Best Coffee Beans: Get Coffee That You Enjoy Brewing & End Result Sweeps You Out of Your Feet!

Updated on April 16, 2021

When somebody asks you, ‘what is coffee?’, I bet you don’t tell them it’s a beverage, because it isn’t for us. Coffee is a way of life, our day begins with it and depends on it.

With its highly established place in your life, it is the last thing you can compromise on. And you are aware that a bad quality coffee bean is nothing but compromise. 

If your coffee is giving you a bitter taste, doesn’t mesmerize your olfactory senses, doesn’t give you your beloved golden crema on top, you know there is something wrong in your coffee beans.

So what would you do? I am sure you are one of those who are looking for a replacement.

Well, you have come to the right place. This article features all that you should know about coffee beans with a diligent selection of the best 5 coffee beans you can find.

So wait no more, because your coffee is at stake here. Hence, the stakes are pretty high!

How Was This Coffee Beans List Made?

We had a rendezvous with several coffee-connoisseurs. They taught us what goes into the process of manufacturing coffee beans from growth, to harvest to packaging. In addition to that, they also enlightened us with different features like acidity, origin, and roast of coffee beans. 

This helped us select the best 5 coffee beans for you. 

To verify our selection, we took help from consumers all over the world. We had surveyed filled and held interviews to get an insight into consumer satisfaction of these brands. 

When we were satisfied and sure, we thought of sharing this listicle with you.  

Best Coffee Beans You Can Get in 2021

1. Medium Roast Coffee 12 oz by Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost brings the best tasting, highly energizing, low acid coffee beans to your table. One amongst their best selling products is the Medium Roast Coffee in a 12 oz pack. 


Lifeboost coffee beans are grown at 5700 feet above sea level in Nicaragua, Central America. A place wherein mountain shade, fresh spring water grows superior quality Arabica beans. These are then handpicked, shade dried, and tested for quality. Therefore free of chemicals.


LifeBoost delivers single-origin coffee beans. This means the beans are harvested from a single source (farm) in a given season. Usually, coffee makers blend coffee beans from different origins in order to make them available in every season. Often mixing low-quality beans (sprayed with chemicalized aroma) with 10-20% high-quality beans. This has a lot of disadvantages.


Blending gives the coffee makers a lot of profit while putting the consumers at risk of mycotoxins. These mycotoxins, found in the molds of low-quality beans, may put your health at risk of various diseases. That is why, with single-origin, your coffee beans are mycotoxin free, with rigorous quality checks for any trace found. 


With a medium-roast, these coffee beans are low on acid. While most coffees have ph level 7, the Medium-Roast has a ph level of 4.85 or lower. So for people with sensitive stomachs, this one is the best option.

Awards and Acclamation

A winner of the “World’s Premier Cup”, Lifeboost Coffee beans are consumed by the world’s best leaders and presidents. 


  • High altitude, shade-grown, spring washed Central American coffee bean
  • Single-origin coffee without any blend
  • Mycotoxins free
  • Organic 
  • Low acid
  • Shade-grown coffee


  • Hard to find any


Lifeboost Coffee is one of the best coffee brands worldwide. Born in Nicaraguan Mountains in a lush green environment, they offer nothing but the best coffee bean worldwide. Their product, Medium-Roast coffee is a low acid, high quality, and organic coffee bean handcrafted with care. 

2. Estate Medium Roast Whole Bean by Koa Coffee

The Koa Coffee plantation has long been known to deliver the classic taste of Hawaiian coffee beans. The consumers drool over one of the best-known products, the Estate Medium Kona coffee Roast.


The coffee beans are grown at a high elevation with rich volcanic soil of Mauna Loa in the legendary Koa Estate. After hand harvest, the coffee beans are handled manually all through the manufacturing process. 


Your favorite coffee beans from Kona Estate aren’t blended with any other estate. This makes them a single-origin coffee beans. Hence, a pure taste of aloha. 


With a medium roast, the Estate Kona is a medium acid coffee. So you not only get a great taste but good health too.

Award and Acclamation

The Kona coffee has featured amongst the top 50 in Forbes list of the Best Coffee in America while being amongst the top 10 in the world. Apart from this, it has also received the coveted Gevalia Cupping competition. 


  • Single-estate coffee beans
  • Hawaiian coffee
  • Medium acidic
  • Holds many coveted awards
  • Grown in volcanic soil


  • Hard to find any


The Estate Medium roast by Koa Coffee is not only made with aloha but gives a taste of aloha too. Being born at a high-elevated, volcanic soil, these beans never touch a machine. Everything in here is manual and organic. The single origin of the beans is also one of the major reasons for its purity and popularity. 

