Fitch & Associates Shaping the Future of Leaders Through its Two Dynamic Programs Offering Life-long Advantages

Updated on November 11, 2020

The Spring 2020 ASM leadership award was presented to Robert Rautio, American Ambulance Service, Inc. 

Fitch & Associates, an international consulting firm, provides exceptional value and optimizes quality of service to help emergency service organizations and beyond. As part of its integrative approach, the firm holds high standards to shaping the future of emergency services by teaching and cultivating strong leaders in the EMS and healthcare industry through its Ambulance Service Manager (ASM) program and its Communications Center Manager (CCM) program. 

These two, one-of-a-kind programs present the latest management and leadership practices in the EMS industry. These programs are taught in a blended learning environment with the 2021 Spring class online sessions starting Dec. 7, 2020 and incorporates two weeks of in-person learning Jan. 24-29 and Mar. 21-26, 2021. 


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The ASM program designs itself as a certificate course that immerses participants in an engaging learning environment. Case studies are used frequently throughout the course, displaying current applications of theories that allow individuals to work together to make decisions faced by EMS managers every day.

Dynamic, real-world applications and topics include the foundations of EMS systems, EMS economics, finance and budgeting, communications techniques and key considerations for effective writing, project management, change leadership, government relations, EMS system design and deployment, and more. Spots are still available and prospective participants can learn more about the Fitch & Associates ASM program here. The ASM program provides the requisite Accredited Leadership Educational hours to sit for the American College of Paramedic Executives Supervisor or Manager exam. 

The Communication Center Manager program taught in parallel to the ASM program provides a comprehensive foundation of management and leadership practices focused toward today’s communication center leaders. Integrative topics taught in the program include human resources, finance and budgeting, customer and media relations, managing technology, operations, and more. Additionally, the National Emergency Number Association (NENA)  recognizes the CCM program for credit towards the recertification of the Emergency Number Professional certificate. Spots are available and participants can learn more about the Fitch & Associates CCM program here. 

Specific components of each program have been designed to bridge together, allowing participants to gain the professional advantage of coming together at different times during each course. They create a lifelong network of peers from organizations that expand across a diverse range of groups including small and large entities, urban and rural, and law enforcement, fire and EMS. Notably, Fitch & Associates has helped mentor and educate more than 3,000 leaders over the history of the program.

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Robert Rautio

In its most recent ASM class, 34 EMS leaders across the nation graduated in its Spring 2020 class. Each class recognizes one individual with a coveted class leadership award. The award is bestowed from the network of peers participating in the program and is presented to a classmate whom the students feel exhibits exceptional personal and professional leadership qualities from the course and who the students feel represents the best in EMS. The Spring 2020 ASM leadership award was presented to Robert Rautio, American Ambulance Service, Inc.  

“The ASM & CCM course provide an exceptionally unique leadership development experience and the opportunity to develop a network of not only career, but also lifelong, colleagues,” senior partner at Fitch & Associates Anthony Minge says. “You’ll develop skills that can be put to use immediately to be a dynamic leader and to enhance your agencies performance. It definitely is a one of a kind experience that will change your career and your life.” 

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