Calotren Review: Better Alternatives Available?

Updated on March 5, 2022

Calotren is a weight loss supplement. It comes up either in pills or liquid. Manufactured by Union city-based, Top of The World Distributors. The company marketed its weight loss pill as “An Advanced Weight Loss Formula.”

Contrary, social handles have very little to show up. Tons of negative reviews and feedbacks on forums like Reddit. All this buzz around Calotren just ignited the anxiety.  

This resulted birth to a comprehensive review to guide YOU on Caletron.  After the review, you can solve the puzzle by yourself “Is Calotren worth my buck?”

PhenQ best alternative fat burner

What is Calotren? Legit or Scam?

Nutritionists suggest that Calotren have no such fat burner to uphold the task. With verdicts of exaggerated claims made by the company and showing no results in weight loss. On the other end, Calotren is a GMP certified brand. In the nutrition industry from 1996. Launched the weight loss supplement way back into 2000. So, it would be unkind to tag it as fake. 

From a consumer perspective, pros and cons are more important than any of the brand image. So, let’s dig deeper into this.

Shipping, Price & Return policy

The price of the bottle is $69.95. The bottle would last for about 30 days. Company promises to deliver throughout America. 

Company do extra for delivery expenses. So, your total would become lump-sum to $82

It comes under a 45 days money-back guarantee. But conditions apply and companies won’t accept the bottles which are opened. Now, this is an expensive affair. It shows if you’ve just popped the lid, Bam! no claims to return! Also, there is nothing, consumer has to bear the delivery expenses when returning the product. 

If you are dumb struck with the side-effects, slow results, and expenses with Calotren. Consider changing the option. 


Calotren Pros & Cons


  • Stimulant free
  • Easy to consume either in liquid or pill
  • Improves the quality of sleep as no caffeine present
  • Improves the absorption of protein as having proHydrolase an ingredient
  • Relieves you from the pain due to collagen mixed.


  • Very slow to produce results
  • Not suitable for vegetarians. As collagen ingredient is made up from bone
  • Allergen ingredients such as milk, eggs, and aloe vera are mixed
  • Hiding the amounts of protein in collagen
  • But worse, no clinical study to testify the claims made by the company 
  • Due to aloe vera, it can cause indigestion and discomfort to YOU.

It is a common argument shown by Nutrition experts that Calotren is very slow to bring results in weight loss. Even the company’s website itself claimed that customers regularly intake for “minimum 45 days” before starting seeing any results. 

Also, veterans suggest that the lack of transparency is shown by the company in revealing the amounts of protein in collagen mixed. 

So, looking at all the ups and lows of the product. It is important to know how the product works when you in-take the pills. This would better help you in understanding the impact it generates, and side-effects that it complies with. 

How Does Calotren work?

Calotren is a weight-loss supplement. It accomplishes this by having protein collagen. 

The protein inside collagen protects you from storing extra fat. Done by having a proper metabolic balance that keeps the body healthier. The extra fat removed is transferred to the muscles to make them lean. This would help you in making fitter and stronger. 

Also, proHydrolase helps your body in absorbing the protein better.

Though it is worth noting that none of the claims is clinically tested by the company. 

So, the research team has condensed everything around the ingredients to side-effects. Until the end, you can have a bottom line better! 


Calotren Ingredients

Collagen Complex OR Hydrolyzed Collagen

  • Collagen is the key ingredient in Calotren. From this ingredient only, it got its characteristic name
  • It is a company’s proprietary blend. So, estimates on the protein amount can’t be made. Nor company has shown any such data on protein content. 
  • Collagen is a protein which decomposes into amino acids when consumed. This helps your body in absorbing the proteins better. Hence, making your body leaner
  • Collagen is found to have skin anti-ageing effects. Hence would make you look young  
  • Opposite to the company’s claim, NCBI research highlights it has almost “nil” impact on weight loss.
  • Also, overdose of collagen can cause fatigue and abnormal health beats. 


  • It is rich in amino acids. Added to improve the absorption of protein in the body 
  • This absorption helps in building your muscles
  • But it has shown no efficacy in reducing the weight. 

Now You know what stuff is inside a pill. It would be much easier for you to know the side-effects it comes with. 

Calotren Side-Effects

According to the company, there are no such side-effects. 

But again, the experts suggest it is an inflated statement, and the things can go worse with in-take of Calotren. 

Experts are worried 

  1. Due to overdose of collagen
  2. Due to the presence of aloe vera in the mix.

Notable side-effects are

  • Stomach discomfort, diarrhoea, constipation, cramps due to aloe vera
  • Overdose of collagen can result in abnormal heartbeats and fatigue. 

Who Should Take Calotren and Who Should not?

Due to the allergen ingredients and having impacts over the digestive system, Calotren is NOT suitable for everyone. 

  • In the label itself, children should NOT consume Calotren. With children, it is safe to consider less 18 years of age
  • Pregnant women should be avoided from weight loss supplement
  • Having collagen and eggs inside, so not advisable for vegetarians
  • People allergic to aloe vera, milk, soya, and nuts should refrain from consuming
  • Since no fat burner is used. So, it is NOT recommended for you if you are young and expect quick results.

But if you’ve made up your mind of purchasing it. Great! Then it is important to know how to SAFELY consume it.

How to take it?

The bottle comes with 120 pills. The recommended dosage is four capsules at bedtime, stated by the company 

  • You will need to take Calotren on an empty stomach, or at a minimum two to three hours after you have you’ve dinner or supper
  • This needed to consume with a full glass of water (round-about 250ml) 
  • The company recommends not to exceed Calotren more than the required dosage 
  • The company advises having 120 days of regular intake to see the weight loss results.