3. The Spicy Chocolate Truffle, #927 Theo Blend by Beanbox coffee

Bean Box is a coffee connoisseur that collects the best of coffee beans from Seattle’s small but hard-working farmers. One of their featured collections is the Spicy Chocolate Truffle, also called Theo Blend. It is a blend of coffee from Cafe Vita and chocolate from Theo Chocolates.


The coffee beans are a blend of beans from Indonesia and Central/South America. These are grown at an elevation ranging from 1500-3000 meters. 


The coffee beans are blended with the magic of Willy Wonka’s chocolates. It has a rich dark chocolate feel, with a mouthful of brownie, and a pinch of dried fruits and spices at the end. Altogether it swirls like honey in your mouth. Thereby leaving you with a chocolate truffle feel while you savor it. 


A blend of Bourbon and Typica, these beans have a bundled mix of aromas. With dominant dark chocolate, flavors of fruit leather vanilla, a hint of spice, and cigar box notes. 


With a medium roast, these beans have moderate acidity. 


  • Blended coffee
  • Coffee beans originated from South America and Indonesia
  • Grown at an elevation of 1500-300 meters
  • A blend of dark chocolate, spices, dried fruits and spices
  • Medium roast means medium acidity


  • Blended coffee beans might reduce purity, over a single origin.


If you are not a fan of the classic taste but want something new, the Theo blend by BeanBox Coffee is a must-try. It is for the chocolate lovers out there. With a blend of dark chocolate, spices, and dried fruits, these coffee beans will feel like a chocolate-truffle in a coffee. 

4. Valhalla Java Whole Bean Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company

Swearing by the power of Nordic folk God Odin, the Valhalla Java is a bundle of triggering strong coffee beans.


A blend of Indonesian volcanic soil and nutrient rich South America, these coffee beans are roasted by Death wish coffee to form a power packed blend. Apart from being organic and collected via fair trade, these beans are USDA certified too.


In order to create a strong coffee blend, beans from Indonesia and South America were blended together. 


Death Wish Coffee takes pride in a state of the art roasting facility. Their roasting technique is a perfect combination of time and temperature. A result of which is a smooth, silky flavored coffee bean.

With a dark roast, these coffee beans are fairly low on acid. Though it also means it might give you less fruity and more bold flavors. 

Awards and Acclamation

The blend is known to be especially created for the world’s most powerful guitarist named Zakk Wyde. 

Apart from being the official sponsor of Newyork Comic con, the Death wish coffee has even fuelled the NASA expedition 56, being the strongest coffee that it is.


  • Blend of Indonesian and South American beans
  • Dark roasted, high in caffeine, low in acidity
  • Organic, USDA certified coffee beans


  • Blended, hence low on purity
  • Dark roast not suitable for everyone


For those who need a strong dose of coffee, the Valhalla Java by Death Wish Coffee is sure to open your eyes and your mind wide awake. Dark roasted with low acidity, this one will kick your mind but keep your stomach at rest. Crafted for the famous guitarist Zakk Wyde, these coffee beans have helped the NASA expedition 56 on their journey too. 

5. Kicking Horse Coffee, 454 HorsePower, Dark Roast, Whole Bean

If you didn’t like Valhalla Java but still want a strong cup of caffeine for your mighty days and nights, consider a cup from Kicking Horse Coffee. If not a tiger, it will drive the horse within you!


The coffee beans used by Kicking Horse Coffee are 100% Arabica beans grown by some of the most meticulous farmers of Indonesia and Central/South America. Hence, these beans are shade grown with immense care. On top of that, no pesticide/insecticide use makes it organic, USDA certified and Kosher rated coffee bean. These are procured from farmers under fair trade. 


These dark roasted beans are a blend of coffee beans from Volcanic soil of Indonesia and rocky mountains of South/Central America. 


Roasted in the Canadian rocky mountains, these coffee beans are low on acidity because of being a dark roast. 


These coffee beans are a blend of rich, dark chocolate with notes of brown sugar, roasted hazelnuts and Cacao nibs. So when you extract a cup from these beans, you get a smooth blend of all these giving you a velvety smooth, earthly taste. 

Methods of Preparation

Most of the time, a specific type of coffee bean requires a specific mode of preparation for proper extraction of the taste. However, coffee beans by Kicking Horse coffee has no such limitation. You might use a french press, a drip machine, pour over or cold brew to prepare a rich, dark, cup, high on caffeine. 


