4 Gauge Review: Ingredients to Make your Workouts Powerful!

Updated on February 25, 2021

You’ve heard that a pre-workout can be a great way to get an edge in the gym, yet when you start to look for a supplement, you suddenly feel confused. There are hundreds of pre-workouts out there – and every one of them claims to be the best option for you.

How do you know which of these pre-workouts are really good? Which ones are going to cause you serious side-effects?

Today, we turn our focus to 4 Gauge. This is a pre-workout that offers a four-in-one function. It gives you the benefits you need for better performance during a workout. Many people recognize the brand, and it has a lot of positive reviews – but does it live up to its reputation? That’s what we will find out!

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4 Gauge Review: Brand Overview

4 Gauge is a supplement manufactured and distributed by a parent company called Roar Ambition Ltd. The company has been officially registered in the United Kingdom. They have been operating for several years, producing a supplement that quickly became popular in the country. The brand has also expanded to the United States – and now also manufactures the 4 Gauge supplement locally.

4 Gauge is promoted as a multifunctional pre-workout supplement. It is unlike most of the alternatives that only focuses on providing a specific result to the user. Instead, this supplement helps to provide four different functions in a single product.

The four factors that 4 Gauge addresses are the areas that a lot of people have problems with while they work out.

The four main functions of the 4 Gauge supplement:

  1. To deliver an increase in physical power and strength. This makes it easier to lift those heavier weights – in turn, more muscle mass develops.
  2. To provide an improvement in cognitive function, helping to improve focus and concentration during a session in the gym. Focus is crucial for a great performance during workout sessions. It helps you stay motivated and also ensure you can remain dedicated to your exercise routine.
  3. The supplement provides a boost in your stamina during workout sessions. Stamina helps you train for longer without issues like fatigue kicking in and causing problems during a workout routine.
  4. Muscle pump is the fourth benefit that comes with the 4 Gauge supplement. The supplement focuses on helping you get more blood flowing to your muscle tissue. More blood means an increase in oxygen and nutrient delivery – giving you better strength and faster muscle growth. At the same time, muscle recovery happens way faster.

The product has been used by several people in the past. The great thing about it is the fact that so many people have provided positive reviews for the supplement. It is held in high regard among people who want a multifunctional pre-workout without spending too much money. 

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4 Gauge Pros & Cons


A look at the benefits that come with the use of 4 Gauge can help you determine whether it might be worth investing in the product. There are several pros that we were able to identify while doing research on the supplement. We share the most important pros associated with the 4 Gauge Pre-Workout below:

  • The supplement provides four functions in a single product. This makes it easier to use a single product to deliver multiple functions – compared to using several pre-workout supplements for customized results.
  • The formula primarily focuses on the inclusion of natural ingredients. This helps to reduce the exposure to harmful – sometimes even toxic ingredients – found in illicit performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Pricing of the product is quite affordable, especially if you take some time to compare it to other top players in the market.
  • The supplement offers a high dose of the active ingredients. This helps to up the chance that you will experience real benefits while using the product.
  • The product also comes with full transparency when looking at the list of ingredients included. This gives you an opportunity to look for ingredients that may be harmful – and recognize the ingredients that could have an interaction with the drugs you take.
  • A major focus of the supplement is to help increase blood flow in your body – particularly the supply of blood to your muscle tissue. This is an important part of increasing performance and results from physical exercise programs.
  • The formula was developed to provide a fast working action. This means you can expect to experience real results in less time compared to some of the other pre-workouts out there.


No matter how good a supplement is, there will always be a few possible drawbacks that you need to look at too. With the 4 Gauge supplement, we did not only look at the pros that you get when investing in the supplement. We also considered potential drawbacks that you may face too.

  • While the site promotes “worldwide shipping,” we did notice a few restrictions. Not all countries are included in the list of “worldwide shipping” locations. Thus, you will need to see if your country is supported for shipping before you decide to invest in the supplement.
  • We also found that shipping to countries other than the US and UK may have delays in shipping. It can take a few weeks before the package arrives at these locations.
  • While the formula does seem to be very effective, some ingredients have been linked to possible adverse reactions when taken with certain pharmaceutical drugs. This makes it harder for people who use drugs to treat a medical condition to use the pre-workout.
  • There is no money-back guarantee as we often find with some of the pre-workouts that are available. While a refund policy is in place, the package needs to be unopened if you wish to return it. You also only have a very limited time to return the package, and you will not get a 100% refund on the amount you paid.

