CBDPure Review: Is it a Legit CBD Company? Let’s Find Out…

Updated on September 24, 2023

Since CBD products have become legal in many countries, there are more than a thousand of brands offering their products. There is no need to say that deciding which product you should choose is a time-consuming process.

If you too, feel a bit overwhelmed whenever you try to choose the right CBD brand and product for you, we have a solution. Our wish to review one of the best CBD brands offering their wide range of products on the market today brought us here today.

Maybe having done some research yourself, you are probably familiar with CBDPure. We plan on discussing every detail related to each of their products today – from their formula, benefits, to even shipment details that you need to consider.

CBDPure Review: Brand Overview

For the longest time, CBD products were only available to those who had the opportunity to pay a lot of money for only a few single drops of CBD. Nowadays, high-quality brands such as CBDPure are offering their products at affordable prices.

Founded back in 2016, CBDPure is a legitimate brand located in Washington. Because their products are available in the United Kingdom as well, they also have a corporate office located in Haslemere, England.

Instead of wasting their time on aesthetics, CBDPure has decided to turn their attention to the quality, efficiency, and safety of their products. They offer their products at quite affordable prices compared to what you get with each bottle.

CBD Source

All bit of the CBD oil that is used in the production process of each and every CBDPure product has been sourced right from the heart of sunny Colorado. Using organic standards from the steamy state of Colorado, CBDPure has managed to grow top-quality hemp that they later use to derive their CBD oil from.

As CBDPure has said – The most important thing was to find a place where they can grow organic hemp. No matter how hard you try, you will not find pesticides and harmful herbicides in any CBDPure products.

Lab Tests

CBDPure go a long way when it comes to assuring the safety and quality of their products. As explained on their official website, every batch of every product undergoes extensive testing. And so, every batch is being tested a total of three times.

The first-ever testing is done at the harvest, following by the second testing, which is done at the production site. A third-party laboratory does the third and final testing. They are using SC Labs, which are known to be one of the three top third-party cannabis testers in the United States. This says a lot about CBDPure and how far they are willing to go to ensure maximum safety and efficiency of their products.

CBDPure states that they want to be completely transparent when it comes to what exactly is being placed in each of the bottles. If you visit their official website and enter the batch number, labeled on the bottom of the product, you will easily find the results of the testing done on that exact batch. Time is not an issue here. You see, CBDPure has made sure to attach the lab results done on batches going back for 24 months.

Shipping & Return Policy

CBDPure is currently receiving online orders only. You will not find their products being sold at any store. Despite that, their fast shipping, high-quality products, and return policy compensate a lot for that.

If you are to visit CBDPure official website, you will see how easy it is to get your hands on your very own bottle of CBDPure. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBDPure is now able to ship their products across all 50 countries in the United States.

For those of you living outside the United States, it will be more difficult, if not impossible, to get CBDPure shipped to your country. Their official website states CBDPure does not ship their products to counties outside the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Every order is processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. It may take around seven days for domestic orders to be delivered to your doorstep. International orders usually require longer to get delivered. There are two shipping options to choose from.

  • USPS: First Class International, which will cost you $14.50 extra;
  • USPS: Priority Mail International, which will cost you $37.45 extra.

Shipment is, unfortunately, not free-of-charge. The shipment fee will be calculated at the check-out, depending on where you live, your chosen shipment method, etc.

One of the best things about CBDPure is that they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee to each customer. As CBDPure explains, – Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you happen to be unsatisfied with their products, simply contact the manufacturer and ask for a refund. You will be given a full refund of the purchase price. 

CBDPure Pros & Cons

Like any other product, the CBDPure products, too, have some ups and downs that need to be considered. Luckily, in this case, the ups are outweighing the downsides.


