Regulate Diabetes with Healthy Diet Tips by Lavleen Kaur

Updated on September 5, 2020

In general, healthy eating and the right eating is considered essential for long and healthy living. Choosing nutritious meals that include all the essential nutrients in the appropriate portions is the habit of ensuring good health and staying away from various diseases. 

To measure portion quantities and balance, restrict or avoid certain foods and give your body significant nourishment, this is important to regulate diabetes and probably get your health on track. 

Most people don’t know the complete detail of diabetes, even many people may not be aware of its types. In type 1 diabetes, cells of pancreas collapse partially or completely to create insulin. 

On the other hand, type 2 is the most common type in which the pancreas produces insulin, but body cells increase resistance. Due to these issues, blood glucose levels are disturbed from equilibrium. Uncontrolled or irregular glucose levels can be the major cause of many diseases. 

There are some vital things suggested by Lavleen Kaur you can do to regulate your blood glucose levels; she is one of the best dietitians in India. Two most significant circumstances responsible for controlling diabetes are; a well-balanced diet with proper time management, healthy lifestyle.

Dietary tips for Diabetes maintenance

  • There are several myths related to diabetes and the most common is a diabetic person cannot include fruits in daily diet. But the truth is fruits can improve a lot in controlling glucose levels when consumed in the appropriate amount and at the right time which is in the morning. You should avoid overeating of fruits. 
  • Next, make sure your meals are balanced with a sufficient amount of fibre and protein. Also, you can have a limited amount of rice in your meal, any white or brown. Along with rice, you can include a good quantity of veggies or dal. It helps to absorb amino acids completely. 
  • You need to avoid fried potato completely in diabetes. Instead, you can include boiled potato in your meal with the proper amount of fibrous foods like green vegetables. 
  • Paneer, tofu, eggs and chicken are the good sources of protein.
  • Your dinner timing should be before 3 hours to bed.  

Remedies for Diabetes

There are some easy remedies that can help to maintain the blood sugar level. 

  • The first remedy is about black cumin and fenugreek water. 
  • The second thing you can take is garlic and turmeric water in the morning. Also, add some crushed black paper.  
  • Next is cinnamon and cloves water which you can take after your meal. Cinnamon and cloves help to maintain sugar and insulin level.  
  • Aloevera juice is very good for diabetes, so you can include it in your diet. 

Lifestyle Changes

The most important thing you need to understand that the only medicine to maintain diabetes is a healthy lifestyle. No matter how seriously you take the above remedies, they would not be effective if your lifestyle is not good. So first, you need to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle to cure diabetes. 

Exercising is the best way of controlling glucose levels. Yoga and strength exercisemust be included in your daily routine. Strength exercise helps to improve your muscle and bone body. It eventually improves your blood glucose levels. Besides, a good sleeping pattern is imperative. Keep your sleeping pattern proper and stay away from stress.    


Diabetes can be very critical to your health if not maintained properly. Diet and lifestyle changes are needed to maintain, cure and prevent diabetes. To take back control of your life and maintain your blood sugar levels, you need to consume the right foods, regular exercise and maintain a well-balanced physical and mental health.

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