Vigorelle Review: Libido Enhancer That Works!

Updated on October 8, 2020

When you hear the words “sexual dysfunction,” I bet that what comes to mind are aging males. The market is rampant with products claiming to help men increase their potency in bed. But what is not talked about as much is that sexual dysfunction also happens to women.

Sexual problems can occur in adult women of all ages, but older adult women more commonly experience it. Female sexual dysfunction is characterized by low libido, inability to orgasm, and seeing sex not as a pleasurable activity but as a chore. 

This should not be the case. Admit it or not, sex is part of the human experience. Everyone should be enjoying great sex. For women with these problems, do not fret because all hope is not lost. 

There are now products that help in rejuvenating the sex drive to find pleasure in sex again. In this article, we will be learning about the Vigorelle female sexual enhancement cream and why it may be the product you need to reignite your inner fire.

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Vigorelle Review: Product Overview

Womanhood comes with several tests: family, maintaining the home, challenging careers, demanding social lives, aging, stress, and a whole lot more. With all these challenges, women have to face every day, it is common to have very little energy for sex. 

Physical and psychological factors cause low libido in women, and it is taking its toll on personal relationships, self-confidence, and overall sexual fulfillment. 

Vigorelle is a product of Leading-Edge Marketing, Inc., a company with bases in Canada and Cyprus.  This is a product that is dedicated to women who wish to experience intensified sexual feelings – whether it is to rekindle lost sexual fire or to experience the real joy of sex for the first time, this female arousal cream will help achieve new sexual heights.

This cream is made from 100% all-natural, top-quality products formulated to help combat sexual frustration in women. The effects of this product upon usage are immediate, hastening the time it takes for a woman to produce natural lubrication to make sex more enjoyable.

Pros and Cons

It is smart to look up the advantages and disadvantages of a product before deciding to buy it. As customers, we want to know if the product really is worth our money. Now, we compiled this list of pros and cons to make the process easier for you. 


  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Water-based so safe to use with condoms and sex toys
  • No overpowering smell
  • Easy and straightforward application
  • Immediate effects
  • Helps with vaginal dryness
  • Heightened sexual sensations
  • Discreet packaging and billing information
  • Fantastic money-back guarantee
  • Available to order online or via mail and fax


  • Pricier compared to cheaper substitutes
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Vigorelle Ingredients

Vigorelle is rendered from 100% natural ingredients. It does not contain harmful substances such as propylene glycol and methyl parabens.  Let us closely examine what constitutes this product and the contribution of each ingredient to the effectivity of Vigorelle.

This amino acid is known as a potent vasodilator. L-Arginine HCl dilates the blood vessels, causing more blood to flow in the vessels.

Increased blood flow in the genital area will, therefore, have heightened sensitivity to touch and pressure, inducing intense feelings of arousal.

This extremely popular herb is a common ingredient to various vitamin supplements in the market. Like L-Arginin HCl, Gingko Biloba increases blood flow, which facilitates improved arousal in the vaginal area. 

It also increases the free testosterone level in a woman’s body, which is responsible for causing sexual desire.

This natural steroid is widely used to alleviate menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

It also has inherent anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treat joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

This leaf is a well-known aphrodisiac in folk medicine. It helps boost sexual performance and speeds recovery of sexual behavior in the exhausted. This leaf is also used to boost fertility.

Damiana leaf has tranquilizing properties, which decreases anxiety towards having sex. 

This root, better known as “Brazilian Ginseng,” restores vital functions and helps increase mental balance. This helps with a woman’s sexual endurance, causing longer hours in doing sexual activities.

 Suma root also has inherent anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Peppermint Leaf

This leaf has been used in traditional medicine for a long time. It is known to have antimicrobial and anti-allergenic properties. It also has antioxidant properties to protect your cells from free radicals that cause heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.

Peppermint leaves induce a relaxing effect, which is why it is commonly used as tea leaves.

This gel helps retain skin moisture and integrity. In medicine, aloe vera has been used to treat burns and allergy lesions because it has a deeply soothing effect.

Aloe vera gel also provides this product with a slippery texture, which contributes as a lubricator during sex.