Produced in the United States;

No traces of harmful pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs were found

Legal to use in the United States


Safe to use


90-day money-back guarantee

Each batch is tested three times

Tested by a third party to ensure maximum efficiency and potency

Convenient to use

Positive reviews


Not available for shipment outside the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada

Available for online purchases only

CBDPure Product Reviews

Yet another thing that makes CBDPure much different from most brands is that their products are THC-free. If you look at other brands, you will quickly notice that their products contain traces of THC. Being THC-free is very important for most users, as even the slightest traces of this cannabinoid can be problematic for some people.

CBDPure offers a satisfactory range of products. On their website, you can choose from CBD oils, liquid softgels, muscle & joint topical creams, and even pet products. In the following, we will review their oils, liquid softgels, and topical creams.

1) CBD Oil


The CBDPure oil is by far the most popular product brought to us by CBDPure. Perfect for those of you who are looking for a natural way of maximizing their health and wellbeing, CBDPure oil has a lot to offer.

Every precious drop of CBDPure oil contains 99.97% of CBD and only 0.03% of THC, which is not enough to show on any drug test that you may be worried about, nor will it make you feel “high.” Their CBD oil is offered in one flavor only – raw, natural hemp flavor.

The quality of the product is reflected in its color. CBDPure oil is dark in color. Why is that important, you ask? You see, the lighter the oil is, the more processing it has undergone, meaning that CBDPure oil has undergone very little processing to ensure its efficiency.

Three different strength levels are offered by CBDPure:

  • 300 mg CBDPure oil – contains 10 mg of CBD per daily serving;
  • 600 mg CBDPure oil – contains 20 mg of CBD per daily serving;
  • 100 mg CBDPure oil – contains 33 mg of CBD per daily serving.


To produce their CBD oil, CBDPure uses a special method called CO2 extraction, which is known to be the method that produces the best results that one could hope for. This method uses pressured carbon dioxide to pull the phytochemicals and terpenes from the hemp plant, resulting in a powerful, high-quality spectrum.

There are only two ingredients found in CBDPure oil. The first ingredient is organic hemp oil. The second ingredient is concentrated, organic hemp extract that contains the CBD.

Customer reviews

Users talk about CBDPure oil 300 is an economical way to experience the benefits that CBD has to offer for first-time users. On the other hand, the CBDPure oil 600 and 1000 are perfect for experienced CBD-users. Both groups have talked about experiencing great health benefits regarding their sleep, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, etc. 


Should you buy it?

CBDPure oil sure deserves to give it a try. Being affordable, high-quality, and safe to use, the CBDPure oil promises to relieve many of your health issues and boost your wellbeing. With the three different levels of strength that you can choose from, the CBDPure oil can be used by anyone – from beginners to experienced users.

2) CBD Softgels

CBD Softgels_1

CBDPure understands that not everyone is a fan of using tinctures, even when it comes to experienced users. And so, they brought their solution in the form of softgels. The CBDPure softgels are allowing you to gain all of the benefits of CBD without much of a hassle.

Using an easy-to-digest glycerol base to trap the organic hemp-derived CBD extract inside, the CBDPure softgels are the perfect addition to your daily diet. The CBDPure softgels are perfect for anyone who wants a mega-dose of CBD. Each bottle of CBDPure softgels comes with 30 softgel capsules with each capsule containing 25 mg of CBD.


The CBDPure softgels have the same ingredients as the CBDPure oil: the organic, hemp-derived CBD oil and the organic hemp extract. As mentioned earlier, the company uses a glycerol base to create the softgel and conveniently deliver the CBD.

Customer reviews

So far, there has been nothing but positive reviews when it comes to the softgels offered by CBDPure. The CBDPure softgels are especially popular among those who are not fans of the bitter taste that hemp, and with that, the CBDPure oil has to offer. 

CBD Softgels cta

Should you buy it?

We would say that the CBDPure softgels deserve a fair shot. They are the perfect alternative to the characteristic CBDPure oil, especially to the CBDPure oil 600, as they are comparable in strength. Being both safe and convenient to be used does add to their charm and popularity among users.

