Rory Brown, Lifestyle Writer, Suggests 5 Cool Surfing Spots for Surfers Traveling the Globe

Updated on July 17, 2020

With the summer sun comes refreshing waves that boarders are eager to hit, but there is always the ongoing question: where do you find the perfect wave? The most epic rides can be found all around the globe, some in popular tourist destinations while others hide off the beaten road. Skill levels of all kinds can find quality surfing with the right research. 

Rory Brown, lifestyle writer and wordsmith, enjoys including his love for food and surf while traveling internationally. Below, Brown reveals his favorite surfing spots from personal experience for surfers looking for their next honey hole across the globe. 

1. Manu Bay, Raglan, New Zealand

The classic 1960’s surfer film “The Endless Summer” is a must-watch for all wave-lovers. In the movie, surfers travel to Raglan, New Zealand, to surf the Manu Bay waves, which is why the spot is so popular today. Raglan’s sleepy town embraces what the community is best known for by playing surf videos in their bars and cafes. The waves found on Manu Bay might spit out the occasional barrel, but are most commonly one to three meters.

2. Macaronis, Indonesia

Indonesia is composed of nearly eighteen-thousand islands, and of those eighteen thousand, only eight thousand have collected a name to this day. The desired surfing spot called Macaronis rests within these named islands, and it produces clear water waves that are on many surfers’ bucket lists. The frequently filmed place obtained its Macaronis name from the boiled noodles chosen by surfers for food while staying months at a time on the white sand beaches. 

3. Pedra Branca, Ericeira, Portugal

The once a quiet fishing village of Ericeira, Portugal has evolved into a surfer town with one of the finest waves in Europe, Pedra Branca. Ericeira, often called the surf capital of Portugal, is nestled along six kilometers of fantastic beach where the Pedra Branca reef break lies, along with the well-known sandbar Sao Lorenzo. Europe’s only World Surfing Reserve was deemed Ericeira in 2011. 

4. Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Considered a more accessible spot in the world of surfing, Playa Grande in Costa Rica, also called Salinas, is known for its consistently excellent waves and conditions. On a good-swell day, the beach located along the Pacific Coast just north of Tamarindo can produce waves that reach up to ten feet high. The tide characteristics are known to rise fast, and the quick, tight waves can give surfers the long ride they want. 

5. Cloudbreak, Tavarua, Fiji

Who wouldn’t want to surf a wave called Cloudbreak? Located in the heart-shaped island of Tavarua, Fiji, Cloudbreak is known as one of the best waves on earth and a highly anticipated one by skilled surfers. The technical wave is the host to the Fiji Pro and breaks over a shallow reef. Its spot with waves reaching up to twenty feet was once reserved as private, but now is open to the public.

About Rory Brown (Charleston, SC):

After spending the first 40 years of his life in the United States, Rory Brown decided to focus on the quality of life and began living internationally. He now spends his time in Lake Como, Italy, Sydney, Australia, Charleston, South Carolina, and Kauai, Hawaii. His appreciation for simple health food that embraces local traditions of excellence has earned him credit among farm-to-table communities everywhere he goes.

Brown began his career as a technologist and has always focused on healthy lifestyle choices. His well-researched lifestyle writing has increasingly focused on living life to the fullest each day throughout the world.

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