How Technology Can Make Your Business Life Easier?

Updated on September 15, 2020

Many IT tools are adopted because of the business necessity, such as when you want to send big files online: no size limits or when your suppliers require you to adopt a given product data management system or business information system in order to work with them. However, technology can lead to significant labor savings, cost savings, quality improvements or all three. How can technology make your business life easier? 

Implement an Age Verification System 

Putting a pop-up on your website warning people that they must be 18 or 21 to create an account isn’t good enough. Many jurisdictions will pull your license if you’re found to be selling tobacco, alcohol, prescriptions or other age-restricted substances. Automated tools for verifying customer age are more accurate than an employee comparing an uploaded photo to the image from someone’s driver’s license. It is more secure than asking someone to verify their age by entering in a credit card number, too. A side benefit of age verification systems that rely on someone’s current picture that compare it to a scanned driver’s license or passport is that it will weed out identity theft, because the system will flag cases where they upload the same photo from the ID as their current picture. 

Introduce Point of Sale Systems 

Point of sale systems allow your team to process transactions no matter where they are. For example, your staff could process a purchase at trade shows, flea markets and standing out on the sidewalk. Or your team could handle a sale where the customer is standing instead of making them walk back to the register. Point of sales systems can also serve as additional registers when you have far more customers than open lines. You’ll increase the customer conversion rate and customer satisfaction. 

Consolidate Records into a Single Customer Relationship Management System 

This might be done by migrating to a new customer relationship management system or adopting an interface that connects your existing disparate databases to a single consolidated system. However, there are many benefits to creating a single data repository holding all of your customer information. It improves customer service, since every interaction with the team is recorded in the same database. They don’t have to repeat their complaint as they’re transferred from department to department. It reduces redundant data entry by your team, such as when someone has to record events in a sales management system and then enter the data into a customer relationship management system. That duplicate data entry also creates the opportunity for errors to creep into the system, while it certainly adds delays. When everything is consolidated in a single customer relationship management system, tech support, customer support and sales will all see what the person purchased last and what their interaction with the brand has been. 

Implement an Inventory Control System 

It is easy to track purchases and sales. But you don’t want to sell five items over the phone, process payment, and then learn that you only have three in the warehouse. Nor do you want to sell two items listed online only to find out they were sold by someone at the retail counter. This is why inventory control systems must be in place and tied into your financial software. The ideal system can be tied to barcode scanners so that your team can quickly verify inventory by scanning items and automatically correct inventory as items are sold or returned. 

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