These essential vitamins work together to keep the skin tight and well-hydrated. They increase collagen synthesis in the skin. Collagen is a protein that maintains the skin’s natural elasticity.

This ingredient greatly increases the effectivity of topical creams because it facilitates transdermal absorption. It means with the help of Hyaluronic Acid, the cream will reach its target receptor efficiently to instantly induce pleasure in the genital area.

This product is also used in brightening and rejuvenating the skin.

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How Does Vigorelle work?

Now that you have an idea of Vigorelle’s components let us now talk about how all of these work together to give Vigorelle the power to provide us with a more satisfying sexual experience.

Vigorelle is a high-quality, 100% all-natural sexual female enhancement cream that helps women renew their interest in sex and to experience sexual fulfillment like never before.

This topical cream is applied directly to the underside of the clitoral hood. This strategic application of the cream directly stimulates the center of female pleasure, which is the clitoris. 

This area has thousands of sensitive nerve endings that work together to create mind-blowing sensations when a woman orgasms. Vigorelle aids in starting up the cascade of events that will lead to a more satisfying release.

The Gingko Biloba in Vigorelle then aids in enhancing the woman’s desire to have sex. This ingredient is known to increase testosterone levels in the body, which is responsible for feelings of sexual desire. 

Once applied to the clitoral hood, the cream wastes no time and gets down to business immediately. It will increase the blood flow in the clitoris due to the dilation of blood vessels brought about by the product. 

This renders the clitoris more sensitive to touch because of the pressure build-up inside. When partnered with sensual foreplay, the woman will feel exceptional feelings of arousal because of strong stimulation. 

Intensified arousal will encourage the body to produce natural lubrication, which will make the vagina ready for sexual intercourse. 

Vigorelle’s effects progressively improve with every use. The more the body is exposed to this product, the more intense the sexual sensations will be. This cream is a viable solution to eliminate the lack of libido and sexual frustration.

Benefits of Using Vigorelle

Whether it is to rediscover your lost sexual energy or just to amp up sexual enjoyment, Vigorelle is a product you should not miss. Let us tell you why you should give this sexual enhancement cream a try. 

No Pills to Take and Very Easy to Apply

A great thing about Vigorelle is you do not need to ingest any kind of pill for it to work. With this cream, everything happens just on the skin, yet it still does its job brilliantly.

Another aspect of commending is its ease of application. You just take some product, apply it on the underside of the clitoris, and you are good to go. 

A small amount will do, but if the effect is no longer felt, you can add more cream to the area. There are no preparations required before application. It cannot get easier than that.

Effects Are Instantaneous

Once applied, the vaginal area will instantly feel increased sensitivity to touch and pressure. This speeds the production of natural lubrication as compared to foreplay without using enhancement creams. The faster natural lubrication is produced, the sooner sex ensues.

Safe to Use with Condoms, Sex Toys, and Contraceptive Pills

Vigorelle is a water-based cream that is safe to use around condoms and sex toys. 

This is important because some types of creams compromise and corrode the quality of some condoms and sex toys. With this product, you can be reassured that the condom or your sex toy will not break.

Water-based creams are ideal for women with sensitive skin or are prone to vaginal irritation. It is also fairly easy to clean this type of cream from sheets or clothes without leaving a stain.

Vigorelle will also not affect contraceptive pills’ effect as it is just applied on the surface of the clitoral hood.

Only Gets Better from First Use

The fantastic effects of Vigorelle only stack the more you use it. Once the body is exposed to this product, the intensity of arousal and pleasure only progressively increases. 

This continuously increasing sexual libido provides the desire and energy to explore the limits of sexual boundaries with your partner. 

Increases A Woman’s Sexual Energy and Endurance

Vigorelle helps restore former sexual intensity or even go beyond what you used to have.  This product provides motivation to lengthen sexual intercourse because of how great it feels to keep going.

With increased sexual energy and endurance, it is not just the woman who is sexually fulfilled but also her partner. Seeing the woman really enjoying herself during sex is a major turn-on. 

This overabundance of sexual energy emanating from partners will result in a deeply satisfying sexual experience.

Side Effects

Vigorelle is a product created only from the best ingredients. In high-quality products like this cream, the chances of developing side effects are zero to none. 

