How Cannabis is Becoming a Top Ingredient for Skincare

Updated on November 11, 2020

The world of skincare is always changing, and with new products and the latest ingredients being used, your skincare regime can be taken to a whole new level. Cannabis has started to become a leading ingredient used in skincare products. Known for being a pain-reliever and stress-reducer, cannabis also has some incredible properties when it comes to topical use. 

Here, we take a look at how cannabis is being used in the beauty industry and how new products are being developed. With some great properties, cannabis is quickly becoming a top ingredient used in the cosmetic industry.

Why Use Cannabis in Skincare Products?

For many, skin woes are a major problem and people all over the world battle acne and other skin irritations. Inflammation is often the main cause of these issues. By adding cannabis to skincare lotions, the anti-inflammatory properties and the antioxidants in cannabis can help to reduce swelling. It will also ease puffiness and soreness that is caused by severe acne.

Products that contain cannabis provide a complete solution since all problems are addressed at the same time. Many studies have been performed to show that cannabis can battle acne and may provide a youthful glow. This is all due to the ability to fight inflammation. Due to these properties, cannabis-based lotions and creams are becoming quite popular for those that battle skin irritations.

Not only does a cannabis-based product help with these issues, but it will also assist with pain relief. Lotions that contain CBD have been known to help the pain in joints and other parts of the body that have suffered an injury or are prone to tendonitis. Scientific research has shown that CBD has the ability to bind to receptors in the skin to help reduce pain sensations.

CBD in Cosmetic Products

CBD can play a major role in the management of skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, and allergic contact dermatitis. Topical lotions and creams that include CBD as the main ingredient can relieve pain and even alter itching sensations to provide relief while reducing inflammation. It is because of these attributes that cannabis is being used in cosmetic products.

You will notice many anti-ageing products that are being used around the world have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. Those that suffer from dermatitis and eczema will find great benefits in CBD-based products as they can help reduce pain. While clinical data is still being collected, it has been proven that lotions that contain amounts of CBD can have some amazing benefits. Some cosmetic products that are being developed using this ingredient include:

  • Moisturizers
  • Soothing creams
  • Lotions for oil and acne control

As these become more widely available, more people will be able to reap the benefits of CBD and will see how it can drastically improve skin conditions. 

Legal CBD Oil Products

One question may be raised by those that have an interest in skincare that use cannabis as an ingredient. Some will wonder if these products are even legal. In short, as long as CBD is extracted from industrial hemp and is then labeled properly, it is completely legal. Industrial hemp is cannabis that contains less than 0.3% of THC. In 2018, The Farm Bill was passed, which allowed for industrial hemp to be cultivated.

There is no concrete information from the FDA at this time, but locations that allow the use of CBD oil will be able to develop and sell skincare lotions and creams with no legal issues. In the US, CBD is legal federally, though individual states may have different laws. Some allow the medical and recreational use of cannabis products, while others only allow medical use of CBD oil. 

As for the FDA, there is no restriction on the use of CBD in any cosmetic product. As long as it is labeled properly and indicates the percentage of CBD, items that are cannabis-based can legally be sold and used.

Choosing the Best CBD Skincare Products

When choosing the best possible skincare product, first, you must realize that CBD will not cure everything. It does have many positive attributes and can be beneficial when applied to the skin. Lotions and hand creams are the most common items currently made using cannabis and you will want to make sure you are choosing a product that is best for your skin type.

As you are comparing various products, there are some important things to consider. By knowing what to look for, you will be able to choose the right thing to meet your needs and will reap the many benefits.

Look at the Company

There are many companies that are now starting to use CBD oil in their skincare products, so it can seem overwhelming to make a choice at first. One thing to look for is whether the company focuses on skincare but only uses CBD in a few items produced. This typically means it is an afterthought and the company is just trying to keep up with trends. You will want to choose a company that has a primary focus on CBD.

CBD Sourcing

It is just as important to know where ingredients in your skincare products come from. Make sure that the hemp being used is grown in soil instead of being isolated and grown in a warehouse. The best hemp will be grown just like other plants. Always make sure companies are sourcing hemp from reliable growers.

Consider Other Ingredients

Most people will be using skincare products in all areas of the body, so knowing all ingredients will help in making an educated choice. Be sure to only use those that have ingredients known to benefit the skin and not cause irritations. Try to avoid products with too much alcohol. The best will also contain ingredients like shea butter, vitamins, coconut oil, and aloe, all of which have great skin benefits.

By doing some research on products before using them, you will be able to find the cream or lotion that will offer soothing attributes and promote healing. Cannabis is quickly becoming a leading ingredient being used in popular products to apply to the skin topically. By being aware and having knowledge, you will be able to pick the best options and will have a positive experience when using any cannabis product.

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