ProSolution Pills Review: Does it Work?

Updated on October 8, 2020

Many men deal with diminishing sexual performance at some point in their life. This can be due to factors such as hormonal imbalances, underlying medical conditions, or mental health issues. 

It can also be a result of lifestyle choices such as smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol or other illicit drugs. 

When you find that you’re no longer able to perform optimally in bed, you may start looking for male enhancement products. There are many of these in the market, and we understand that it can be overwhelming to decide which is the best one for you. 

That’s why we’ve reviewed ProSolution Pills male enhancement tablets that have been in the market for more than 10 years. 

Many men have benefited from using this product, and we’re here to inform you of everything you need to know before using this product.

Read on to find out how it works, what ingredients are used in its formulation, and where you can buy it for the best value. 

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ProSolution Pills Review: Product Overview

ProSolution Pills has been in the male enhancement products’ market for over a decade. Over the years, its formulation has undergone several improvements that have made it more powerful at improving sexual function in males.

It has undergone several clinical trials to gauge its efficacy and safety. Each of them has proven that it indeed provides benefits that improve erection quality, increase stamina, and enable men to have multiple orgasms in a single night. 

ProSolution Pills has also been approved by doctors to be a safe male enhancement product that presents no side effects or health risks. 

So far, tens of thousands of men have already used this product to revitalize and boost their sex lives. 

The effects of ProSolution Pills can be attributed to the extensive medical research that’s behind every ingredient used. It means that each ingredient used contributes to sexual function and performance. 

Besides the medical research, most of the ingredients have also been used for centuries as natural methods of improving libido, increasing sexual energy, and treating erectile dysfunction.

ProSolution Pills takes a more extensive approach to treating diminishing sexual function, compared to other products that only concentrate on improving blood flow to the penis. 


  • It improves the quality of your erections. They become thicker, harder, and long-lasting. 
  • It boosts blood flow to the penis. It enhances desire, arousal, and increases your sensitivity to sexual stimulation. 
  • It helps you relax and reduce anxiety when having sex.
  • It uses 100% natural ingredients with no side effects.
  • Manufactured in a cGMP certified pharmaceutical facility. 
  • Requires no waiting period for effects to kick off. 
  • It increases libido.
  • It boosts stamina and energy.
  • Doctor-approved. 
  • It allows you to have multiple orgasms.
  • Has positive reviews from thousands of men. 
  • It comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free purchase.


  • Only available for purchase online. 
  • Costly. 
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Several studies have shown that Korean Ginseng can be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in males. It improves erection function and enhances its rigidity and thickness.

It contains Ginsenosides compounds that help raise libido and endurance. They also help reduce anxiety and promote alertness, which can make you a more attentive and confident lover.

This study showed that Butea Superba can be more effective at managing erectile dysfunction compared to sildenafil, which is the most commonly used male enhancement drug.

Butea Superba is an aphrodisiac that can increase your libido, improve your sexual function, and allow you to experience a more fulfilling sexual life. 

A native of Thailand, this herb has been used for many years by Thai men to boost their libido, vigor, and rejuvenate their sexual performance. 

Momordica is an herb that’s rich in bioactive components such as phenolic, saponins, and proteins. In the body, it inhibits fat synthesis, thereby increasing testosterone levels. 

It’s also a vitamin C source, an antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage to cells and tissues in sex organs. It keeps your organs healthy for longer, even as you age. 

These two work synergistically to improve the circulation of blood in your sexual organs. Amla helps reduce levels of lipids in the blood and also lowers blood pressure.

It reduces your risk of coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis. When your blood vessels are in good health, blood flow to your penis is optimized. 

It contributes to your sex desire, arousal, erection, and makes you more sensitive for a maximum pleasure sensation.

Curculigo is a plant that has been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine because of its aphrodisiac effects.

This ingredient shortens the time between erections, allowing you to have as much sex as you want in a single night. It also improves your erection quality by promoting hardness and endurance. 

Arjuna is used in ProSolution Pills because of its ability to regulate heart rate and blood pressure. This makes it easy for you to pace your body during sex. 

  • Zinc Oxide

A deficiency of zinc in the body causes testosterone levels to drop. By supplementing with zinc oxide, production of testosterone is enhanced, maintaining your sexual function. 

