How to Stay Fit During the Colder Months

Updated on October 8, 2021

When the weather is warm, it’s easy to sneak in exercise through daily walks and treks to the gym. But as the temperature drops, you’ll likely find yourself hunkering down indoors with plenty of warm drinks and plenty of layers. If you work from home, winter can be even harder due to the lack of outdoor activities and opportunities to get out of the house. Make sure that you plan ahead to think about the effect winter may have on your health. These tips will give you a head start so you don’t have to stress over making fitness your New Year’s resolution, again.

Find Low-Sugar Alternatives to Your Favorite Holiday Treats

All those cups of hot cocoa can quickly add up. Hot chocolate bombs, which you’ll often find advertised in stores, can have more than two days’ worth of sugar in a single mug. While you don’t have to skimp all season long, make sure you become conscious of your consumption. Avoid binge-eating, over-snacking and high-sugar splurges. Low sugar alternatives don’t have to be bland, either. A dessert can be festive red strawberries with a dollop of whipped cream. A recipe can teach you how to make a healthy hot chocolate with almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and a dash of maple syrup.

Take Your Exercise Indoors

Long days inside can cause you to skimp on your fitness. Make sure that you set a reminder on your phone to get up for at least 10 minutes every hour. Walk around the room, do some light cardio and stretches that add up throughout the day. Just three 10-minute sessions can give you 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. If you prefer to get your fitness fix all in one go, there are plenty of tips to exercise in winter and easy at-home exercises you can follow. This low impact cardio workout is perfect for all fitness levels.

Make Your Veggies Hot

Fresh vegetables might not be the at the top of your favorite holiday meals, but they should be. You can avoid falling into the trap by making lots of hot meals that feature vegetables as a key ingredient. Thankfully, the internet has no shortage of delicious slow cooker recipes that are super easy and perfect for staying warm.

Practice Safe Vaping

If you vape, then make sure you follow tips for vaping in cold weather. Low temperatures can harm battery life and cold burns from dry tips. Buy a high-quality vaporizer that you can safely use indoors to prevent any lung irritation or device damages from vaping outside in low temperatures. You can browse a collection of vaporizers online to find the right fit for your budget and lifestyle.

Look After Your Mental Health

A lot of people experience seasonal depression. If you find your mood and energy levels dropping as the days grow shorter, make sure you take measures to look after your emotional health. If your depression interferes with everyday life, you might want to be screened for seasonal affective disorder. Some ways to combat low moods during the winter include light therapy, boosting vitamin D intake and waking up a bit earlier so you can enjoy more daylight.

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