Benefits of Pediatric Physical Therapy


Physical therapy gives benefits, regardless of how old patients are. If injuries or health condition make their everyday life more difficult, exercises conducted under the supervision of a physician can help their recovery. Fractures and deformities of the bone-muscular system can happen at the earliest age. The sooner doctors notice malformations, the higher are the chances for healing.

In young patients, physical therapy is used in the case of congenital disorders, current fractures, and deformities. It shows excellent results in injury prevention. People concerned for proper growth and development of their kids can seek help from physical therapists. Also, these therapies are of great importance in kids who play sports.

Growth of children is an individual and complex process that is carried out under the influence of numerous genetic and environmental factors. It lasts until the end of adolescence, and during this period, the body goes through multiple changes. The optimal growth is one of the most reliable indicators of good health. However, if there are some problems or backlogs in reaching developmental milestones for that age, it is necessary to seek help from a pediatric physiotherapist.

Rehabilitation Adapted to Kids

The bone-muscular system in kids differs from adults. The bones are still in the growth period, and the muscles have not yet reached the full potential. Experts from the Liberty Physical Therapy website suggest that, in children, special attention should be paid to the growth plate, which is located at the tips of the long bones. In kids, this cartilage is still open, as growth is not over. That will happen after the age of 18.

Injuries of this tissue must be detected and treated in a particular way, tailored to kids and adolescents. If a general therapist approaches treatment, there’s a risk of the improper healing process that can cause permanent damage and malformation of limbs. So physicians came up with a branch of physical medicine dealing only with kids and their problems. The methods of treatment are often different than in adults.

Improving Development


Achieving development goals is a precondition for healthy growth. Individual tolerances can be present, and parents shouldn’t worry as long as their kid is within these goals. Due to prevention, it is a good idea to visit a physiatrist, during the period of intensive growth of the child. It starts around the first birthday and lasts about two years. A detailed examination and talk with parents can identify possible problems, or determine a set of exercises as prevention of injuries if a kid is doing sports.

Physicians have special methods for determining the physical predisposition of children. If they notice the developmental delay, all the factors that could lead to this have been observed. They create exercise programs individually for each patient.

Physical therapies treat consequences, but they provide a good basis for finding causes, which can be other health disorders. For example, certain chronic illnesses may affect the development of the bone-muscular system, and disturb normal growth and development.

Friendly Atmosphere

Setting diagnosis and determining therapy is the least concern of medical experts. But having the right approach to the patient, especially children, can significantly affect the outcome of physical therapy. That’s why therapists need to have previous experience in working with kids, but also to be enthusiastic and dedicated.

When children recognize a friendly therapist with good intentions, they will be more dedicated to therapy. These are mostly people who had similar problems in their young age or former athletes, so they understand what their little patients are going through.

The dedicated pediatric therapist will create a relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant environment for work with kids. Also, an individual approach to every problem and a conversation with the youngest patients forms an excellent basis for good results in physical therapy. Have a dose of seriousness – kids like to feel adults, so treat them like that sometimes.

Skilled physicians can help with correcting deformities produced by birth. It’s all about starting with the therapy on time. The percent of recovery (or at least improving the abilities of self-functioning) is very high. In the treatment of childhood disorders, pediatric physical therapy, adapted to kids from birth to adolescence period, gives the best results.