  • Cordyceps

It is a mushroom extract that promotes testosterone production and blood flow to your sex organs. It boosts sex desire, enables powerful erections, and increases oxygen delivery to the penis for more energy production. 

This is a medicinal mushroom that has potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and energizing properties. It can help uplift your mood to get you more relaxed for intercourse. 

How Does ProSolution Pills Work?

ProSolution Pills works by addressing the issues that lower your sex drive, affect your erection, and diminish your sexual health. It improves your sexual performance through a blend of all-natural ingredients that are rich in sex performance-enhancing properties. 

This pill works in a different model to other male enhancement products. Instead of focusing only on blood flow to your sex organs, it boosts your sexual function in several ways. 

The result is an all-round sexual function improvement. This product allows you to have spontaneous sex whenever you wish, without the inconvenience of waiting for the drug to begin working.

It utilizes Curculigo, an ingredient that shortens the period between erections. It allows you to have a lot of sex in a single night. 

Reishi Mushroom provides the energy and stamina that you need for sexual activity so that you don’t find yourself getting tired easily. 

ProSolution Pills also ensures that your libido does not dip at any time of the night, as it includes aphrodisiacs such as Butea Superba and cordyceps.

This product also increases circulation in your sex organs by promoting blood flow and maintaining the blood vessels’ health. It also regulates blood pressure and heart rate to prevent the over-exertion of the cardiovascular and reproductive systems.

ProSolution Pills also addresses psychological aspects such as anxiety and stress, which can be detrimental to your sexual function and performance. It helps you relax so that you can enjoy the sex without doubting your performance. 

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Benefits of Using ProSolution Pills

Thousands of men have noted the following benefits of using ProSolution Pills, and you too can be one of them:

Increased Testosterone Production

Low testosterone levels in men lead to decreasing sexual function, increasing body fat, and raising your risk of depression. ProSolution Pills increases the synthesis of this vital male sex hormone in the body, protecting you from these effects.

With high testosterone levels, your libido will improve, you’ll feel more energized during sex, and you’ll be able to orgasm powerfully. 

Improved Libido

ProSolution helps you become more excited about sex by increasing your sexual desire. It can be very helpful when you’re bogged down with worries or daily responsibilities and find that you no longer want to have sex. 

It can deteriorate your intimate relationships and keep you from enjoying sex like you used to. However, ProSolution can help you bring your sex desire back up. 

Better Circulation

Improved blood flow to your penis allows for hard and thick erections for successful penetration. It increases oxygen supply to the sex organs, which increases energy production to make you feel more energetic during intercourse. 

ProSolution improves circulation by triggering nitric oxide release in the blood, which dilates blood vessels for more efficient blood flow. 

Increased Relaxation

Increased levels of testosterone in the body inhibit the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. It helps boost your mood and reduce stress. 

It also reduces any anxiety you may have concerning your sexual performance. ProSolution Pills also uses ingredients that promote relaxation. 

Side Effects

You’ll not experience any side effects after using ProSolution Pills. This is because of the all-natural formulation that contains zero toxic substances. 

Each ingredient is taken through vigorous testing to prove its safety and efficacy. In addition, each ingredient is added to the formulation in a dosage that’s effective in improving sexual performance without endangering your health. 

The products are manufactured in a cGMP certified pharmaceutical lab. It means that all good manufacturing practices have been followed to ensure that the Pills are made completely safe.

This formulation has also undergone several studies and clinical trials that have proven its benefits and noted no side effects. 

Always use the recommended dosage and avoid mixing with other drugs to avoid potential side effects that may arise with inappropriate use. 

Who Should Use ProSolution Pills?

If you’ve been having trouble getting in the mood for sex or getting it up, you should use ProSolution Pills. This product is made to help you deal with the physical or psychological issues that are getting in the way of your sex life.

So, if you want to see an improvement in your sex desire, confidence in the bedroom, and attain hard and long-lasting erections, you should use ProSolution Pills.

This male virility enhancer will boost your energy, hormone levels, and increase circulation in your sex organs in order to revitalize your performance.

