may come as a surprise to many, as people are under the impression that online tech users stay hidden in their apartments to avoid any personal contact. In fact, the opposite is true, and these users are more actively interacting with people offline, as online conversations now lead to in-person dinner or coffee dates. It also implies that digital interaction is still not replacing face-to-face interactions by any means.
  • Many experts are of the view that people who meet after a long conversation through dating sites or even social media are going to develop close relationships. The reason is that they don’t need to waste time determining the topics of interest. They can connect with each other easily on a face-to-face date, and that is something making it easier to develop stronger relationships.
  • Thanks to the availability of new technology, your relationships are more likely to last over time and distance. Even when you talk about friends you can’t always meet in person, you can still keep in touch using new technology, which will help save your relationships from going dormant.

However, it is worth mentioning that where technology does help strengthen relationships through different avenues of contact, it also raises certain concerns. It all depends on how you utilize whatever technology you have available. Use it incorrectly and it will strip away important aspects of how you connect and relate to someone on a personal level.

 In most cases, it will affect your most intimate relationships the most. The reason is that these relationships usually have their own challenges, and changing tech can lead to an increase in stress. The way you use technology may also lead to problems between you and your partner, potentially stirring dissatisfaction and conflict in your relationship. Similarly, the time you spend focusing on technology may add to the number of your waking hours. Moreover, you may not be willing to focus that energy on your partner, which is another factor affecting relationships in the modern world.

There has been evidence suggesting that extensive social media use may also affect your mental health in a negative way. You’re more likely to develop clinical depression if you spend most of your time engaging through social media. In fact, there’s a possibility that extensive social media use may be linked to declines in sense of well-being, mood, and life satisfaction. You experience all these problems because you develop a “Fear of Missing Out”. Therefore, it is important to find interventions to prevent heavy social media use before you end up experiencing any mental health issues.

Overall, technology is really affecting our relationships in so many ways, but it is important to find alternatives to help curtail its potential downsides and enjoy better relationships in general.

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