How CBD Can Help with Diet Issues

Updated on October 7, 2021

CBD is a great supplement for many different reasons such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, skin issues like eczema, acne and psoriasis, epilepsy and much more. It’s becoming so popular and mainstream that you can pick up a CBD supplement from your local supermarket to online stores like Area 52. As well having a host of benefits for your general health, CBD is also a great help with diet issues, whether you’re wanting to lose weight or are suffering appetite loss symptoms from existing conditions. Here, we’ll look at how CBD can help with diet issues. 

Weight Loss

Some research has shown promising results that CBD may reduce food intake and boost metabolism promoting weight loss. You likely associate CBD with cannabis, and therefore, ‘the munchies’, – and you aren’t completely wrong. Large studies that have looked at the body weights of cannabis users have found them to be leaner than non-cannabis users due to the boost in metabolism that promotes weight loss. So even though their appetite is increasing, their metabolism may be speeding up.

One study on rates showed that there were significant reductions in body weight in the rats injected with a higher daily dose of CBD, however it’s important to note how the CBD was administered. 

There are some studies that also show that CBD can cause ‘browning’ of white fat cells in the body which promote weight loss. There are 2 types of fat in your body, white and brown. The white fat is responsible for storing and giving you energy whilst insulating you and protecting your organs, however it’s also the fat that is related to diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses. Brown fat is the fat that is responsible for burning calories. White fat is converted to brown by exercising and getting enough sleep. One test tube study carried out showed that CBD led to more ‘browning’ in white fat cells, however more human research is required.

Increase Appetite

Although CBD has been shown to promote weight loss, it can also be beneficial towards weight gain. CBD is a popular supplement for those going through cancer treatments to increase their appetite. One study that looked at children being treated with CBD to control their epilepsy revealed that 30% of children had a significant appetite increase. More research is needed for this area of CBD study.

As CBD also helps with easing pain and nausea, naturally by reducing these symptoms, your appetite will increase leading you to be able to eat more food. This is a great reason for people with cancer, chronic pain and other medical issues to start taking CBD to help with their appetite and keep their strength; however, speak to your doctor before including this supplement into your diet.

CBD is a great reliever of anxiety and depression, which we know can have a dire effect on your appetite. By taking CBD to increase your serotonin levels and decrease your depression, naturally your appetite will start to come back leaving you feeling strong and energised.


There is still a lot of research to be carried out for how CBD can positively affect the diet issues you’re facing. There are current studies that show it can aid in weight loss, weight gain and appetite changes, however above all it’s great for relieving symptoms that could be affecting your appetite such as pain, sleep, depression and nausea.

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