What Does 4 Gauge Do?

4 Gauge is different from many of the other pre-workouts that you will find on the market. Instead of just being another pre-workout that gives you more energy during a workout, this one focuses on being a multifunctional product.

The formula was developed by scientists to address four different areas of performance. This provides a more effective approach to helping you perform better during a workout session.

The supplement has four functions and three goals – making it a truly versatile product that can become part of your workout routine.

It focuses on giving you an edge in terms of both physical and mental performance. This means you feel stronger and more alert during every workout routine you participate in. You also experience a boost in your endurance and stamina. When you last longer during your workout routine, it also means you will be able to gain more benefits.

Apart from these functions, the 4 Gauge Pre-workout also includes ingredients that help with the natural vasodilation process in the body. This means it will aid in helping to give you better muscle pump during a workout – including those tougher weight lifting sessions.

The three goals that 4 Gauge has for every user:

  • First, to give you the ability to see real results at a much shorter time than many of the other pre-workouts on the market.
  • Second, to help you achieve an improvement in your physique, no matter what goal you have in mind.
  • Third, to help you have more confidence and an elevated experience during every workout session.

These three goals essentially make the 4 Gauge a great option for many people to try out. It is three things that a lot of people are aiming toward when they decide to use a pre-workout, after all.

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4 Gauge Ingredients

A look at the ingredients used in a pre-workout is the most critical step to take when deciding whether investing in it is worth the money – and your health. The ingredient list tells you how effective the supplement may be. It also gives you an idea of the side-effects and risks that may be associated with the product.

We will take a look at the ingredients in 4 Gauge below. This will help you determine whether you want to take a chance on the product.

L-Citrulline DL-Malate

One of the most important ingredients in 4 Gauge is the L-Citrulline DL-Malate. This ingredient is extracted from watermelon. It means it is an all-natural ingredient, helping to provide a safer option for people who want an advantage during their exercise routines.

The goal of this ingredient is to help with vasodilation. This is a term that refers to blood vessels relaxing and expanding. When this happens, more blood can flow through these vessels.

Remember that blood carries two essential ingredients through the body – oxygen, and nutrients.

L-Citrulline is classified as an amino acid. When it is absorbed in the body, it is converted into L-Arginine. This is another amino acid – and a compound that helps the body produce Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide is a gas. When it enters the bloodstream, it causes vasodilation. Your blood vessels relax, causing them to expand. This makes more blood flow to your muscle tissue – oxygen and nutrients delivered help to improve muscle pump, strength and speeds up the recovery process.

The improvement in blood flow may also help growth hormones to be distributed through the body more effectively too. It may also help to reduce the level of soreness you experience after an intense training session.

Each serving o the 4 Gauge supplement delivers a massive six-gram dose of L-Citrulline DL-Malate. This is a high dose and the specific serving size that was proven to produce results when the ingredient was considered in scientific studies.


Each serving of 4 Gauge gives you a 150mg serving of caffeine. This ingredient has both benefits and drawbacks that we need to look at.

Caffeine is one of the more popular ingredients that you are going to find in pre-workout supplements. It is also considered an effective ingredient for people looking to boost their energy and focus during workouts. Caffeine is also a commonly used natural chemical – it is the ingredient in coffee that helps you wake up in the morning.

The addition of caffeine in the 4 Gauge pre-workout supplement focuses on giving you a nootropic effect, as well as physical benefits.

The nootropic parts mean the supplement is able to provide you with a boost in your mental performance. This results in better focus while working out.

Caffeine does come with some issues. There are some people who have a sensitivity to caffeine. If this is you, then taking 4 Gauge could lead to side-effects. Some common signs of sensitivity to caffeine include jitters, shaking, a faster heartbeat, and hyperactivity.


The third ingredient in 4 Gauge is added to complement the addition of caffeine in the supplement.

L-Theanine is an amino acid. The manufacturer uses green tea leaves as a source for the L-Theanine.

This amino acid is known to produce a calming effect on the mind. It also assists with other factors related to cognitive performance – this includes providing an improvement in focus. Since caffeine already provides a boost in focus, the addition of L-Theanine provides a more potent effect on cognitive performance.

There is another reason why the manufacturer decided to include L-Theanine in the supplement.

