8 Things To Consider When Choosing A CBD Oil Product

Updated on October 7, 2021

With the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) oil products, more and more people have become interested in using them. Unfortunately, some people, especially first-timers, find it challenging to pick the best one suited for them due to the wide variety of CBD oil products. 

So, how do you choose the most suitable product that fits your needs?  Below are some of the things to consider when selecting a CBD oil product in the market. 

1. Type Of CBD Extract 

In terms of CBD extract, you should know about full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD. Hemp plants contain countless compounds aside from CBD, including terpenes, phytochemicals, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While THC is known for its psychoactive properties, most compounds are excellent sources of nutrients and improve the quality of CBD oil products. 

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Depending on your chosen CBD extract, you have to note that it contains various compounds. For instance, full spectrum CBD extracts contain all hemp plant compounds, making them more effective and a little susceptible. On the other hand, a broad spectrum extract contains all compounds except for THC. 

2. Levels Of THC 

No matter your reasons why you want to try CBD products, your preferred CBD oil product must have laboratory results so you’d know whether or not it meets the regulatory requirements. If a product has more than 0.3% THC, it’s no longer considered hemp. If you want to avoid THC, opt for a CBD oil product with test results confirming that it has 0% THC. 

3. Pricing 

Although many CBD oil products are available at competitive prices, it’s still essential to consider pricing since not all products are the same. For example, even if some CBD oil products cost less, it doesn’t mean that they have the same quality as expensive products. So, when comparing the prices of such products, make sure to check the serving size, ingredients, and potency as all of these factors affect the pricing. In addition, keep in mind that there are varying levels of quality within a certain price range. 

4. Origin 

Hemp plants can be grown anywhere. However, it doesn’t mean that every country grows such plants in proper or quality-checked conditions. In other countries, growing cannabis is prohibited, so it’s often planted in unhealthy conditions, with pesticides or poisonous chemicals. 

To avoid this, be sure to consider the origin of your preferred CBD oil product. Ensure that your CBD oil products are extracted from the plants grown in areas where growing cannabis is legal, and quality and strict standards are observed. 

5. Dosage 

The proper dosage for you may depend on your unique needs, the medications you take, and how your body reacts to CBD. Since each body responds differently, it’s wise to start with a low dosage of CBD, and, then, increase it gradually until you achieve your desired effects. 

If you’re new to using CBD oil products, monitor how your body responds for days or hours. Remember that patience is the key. 

6. Third-Party Lab Testing 

The current regulations on cannabis don’t guarantee effectiveness or safety. For this reason, some manufacturers may put inaccurate labels on their CBD oil products to increase sales. If you don’t want to purchase a low-quality product, it’s crucial to research whether or not the brand has third-party lab testing results. Such results indicate that the product contains appropriate THC and CBD levels, and is clear of any contaminants. 

7. Ingredients 

Another essential consideration when choosing a CBD oil product is to check the ingredients. Check what’s in the formulation to ensure that all ingredients are safe. If your preferred product doesn’t have a list of ingredients, look for another product. If possible, choose a CBD oil product made from organic ingredients to experience the best benefits of CBD oil

8. Extraction Method 

Every company uses different extraction methods, which may include solvent-based extraction, carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction, dry ice extraction, and olive oil extraction. If you’d like to use quality CBD oil products, you must select the ones that have been produced using the CO2 extraction method, which is the safest method that creates an effective and pure oil. However, expect that these products are more expensive than other products made using other extraction methods. 

While dry ice and olive oil extraction methods are both good, it’s never a smart choice to opt for a CBD oil product that uses the solvent-based extraction method. This method often uses harmful and strong chemicals during the extraction process. 


When choosing a CBD oil product, you have to keep the above considerations in mind to ensure that you’ll get what you need. With the countless options of CBD oil products available in the market, it only makes sense to exercise a certain level of caution if you don’t want to end up buying the wrong product and wasting your money. So, make sure to choose wisely and invest only in quality-made CBD oil products.