In this section, we will tell you how Vigorelle managed to be side effect free.

Made With 100% All-Natural Products

This product is created using only the purest botanical extracts and naturally derived ingredients. 

Each of the ingredients has its own role to play in making Vigorelle such an effective product. Most of the ingredients are also long used in traditional medicine, and they have been proven to really work. 

Vigorelle also does not contain harmful substances like propylene glycol and methylparabens. 

By not using these substances, the risk for developing these side effects are eliminated:

  • Itching
  • Bumps and blisters
  • Dry, scaly skin
  • Swelling, tenderness, and burning
  • Contact dermatitis
  • No Need to Take Pills

More often than not, the ingestion of pills alters normal bodily functions.  With this product doing its work only from the skin, the risk of messing up processes occurring inside the body is significantly reduced.

Aloe Vera Gel Can Be Applied on Sensitive Skin

Most side effects occur from products too harsh to be applied on sensitive skin. The genital area is made up of thinner, more sensitive skin compared to the rest of the body. 

Only the gentlest products should be allowed to touch those private parts, like Vigorelle, with its aloe vera component.

This cream is also loaded with moisturizing components, so vaginal dryness will not be a problem.

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Who Should Use Vigorelle?

If you are a woman who just craves to experience sexual arousal at a whole new level, then you must consider trying Vigorelle. This female sexual enhancement cream is specifically formulated to fight vaginal dryness by intensifying feelings of arousal. 

With increased sexual excitement, the body will be encouraged to produce natural lubrication, enhancing the sexual experience.

This product is also created for women who want to spice up their sexual relationship with their partners. Sexual dysfunction is usually brought about hormonal changes that come naturally with aging. Vigorelle helps restore former sexual intensity or even at elevated levels of what you used to have.

Vigorelle can also be used in masturbation using adult toys. Being water-based, this product is compatible with the material found in sex toys. It can be assured that the corrosion and degradation of the adult toys’ surface will not occur when using Vigorelle.

Who Should Refrain from Vigorelle?

Vigorelle is a generally safe product to use, but it does not mean that everyone could use it. We made a list of who should refrain from Vigorelle, and why these people shouldn’t use this product. 

  • Women with underlying vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection must not attempt to use this product. It is best to consult your physician and have the underlying condition treated first before trying Vigorelle.
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed, then you must not try this product. This product may aggravate your allergies and do more harm than good. Consult your doctor first to make sure you are in the clear before trying this arousal cream.

Dosage and Tips to Start

The instructions for using this arousal cream is quite straightforward. A tiny amount is applied to the mucus membrane underneath the clitoris, and it should be rubbed thoroughly to facilitate better absorption. If the effect is no longer felt, more amount can be added.

Vigorelle generally lessens the time it takes to be incredibly aroused, but due to the uniqueness of each woman’s body, response time still varies individually. 

Response is also affected by the amount of sexual stimulation performed. Foreplay, touching, and rubbing is encouraged for a more pleasurable experience.

Vigorelle should be partnered with a proper diet and a change in lifestyle to ensure great sex every single time. Food such as artichokes, wild salmon, turmeric, and olives are usually used to fight off low libido in women. Stressors must also be identified and sorted out in order to preserve energy for other things.

Where to Buy Vigorelle and Guarantees?

What’s great about Vigorelle is it can be bought in many different platforms. It can be purchased from the official website or via mail and fax. Great deals and packages are easily accessible if you will order from them online. 

The company offers a whopping 100% full refund if the customer is not satisfied with their product. The customer just needs to state the reason and return the unused portion within two months. 

The customer can be assured that the products will be shipped in completely discreet packaging. 

Nothing is printed outside to possibly give away what the contents of the package are, which is great if you are feeling kind of shy to buy. The billing information in credit card statements is discreet as well for more privacy.

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Conclusion: Is Vigorelle Legit?

Vigorelle can assist in making your sexual fantasies a reality. It is a very potent stimulator while being 100% all-natural and without the burden of side effects. Its ease of use and instant effect proves to be an appealing way to increase excitement during sex.

For women who struggle with sexual dysfunction, Vigorelle is just too good to pass up. Who knows, this might be the product you need to breathe back new life into your bedroom.


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