Better Alternative Available?

PhenQ is a fat burner. Brings fast weight management results. It has become a marketing buzz, listing among TOP 3 fat burners. To Read Full Review Visit Here.

It is manufactured by WOLFSON BERG Ltd. The company stated to have clinically tested the ingredients and results with the product. Claims backed with 85% of satisfied lives. It speaks volumes about their success. 

Now, it made me skeptical to further dive into the ocean of research. To bring the data and analyze the nutrients. Just for the one question to answer “IS PhenQ worth the TOP 3 spot in weight loss supplement?”


Before to start, I would highlight, nutritionist thumbs up to the PhenQ with revealing the data. They said that PhenQ has displayed all ingredients present with labeling the honest values. That’s a clear one point to PhenQ.

α-Lacys Reset®

  • It is made from the combination of alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and cystine
  • ALA is a popular fat burner. It increases the temperature inside your body. Thereby increasing the metabolism rate, and hence improves the physical activity. This helps in reducing out the cholesterol fast 
  • With cystine, it adds a cherry on the cake  
  • Cystine controls appetite. So, it stops the occasional snaking. That’s why it’s #1 on our best appetite suppressant list.

Chromium Picolinate

Have you noticed, why it is tough to stay on a diet? You’ve to eat only broccoli, spinach, and cabbage. Oh! Your sugary products got missed and missed throughout your diet. They may come to your dreams to haunt you, now who needs an apple pie?

Ok! Fun aside, 

  • Chromium helps in blocking the sugar munching. This altogether helps in the weight loss efforts
  • Chromium helps you in regulating the insulin in your body. This helps in decreasing the sugar flow and also lowers the blood pressure to normal.

Capsimax Powder

  • Blend of niacin (commonly called Vitamin B3), caffeine, piperine, and capsicum
  • It brings a spicy flavor on the PhenQ pills
  • Vitamin B3 has proven to decrease cholesterol values and fatty acids. Hence it helps in weight loss
  • Capsimax due to the spice, adds heat (acting thermogenic) to the body. This helps in burning the extra fat
  • With piperine, extracted from black pepper fragrance. It helps the body in absorbing the ingredients better.

Calcium Carbonate

  • Having calcium, chromium, and Vitamin B3. It makes the PhenQ quite rich in minerals
  • Calcium helps in making the bones. Everybody knows it even before reading this
  • Amazingly, NCBI found that prolonged use of calcium helps in reducing the weight. Now, that’s a benefit to make the customer buy the supplements. 

L-Carnitine Fumarate

  • It is present in nuts, fruits, and vegetables 
  • Chemically it is amine derivative and obtained from fumaric acid. 
  • Being an amine derivative, it breaks the fatty acids stored in the cells and hence converting the energy to increase the metabolism. This helps in reducing the extra fat from your body.  


Caffeine in PhenQ contains 150 mg. Specific mentions are made because unlike other supplements, PhenQ didn’t conceal the caffeine values. Also, it is noting Calotren too didn’t hide about the caffeine. So, 2 claps for both the companies!

Ok, moving to the nutritive values with caffeine

  • Caffeine is proven to increase the metabolism rate upto 12%
  • As you’ve noticed, an increase in metabolism rate improves physical exercise. Hence decreases the weight faster
  • Caffeine also keeps the appetite in check
  • According to nutritionists, caffeine values are safe, prepared by the PhenQ. They didn’t drink too heavy caffeine. So, keeping things safe from its side-effects.


  • Nopal is found naturally on cactus
  • It is rich in fibre. So, it keeps the stomach filled and thus, regulates the appetite
  • Nopal also improves digestion. It ejects out liquids from the body. Hence would make you feel lighter and fitter
  • Nopal is also rich in amino acids. Owing to that, it keeps you energetic throughout the day. 


  • Having caffeine, it helps you in increasing the metabolism rate
  • Having thermogenics like capsimax and the ALA, helps in swiftly burning the fat. That’s why PhenQ can give you much faster results
  • Chromium would help you to prevent from sugar thirst
  • Nopal is rich in fibre, it cleans the gut, and also keeps the appetite in check
  • Having chromium, calcium, and niacin makes PhenQ rich in minerals
  • Claims made by the company are backed with research and clinically proven test
  • Showing complete transparency with the ingredients. Hence the company earns trust in front of the consumer’s eye.   

Side Effects

With supplements, it is true they enhance your metabolic activity. In the same fashion, it is also true that it comes with contra-actions as well. As a consumer perspective, it doesn’t matter if the product is the best in the world if it comes with risks of side-effects.  

Dr. Shah put up saying “mild” side-effects with PhenQ

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Bloating  
PhenQ best alternative fat burner

Final Verdict – Select Intelligently

TransparencyFew values are hidden from the public viewNo such value or ingredient is hidden
ThermogenicNo such thingALA and capsimax
IngredientsOnly 2 key ingredients7 key ingredients
Ingredient absorberOnly proHydrolazePiperine, black pepper
Money backYes, but with conditionsYes, and RISK FREE
For vegetarianNoNo
Recommended by expertsNoYES, sites like dietspotlight.

So, You have seen both spheres. The Calotren side you see and the PhenQ side that is also discussed. Now as a consumer, you’ve to decide which way you have to go. But definitely from ingredients and past consumer’s experience, PhenQ has shown faster and effective results than its counterpart. The FINAL decision is yours. Hoping you got some clarity after this review.

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