Use this product if you’re having trouble responding to stimulation, and you’ll find that getting aroused gets easier. You’ll not just be ready to get between the sheets, but you’ll also be able to control yourself for a satisfying and lasting sexual experience.

Older men who are above the age of 30 should also use ProSolution Pills. This is because, after this age, testosterone levels in the body begin dropping gradually.

It leads to a decreased desire for sex and can lead to other issues such as gain of body fat and decreasing muscle mass. ProSolution Pills provides ingredients that boost testosterone’s secretion to ensure that your libido stays at its peak even as the years go by. 

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Who Should Refrain from ProSolution Pills?

Males below the age of 18 should not use ProSolution Pills. Young men who are in their 20s or early 30s, too, should also keep away from these pills unless they’re experiencing poor sexual performance. 

This is because your testosterone levels are at high levels at this age, and your sexual performance is naturally at its peak. Therefore, you don’t need any enhancers as it could escalate your hormone levels and blood pressure, putting your health at risk. 

As men age, their testosterone levels drop, and that’s when using ProSolution Pills to enhance their sexual function can be necessary. 

That said, it’s possible for a young man to experience diminishing sexual function before they’ve reached an age where the hormone levels drop naturally. If you’re in such a situation, make sure to consult a doctor first. 

This is because there could be underlying health complications that are causing a premature drop in sexual performance. 

Men who are also using any kind of medication should refrain from using ProSolution Pills. This is because of possible drug interactions that can be harmful. 

Lastly, if you have any preexisting medical conditions, don’t use ProSolution Pills without a physician’s guidance. 

Dosage & Tips to Start

Each package contains 60 tablets for a month’s use. Therefore, you should take two tablets per day. 

ProSolution Pills Work instantly, so you don’t have to wait for the effects to kick in, as so many other enhancement pills require. With these tablets, you can have sex as spontaneously as you want because once you use them, you’ll always be ready for action. 

Use the tablets daily in order to achieve consistent results in the improvement of your sexual performance. Make sure to take your dosage each day for 2 months in order to gauge the effects of the product well. 

While you continue taking ProSolution Pills, it’s advisable to also lead a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t impact your sexual performance negatively. 

Take part in regular exercise, eat a balanced diet, and avoid harmful behaviors such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. 

These can lead to the deterioration of your sexual health, which is something you clearly don’t want if you’re seeking male enhancement products. 

Where to Buy ProSolution and Guarantees?

You can buy ProSolution Pills at the official website here. By ordering on the site, you buy directly from the manufacturer, so you’re assured of getting the genuine product. 

Also, buying from the website allows you to take advantage of huge discounts, free gifts, and free global shopping. 

You can get a 12-month supply of the supplement for only $399.95. It saves you more than 50% of the retail price for the same. In addition, you’ll receive free gifts worth $225.

Buy a 6-month supply for $289.95 and receive free gifts worth $175. You’ll pay $154.95 for a 3-month supply of the pills and get gifts worth $126.

When you buy a 12, 6, or 3-months supply of the supplement, you also benefit from free global shipping.

2 boxes go for $109.95, with a free gift worth $126. You’ll part with $59.95 for a single box, which is a month’s supply.

The site makes it easy for you to make payments by allowing methods such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal Credit. 

You also receive a 67-day money-back guarantee when you buy a 2-month supply or more. If you find that the product has not fulfilled your expectations after two months, send back the empty bottles to receive a full refund. 

If you had bought more than a two-month supply, you can also return the unopened bottles and get your funds back. 

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Conclusion: Do ProSolution Pills Work?

ProSolution Pills has a long track record, with tens of thousands of men benefiting from its effects. It’s a great product to try if you’re experiencing low libido, diminishing sexual energy, and inability to attain and maintain erections. 

It uses an all-natural formulation that has been studied several times for its safety and efficacy. In addition, all the ingredients used have been researched and found to be effective in increasing sexual function. 

When you buy this product from the manufacturer, you’ll get attractive discounts and free gifts. To top that, there’s a 67-day money-back guarantee that allows you to get your full purchase price back if you’re not satisfied with the product. 

ProSolution Pills provides you with a hassle-free way to improve your sex life, and we believe that it’s worth a try.


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