CBD Marketing: Six Ways To Advertise Your CBD Brand Online

Updated on September 24, 2023
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The CBD industry has become one of the most profitable product categories and fastest-growing markets over the past couple of years. As this market continues to expand, many brands are spinning up items infused with best CBD oil, products with different concentrations of hemp oil extracts, or even full product lines, while most entrepreneurs are starting businesses around CBD products.

While almost all major advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, and Snapchat restrict CBD brands to run paid ads, companies have no other choice but to find alternative ways to generate awareness and reach their target audience. CBD brands can differentiate themselves with potent formulas of products, beautiful branding, or interactive websites. Although such methods are effective, these channels are becoming saturated, and businesses are missing out on the growth-accelerating power of other strategies to advertise a CBD company. Here are six ways you can grow your sales and promote your CBD brand and products online, despite digital advertising restrictions.

Content Marketing

When your potential customers are asking questions, it makes sense for you to be there to give answers. Giving your audience carefully curated, accurate, and relevant content on your industry or product will help them make the best choice for them. As for your CBD brand, valuable information will strengthen your credibility as an influential and authoritative leader in the CBD sector.

Content marketing is a potent CBD marketing tactic to spread awareness on topics users are actively searching for as well as your unique features and what your brand has to offer. A readiness to educate and offer up quality content helps create a connection with your customers, increase trust in a brand, and drives consumers to your webpage. 

Content creation can perfectly fit in seamlessly with your search engine optimisation (SEO) plan as it focuses on the realisation of proper high-volume keywords and phrases throughout articles, blog posts, product descriptions and web content. Don’t forget to share your content on various social media platforms to generate more traffic.


Part of a great SEO strategy also includes content syndication, which involves the republishing and distributing of your articles by a third party site. It might be full syndicating of your content on the other platforms, publishing a shorter version or small excerpts of your content, posting an original article or backlinking to your website. 

Guest articles is another great tool for CBD advertising to expand your reach by sharing content with a new audience. You can write an article for a relevant site/industry or community blog with links back to your website, which will help your page to get higher ratings on the search engine rankings. 

Consider guest posting for your CBD brand advertising strategy to build relationships with other businesses, improve SEO through backlinking, share valuable information within an established community, and introduce your brand to prospective customers. 

Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing allows companies to bypass advertising limitations and gain a wider audience on social media by tapping into the different communities in relevant industries. You may collaborate with bloggers, YouTubers, or Instagrammers to ensure regular traffic to your website.

Partnering with influencers means more visibility and opportunities for conversions. Such a method involves the promotion of products by a person that has a large community of followers. Your brand can take advantage of the trust that influencers have built with their supporters. 

However, choosing the right bloggers or influencers for your brand can be challenging. Sometimes influencers with a smaller audience on social media platforms can make better partners for business than a general audience influencer with a broader reach, but less engagement in the CBD industry.

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate marketing helps to generate more traffic to your website by leveraging publishers. Collaboration with prominent publishers that have a broad audience to their site guarantees a low-risk and cost-effective way to get qualified traffic to your website.

The agreement includes a win-win framework by dividing the commission for each sale that finishes through an affiliate link. Publishers help to promote your brand or products while external links track the number of visits and purchases made online.

This marketing strategy is the most passive form of advertising. Still, it can be useful for any CBD brands that are looking for support in increasing online sales for agreed beforehand commission. You can learn more by reading this CBD bud guide.

Podcast Ads

Since many consumers around the globe have switched in their morning playlists for podcasts and talk shows, it’s natural why podcasts are increasing in popularity yet less saturated in CBD advertising. 

Advertising your company and products to dedicated podcast listeners is another effective method to stimulate a brand’s awareness. Here you can provide your listeners with relevant news regarding CBD, updates to CBD legislation, new developments in the industry, real-time reviews, future launches, or discounts of your product assortment. 

You can find a suitable podcast that is related to CBD topics and has an existing audience to leverage the trust of an established brand and marketing your service. Though it might be expensive, placing ads into niche podcasts associates your CBD company with personalities listeners know or trust. 

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As an alternative, you can create a podcast by yourself, which is relatively easy while all necessary equipment is affordable and available. Make sure to follow the next tips on how to launch a successful CBD podcast:

  1. Identify the purpose, description, and topics of your show. 
  2. Set up and try out your new equipment. 
  3. Create a content strategy for each episode and record shows on a regular basis. 
  4. Consider the opportunity to invite experts and guests that would like to feature on your podcast. 
  5. Record, edit and publish your first episode. 
  6. Try to promote your show through other marketing tactics. 

Video Advertising

Considering how much time people spend online and on their gadgets gives a solid reason to use video advertising. It offers a versatile, attractive, and easily shareable platform to promote a brand and reach a needed audience. Studies suggest that online video advertising is more effective than both print and direct mail advertising. 

As many consumers stay connected even outside of their home, it’s great to reach them wherever they commute. Video advertising gives you the ability to become not only a popular brand but a brand with a voice by high-impact storytelling. 

What’s more, delivering ads through compelling video content ensures more people willing to see it and as a result purchasing your products. Immersive and engaging videos with various customisable and interactive features provide a positive viewer experience and better reflect what your company stands for.

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