How to smoke cannabis without coughing

Updated on December 6, 2022

Despite some cannabis myth, you don’t have to cough to get high. People think that holding in your inhale and coughing results in a higher high. Unfortunately, it’s not true. While cannabis can be better to smoke than tobacco, coughing is not a very enjoyable part of inhaling smoke. 

Some people prefer not to cough because it can make you look like a novice smoker. 

It should be noted that all of these tips and tricks work for both THC and CBD. Regardless if you’re a smoker or just getting onto the cannabis train, the cannabis plant is full of cannabinoids which come in the form of THC and CBD. THC is responsible for getting smokers “high” and CBD is known to have positive health benefits. Whereas THC has been used as a psychoactive component to give off hallucinatory or euphoric effects, CBD has been known to help with body aches, pains, depression, anxiety, and has been known to help people sleep better.

Before we get into some ways to reduce your coughing, both CBD and THC do have some negative effects, especially if you don’t choose the right dispensary. Side effects include drowsiness, laziness, and a change in appetite.  

If you’re into smoking cannabis, both in THC and CBD form, but aren’t a big fan of the cough that comes with it, here are few things you can try to do to remedy the situation.

Get some distance

Typically, the smaller the distance between your mouth and the lit part of the joint, the more coughing you’ll be subject to. If you’re already a big time cougher, you might want to stop taking such big hits. Simply put, your lungs might not be able to handle how much smoke you’re inhaling.

It’s also important to remember that the amount of oxygen you inhale from the joint could impact your cough. Make sure to leave a little amount of space between the joint and the filter to ensure you’re not taking in too much oxygen while smoking the joint. If you get too much airflow, it might result in a lot of coughing. 

If you’re really curious, you can always take a spirometry test which will check how much capacity your lungs have to intake air. If you’re not big on testing, you should attempt to breathe slowly before you inhale. You cough because your lungs aren’t getting enough oxygen so be sure to breathe during every step of the joint smoking process. 


If you’re really averse to coughing, you can cook the marijuana instead of smoking it. While smoking is fast-acting, consuming the herb is a very potent way to ingest marijuana, both THC and CBD. If you don’t mind waiting a tad longer for the cannabis to kick in, you definitely won’t be coughing when you’re chowing down a cookie or brownie. Edibles are on the market and come in a variety of forms including chocolate, gummies, tea, and candy. 

High-end weed

Sometimes coughing can be a result of smoking weed that isn’t very good. If you’re sick of coughing, you can put an extra few bucks into your strand and be sure to get high-end weed that smokes easier, there’s definitely such a thing. You could also consider grinding your weed up more. Quality grinders can make for an evenly-grounded grinded and weed that is grinded finer will result in smoother smoke. 

Have water on hand

There’s always the chance that you’re going to cough but having a glass or bottle of water nearby will certainly help keep your coughs at bay.


Vaping might be a good alternative to smoking joints if you’re coughing too much. Vaping uses vaporization to heat the cannabis to a lower temperature which results in you inhaling more vapor than smoke. Smoke occurs when things are heated to a certain temperature and vapor is resulted at a much lower heat. Vaping is usually considered to actually be the healthiest form of inhaling cannabis and it’s a lot easier on your lungs. Plus, it has a high potency and can get you pretty stoned. 

Use a percolator or diffuser for a bong

A percolator is an additional water chamber that is added to the bong tube. The design is a bit different and adds extra water which cools down the smoke and makes it easier to inhale. 

Take it easy

You might also be taking too long puffs that result in your coughs. You don’t have to hold any of the smoke into your lungs to get higher. Just take it easy and inhale smaller hits. 

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