Are You A Creative?

Updated on November 16, 2021
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Thanks to Healthcare Business Today for the opportunity to share articles with you. This is my first article and also the first in my series “Are You A Creative?” 

I believe we are all born with creative gifts. You may not view yourself as particularly creative if you aren’t creating a piece of art or writing a song everyday. How do you engage creatively in your life?

As a songwriter in Nashville, I usually collaborate with other writers to create a commercial song that a recording artist will want to sing. The biggest challenge is coming up with a unique way to describe something universal, like love for example. Being open to your own ideas, being fearless about sharing them, and becoming a good listener are just a few 

But creativity doesn’t have to be about a fixed form of expression. It can be the way you support others with kindness in a way that is unique, or how you listen to a coworker. Your ability to think of real problem-solving solutions or innovative ways that promote a better working environment aren’t just using your gifts and talents, it’s also a gift to yourself. Tapping into your creativity is a positive to you and those who get to benefit from it. 

Still not convinced you are a creative? 

Here are a few tips on how to awaken your creative self. 

MEET UPS are great places to meet other people with your same interests. The opportunity to make conversation is a creative activity in itself! If you are a little nervous about talking to someone new, have 3 questions ready to get the conversation started. 

CURIOSITA is the act of being curious and a principle of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is the insatiable curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continued learning. What are you curious about? Make a list of 5 things that spark your curiosity and how you would like to pursue learning more about each one. This is a fun and uplifting practice! 

TAKE YOURSELF ON AN ARTIST DATE and see what happens. One of my favorite reads of all time is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

This book (also now available as an audiobook) changed my creative life some years ago. In the book, the author suggests taking yourself on an artist date. This is an opportunity to go and do something for yourself that inspires and uplifts you. It could be something as simple as visiting a local coffee shop that displays art. It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and into a place that is inspiring and exciting. Make a short list of places you’d like to go or activities you miss doing, then pick one each week and go get inspired! 

I was inspired to create my online course “Spark Your Creativity: The Steps to a Successful Creative Journey” because I have met so many people who struggle when trying to tap into their own talents and gifts. 

In the course, I share my own story about the soul searching I did as a creative and how creativity helps boost confidence, reduce anxiety, and stress. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on your creative gifts and the connection you have to them in your life. 

Whatever you do, stay inspired!

Nashville-based hit songwriter Kirsti Manna’s 6-week #1 Billboard chart smash hit “Austin” introduced Blake Shelton (NBC’s “The Voice”) to country radio. She is a creativity expert, keynote speaker/performer and publisher. The go-to person for inspirational information, her mantra “Whatever You Do, Stay Inspired” empowers creatives everywhere to find their voice. 

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Nashville-based hit songwriter Kirsti Manna's 6-week #1 Billboard chart smash hit "Austin" introduced Blake Shelton (NBC's "The Voice") to country radio. She is a creativity expert, keynote speaker/performer, and publisher. The go-to person for inspirational information, her mantra “Whatever You Do, Stay Inspired” empowers creatives everywhere to find their voice.