#3 CBD Cream

CBD Cream_1

And last but not least important, we need to talk about what is often referred to as the next-generation topical CBD cream, made possible by no other but CBDPure, of course. Their CBD muscle & joint cream has been specially formulated with a rapid-absorption formula.

It takes as little as 2-3 minutes to start working and relieve any muscle and/or joint pain that you have been dealing with. But the CBDPure topical cream is also quite economical since all it takes is a pea-sized amount to soothe your pain.


Apart from using organic hemp-derived CBD oil, the formula of the CBDPure topical cream has been enriched with some trusted botanicals. Menthol and white willow bark, also known as nature’s aspirin, have been added to the formula.

The menthol has been extracted from peppermint oil and, as such, has strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and counterirritant effects. White willow bark is often compared to the good old aspirin, with the sole difference that it causes no adverse effects, thus providing stronger pain-relief effects.

Customer reviews

Users are in love with the CBDPure cream. Many of them are professional athletes or simply like to spend hours at the gym, but are not fans of the muscle soreness that is to come later. That is where CBDPure comes in handy.

CBD Cream cta (1)

Should you buy it?

The CBDPure topical cream is perfect for anyone who has an active lifestyle, is struggling with muscle and/or joint pain, or simply want to boost your physical performance. Now you can do that without using any pharmaceuticals, which, as we know, come packed with many adverse effects and harmful substances.

CBDPure Buying Guide

With the range of products that CBDPure has to offer, it can be quite difficult to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right product for you. This is especially difficult for first-time users. But there is more to it. Many factors are to be taken into consideration. Here we will discuss three important factors.

Determine what your goals are

You should take the time and determine your goals. Do you want to use CBD to help your insomnia? Or maybe you want to help relieve some of that annoying muscle soreness. Perhaps you want to help speed up the treatment process for your anxiety or depression.

Knowing what you want to achieve with CBD can help take some of the stress that is to come during the decision-making process.

Considerate your favorite method of use

Take what you have learned so far and use it to your advantage. Try to remember which method of use was the most beneficial and convenient for you. If you are just now starting, consider the following information.

  • Oil – offers fast absorption, but it may not be convenient to use when it comes to new users. The dosage will be determined depending on age, gender, height, weight, experience, etc.
  • Softgels – convenient for daily use with a pre-determined dosage. It is recommended for beginners.
  • Topical creams – helpful with health issues linked to poor muscle and/or joint health.

The potency matters

We are guessing that so far, you are well aware of your goals and chosen method of use. The last thing to consider is the level of strength or potency. As mentioned earlier, CBDPure offers its products ranging at different levels of strength. If you are a beginner, starting with the lowest potency is recommended and working your way up from there.


Are CBDPure products legal to use?

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBDPure is legal to use in every country across the United States. They are also legally shipped to the United Kingdom and Canada.

Are CBDPure tested to assure safety?

Yes, each CBDPure is extensively tested to assure maximum safety. CBDPure is working closely with SC Labs, one of the top third-party laboratories in the United States. All test results are available on the official website of CBDPure.

Will CBDPure make me feel “high”?

No, you will not feel “high” with the use of any of the CBDPure products. CBDPure uses organic, non-psychoactive cannabinoid that focuses on the physical body only.

Can I expect any adverse effects to take place?

No, no adverse effects are expected, nor have they been reported in the past. The CBDPure is marked as safe to use without causing any negative effects.

Final verdict: Should You Buy CBDPure’s CBD Products?

With their organically grown hemp in the always-sunny Colorado, which they then use to extract their signature CBD oil, the CBDPure sure looks like they know what they are doing. And users seem to share that opinion as well. CBDPure manufactures organic CBD oil, which is then used to produce anything from bottled CBD oil, softgels, and topical creams, to even CBD oil that your pets can benefit from.

Most importantly, CBDPure offers its products at affordable prices, making it possible for anyone to benefit from their use. No matter whether you are battling anxiety, depression, or muscle soreness, you too can join in the thousands of users across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada in taking advantage of the daily use of the CBDPure products.


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