How does the discharge look like in early pregnancy?


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The symptoms of pregnancy differ from one woman to another. However, the most eminent of the pregnancy symptoms are the missed periods. Understanding the signs of pregnancy is extremely crucial because each and every symptom may be the reason for something other than pregnancy too. The women will start experiencing these signs within just the first week of conception itself. Some of the women report that they don’t experience any such symptoms for a few of the weeks. 

So before you conduct and pass the test and get confirmed that you have the baby on board, there are certain of the heads up which appears in the form of early signs of pregnancy. But the thing is many of them are quite similar to the ones which you get during your periods it is a bit hard to tell the difference.

Here are few of the early symptoms of pregnancy 

11. Missed periods

When implantation is done, the body starts producing human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which helps the body in the maintenance of pregnancy. It prevents ovaries from releasing the mature eggs each and every month. The woman is likely to miss the next periods for four weeks once the concept is there. So when there is an irregularly in the periods, take the pregnancy test for confirmation.

10. Spotting and cramping

Once the conception takes place, the fertilized eggs get attached to the walls of the uterus. It is an early sign of pregnancy, spotting and sometimes cramping too. It is known as the implantation bleeding, which takes place in between the period of six to twelve days after the fertilization of eggs.

9. Tender and swollen breasts

The breasts can also provide the initial symptoms of pregnancy. Within the two weeks of conception due to the hormonal changes, the breast of women becomes tender, tingly, or sore. The women will start feeling the breast as fuller and also heavier. 

8. Fatigue

The fatigue is something which ranks quite high as an early sign of pregnancy. During the early period, the level of progesterone hormone sours extremely high. When its level becomes high in the body, it puts the women to sleep. Also, there is a lowering of blood sugar level and blood pressure, which sap down the energy level. A person can support anxiety management with several types of medication. Some medicine like Femalegra Generic Viagra tablets for women and Fliban flibanserin generic Viagra at genmedicare

7. Nausea 

The morning sickness may strike at any time of the day. It starts after one month of the pregnancy. Some of the women experience this condition earlier too. This condition can be experienced with or without pregnancy. It is extremely crucial to know that this nausea you can experience at any time of the day. It takes place during the first of the trimester and can subside after than in most of the pregnant women.

6. Frequent urination

The woman should not feel surprised if she has to pee quite often. The increase in the frequency of urination takes place in between the period of 6 to 8 weeks. It picks the back up throughout the pregnancy as the growing fetus and uterus put pressure on the urinary bladder. Fildena 150 Red Generic Viagra is treating to erectile dysfunction.  

5. Food cravings

You should not be surprised when you would be drawn to certain foods which you normally don’t care about at all. You might end up avoiding the things which you like in normal condition. The type of foods which pregnant women crave for varies, and it is sporadic too. You should not hold yourself from pursuing all the cravings and avoid the things which you don’t want unless and until it is good for you during this time. The food cravings can occur at an early stage or during any time of the pregnancy.

4. Mood swings

The expecting mothers are going to experience the mood swings in a frequent manner. This is being caused primarily due to the hormonal changes, which affects the brain’s neurotransmitters. The nature of mood swings varies from one person to another. Some of them might experience elevated highs and lows. Few others might experience the alteration in between the state of happiness to the state of depression or anxiety. Fildena 100 purple Genmedicare is a magical pill for anxiety.

3. Increased basal body temperature

The basal body temperature is the oral temperature when the person first wakes up in the morning. It increases a bit soon after the ovulation process and remains to that level till the next period. In case you are charting down basal body temperature for determining when you are going to ovulate, then the continued elevation of temperature for a period of more than two of the weeks may be an indication that you are pregnant.

2. Headaches

With a large number of extra hormones that are running in the body, it is not usual that the body may respond to it with the headache. Headache is also one of the common symptoms as pregnancy generally causes all sorts of aches and also pains within the body. You should speak to your doctor in this regard. Genmedicare is one of the most popular names in Online Pharmacy Stores.

  1. Vaginal discharge

There might be an emission of thick and milky white discharge from the vagina during the early period of pregnancy. It takes place during the first week of pregnancy only when the thickening of vaginal walls occurs. However, vaginal discharge takes place throughout the pregnancy period.


Although the pregnancy tests and ultrasound can be conducted for determining whether a woman is pregnant or not, there are some of the earliest signs and symptoms as well, which you can always look out for. The diagnostic test is there to confirm you the definite answer let’s check out a few of the telltale and early signs of pregnancy which may tip off the women that she is expecting.