  • Blended
  • Indonesia and South/Central America originated beans
  • Shade grown
  • Organic, USDA, Kosher certified,
  • Tastes of Cacao nibs, chocolate, sugar and hazelnut 
  • Can be prepared by any method


  • Dark roast might not be suitable for everyone
  • Blended, hence low on purity


For getting energized like your high-horse powered car, the Kicking Horse coffee will be of a great help. Being a blend of Indonesian and South American born coffee beans, these are strong and flavorful. When in a cup, you will taste hints of chocolate, sugar, hazelnut and Cacao nibs. If you are a fan of dark roast with high caffeines, these coffee beans are perfect for you. 

Buying Guide: What to Look for While Choosing Coffee Beans


You are one amongst the keen observers and have always noted where a product was manufactured. Was it local or international? Known or unknown? But never before have origins been so important, than on a pack of coffee beans.

The taste of coffee is a fine blend of environmental factors, along with roasting and care. 

As a thumb rule, coffee grown at high elevations, such as the beans provided by lifeboost coffee, is superior in quality. Most of these are grown somewhere around 1500-300 feet above sea level. Moreover, if they are shade grown, it gives them time to grow more rich in flavor. 

Some of the coffee beans discussed above have been born on rich volcanic soil, which gives the beans earthy, bold flavors. 

The country of origin is also important. Some of the best coffee beans are grown in rich volcanic soil of Indonesia, Ethiopia or South/Central America. 

Single-origin vs Blended

Coffee beans are either sold in the form of a blend or single-origin. Do you know the difference between the two?

A single blend coffee means coffee beans grown in a single farm or establishment have gone into the packet. Usually, these are grown fresh in a given season and sold likewise. Hence making them a gourmet variety bean. 

Being single in origin, there is a very bleak chance of bad produce getting mixed with it. Like we already discussed with LifeBoost coffee, multiple blends can bring in mycotoxins that are found in low-quality beans. Thereby making the single origin beans expensive.

However, single blend beans are for the classic coffee lovers. These taste simple and aren’t complex or a mix. The habitual coffee drinkers are more prone to like single-blend while for novice drinkers, it might come as strong or bland. 

In a blend, beans from different farms/locations/countries are blended together. This makes them accessible all year long. Most of the times these are stored and roasted on demand. So you don’t know which beans went into your coffee. You might not realize if your coffee beans were sprayed with artificial flavors because they were blended with a low quality brand. Hence making them low on price. 

But the good news is, these beans have more diverse notes of tastes. The newcomers in the circle of coffee drinkers, will take delight in blends. 

The Power of Being Organic

Today organic is a state of living. From food, to beverages to your beauty products, you look for the word organic. Then why not coffee?

Coffee beans grown organically are good for you as well as for the environment. 

While many farmers use pesticide to keep their produce safe, many others use much safer ways to ward off pests. Some examples using organic or plant based fertilizers. This organic produce is free of chemicals and toxins. 

Many of the products discussed above have been certified organic and have received certifications from USDA and Kosher too. 

Apart from growing, harvesting and manufacturing also become a significant part of the organic element of your coffee bean.

Some producers use hand harvest, to separate low quality from high quality beans, while some do it mechanically. Even with the process of roasting, some go for hand roasting and some have state of the art facilities.

While hand process and harvesting is much safer, mechanically processing might involve use of chemicals. 

Awards and Acclamation

When you fail to ascertain the quality of coffee beans for yourself, rely on the fame around it.

Some of the coffee beans discussed above have received prestigious awards. While some others were made for renowned celebrities or NASA experts. Though some would say it is a matter of publicity, others would get a fair idea of the quality being lauded. 


Well, yours would be different than ours, that’s for sure. But you must look at the various notes present in the bean to make sure you choose the one that rings a bell. 

Some coffee beans discussed above have a rich earthy flavor of a single blend. These are great for habitual coffee drinkers. Those of you who have just entered the coffee community, consider blends. These have different notes blended together in a cup. Some have nutty flavors, others have chocolate, hazelnut or fruity. 

Light, Medium or Dark Roast

Again a subjective feature. 

A light roast is as the name suggests, light in color because of being slightly roasted. These are high on acidity and have a mellow body. For those who love the original taste, less ruined by the roasting process will love the vibrant notes of this roast. 

A medium roast, being under a roasting process for long, has medium acidity. These are more brown in color. It is a unique flavor of coffee beans bearing its original taste with a blend of caramel. 

For those who love, strong coffee with bold flavors can go for dark roast. These are dark brown in color and have low acidity.

Choosing a medium roast, is going for the best of both worlds. 

The Conclusion: Coffee Beans You Should Buy?

So in the end, we are to pick one product that we found as the best. For us, the Medium Roast by Lifeboost Coffee is the best choice. It is a favorite of those looking for low acid, rich flavored coffee. Being mycotoxin free and organic is like a cherry on the top.

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