4 Health-Related Scenarios Where You Can Find Pet Insurance Handy

Updated on August 27, 2023

The undeniable fact that all animals live in the moment is one of the best bits of owning a pet. However, while their happy-go-lucky attitude contributes to a great home atmosphere and constant entertainment, sometimes, unforeseen events take place, and they end up unwell and in need of a veterinarian. 

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Since you can’t really predict the long-term health and wellbeing of your beloved pet, pet insurance is a viable option that can help you protect your home budget from unexpected and potentially expensive vet visits. Suppose you’re still on the fence about whether you should get an insurance policy and what type of policy would suit your animal companion the best. In that case, we advise you to look at this comprehensive pet insurance coverage chart and uncover what type of plan would work best for your pet.

Below, we’ll go through the four most common health-related scenarios where you can find pet insurance handy.

Worms, Ticks, Snake And Spider Bites While At Home 

Even if your darling has no problems staying put when the entire family is away from home, there are still many dangers hiding around the house. 

For example, worms, whether it’s roundworms, whipworms, or hookworms, are common parasites that can make your pet sick from a wide array of sources inside and outside your home. While many monthly deworming treatments are recommended for cats and dogs, any worm manifestation needs to be treated with medications and requires an immediate vet visit. 

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Ticks are rampant in nearly all parts and locations of the United States, and they come out in force during the tick period, which begins in late March and April. And while these parasites are the leading cause of paralysis and death in domestic pets, pet insurance plans can help you cover the vet costs for any treatments and ongoing medication. 

Finally, there are many snakes and spiders across the U.S. which can harm your pet as well. This is particularly true if your home has a below-ground area where creepy crawlies can freely nest.

Unexpected Illness 

Unfortunately, as they age, our pets become more susceptible to illness. However, sickness and disease don’t discriminate, and sadly they can strike earlier when we least expect it. So, if your dog or cat suddenly fell ill and demanded urgent care from an experienced veterinarian, the vet costs can quickly add up. 

This is particularly true if the disease or the illness requires immediate surgery from a specialist. Moreover, if the unforeseen illness occurs when your four-legged companion is young but the condition isn’t terminal, you may end up having significant vet expenses for the rest of their life.   

Most pet insurance plans cover a range of illnesses that afflict pets at any age. Nevertheless, do note that most pet insurance plans exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions, so it’s imperative to get your insurance plan before your pet falls ill.

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Unpredictable Dog Attacks 

Imagine this situation: you’re at the local park playing fetch with your dog. As you’re playing with them in a substantial off-leash area, another dog appears out of nowhere and starts fighting your pet, leaving them injured and requiring immediate medical attention. 

While off-leash areas are pretty famous, they come with the risk of random dog fight injuries that could result in costly vet bills. In most pet insurance policies, dog attacks are specified as accidental injuries, which means that any physical harm or injury arising from an accident like a fight wound or bite wound, including lacerations or abscesses, abrasions of tissue, and more, qualifies for reimbursement when you need to visit your vet.   

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Your Pet Tries To Escape 

Most Americans can’t be at their home 24/7, meaning that we can’t be there to watch our pets day and night. However, sometimes, if your pet tries to escape while you’re not at home, they may not only be a threat to others but themselves as well. And even if you get them back within a reasonable period, they may come back injured by trying to jump above a fence or ill from ingesting something along their journey.

The good news here is that a good pet insurance policy may be able to financially protect you against treating particular illnesses or injuries if your pet ever escapes and comes back ill or injured. Nevertheless, if your pet hurts another human or animal, your insurance won’t cover it, as pet insurance plans are only there to protect your pet.

Final Words

These are only four health-related scenarios where good pet insurance can come in handy. If you’re willing to cover your beloved pet against unpredictable illnesses and accidents, find the policy that works best for you and protect both your pet and your pocket. 

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