Caffeine is known for causing people to experience “the jitters.” You may feel shaky, and your heartbeat may be faster than normal after taking a product with caffeine. This is especially a concern among people with a sensitivity to caffeine.

L-Theanine has effects on the mind that help to reduce the risk of these particular side-effects.

The combination may help people who have a slight sensitive reaction to caffeine use the supplement without experience such events.

Rhodiola Rosea

Another important ingredient found in 4 Gauge is the Rhodiola Rosea. This ingredient is classified as a Scandinavian herb.

The main aim of Rhodiola Rosea is to help with the management of resistance. It helps the body fight against fatigue. This helps to reduce the risk of experiencing weakness and tiredness during a workout session.

Rhodiola Rosea also focuses on helping to boost cognitive function. This provides better focus and concentration during an exercise session.

Ultimately, the use of the ingredient is to provide an all-around improvement in performance during a workout session and to continue helping after the workout ends.

Beta Vulgaris Extract

Beta vulgaris is the scientific name for red beet. This is another ingredient inside the 4 Gauge supplement. Every serving contains a 300mg dose of red beet extract.

There are two reasons why red beet extract is added to the supplement.

First, it helps to provide a boost in nitric oxide. Along with the L-Citrulline, the supplement is quite potent when it comes to enhancing blood circulation.

The red beet extract also helps to provide an increase in a user’s general anaerobic performance. This means improved strength, less soreness, and a reduced risk of fatigue during the exercise routine. You will find that the supplement helps you work out for longer too.

Other Ingredients

A few other ingredients are added to the 4 Gauge formula too. These ingredients focus on helping to provide a further enhancement in the overall performance of the user.

Apart from the above-mentioned ingredients, other natural extracts and compounds added to the formula include:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: This is an amino acid. It has been shown to assist the body in fighting against fatigue. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is also useful for reducing the muscle damage that happens during a workout routine. It is also a great ingredient for reducing fat in the body.
  • Creatine Monohydrate: Another important ingredient in this supplement, contributing to several performance-enhancing functions that the pre-workout claims to offer. Creatine monohydrate has also been shown to provide certain neuroprotective functions.

The supplement also contains coconut water as an added ingredient. This is an ingredient that provides an improvement in hydration. This is important during and after exercise protocols. The coconut water also helps to keep your blood pressure levels low and contributes to a better electrolyte balance.

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How Does 4 Gauge Work?

Understanding how a supplement works give you an idea about what it does and whether it will be effective. One of the main focus points of the 4 Gauge supplement is to give you an increase in Nitric Oxide. This is provided by both the L-Citrulline and the addition of red beet extract.

Nitric oxide plays an important role in keeping your blood circulatory system healthy. This contributes to a healthier heart, brain, and other areas of your body. By increasing nitric oxide, you may also find that the supplement helps you with your exercise protocols. The boost in nitric oxide means more blood is going to reach your muscles – this gives your muscle tissue access to more nutrients, as well as oxygen.

When your muscles get access to more oxygen, blood, and nutrients – it means you may experience a boost in your muscle pumps. Your lean muscle mass will start to develop faster. You will feel stronger, and muscle fatigue will not be an issue early on during your training session.

There are other ways that the 4 Gauge supplement works too. It does not only focus on providing a boost in nitric oxide.

The supplement contains ingredients that focus on providing an improvement in focus and concentration. These are mental elements that generally form an important part of your performance during a workout session. If you can focus better, you may find that you feel more motivated. Mental fatigue can cause problems during a workout – something that a lot of people do not realize when looking at why their performance in the gym lacks.

How To Use 4 Gauge?

It is really easy to use 4 Gauge – and there are no complex instructions to follow. A great thing about 4 Gauge is that it comes with a great flavor – which means you do not have to worry about having to create a smoothie in order to mask the taste of the supplement.

It is provided in a powdered form – which you mix with some water for a straightforward drink. Some people also prefer to mix the powder with fruit juice or yogurt instead.

You should take about two scoops of the powder and mix it with your preferred liquid. This is the starting point for most people. From here, you can experiment. Increase the dose if you do not feel a boost in your performance. If it feels too strong, simply reduce the dose per serving.        

Where To Buy & What’s The Refund Policy?

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4 Gauge is only available on the product’s official website. Worldwide shipping is available, but there are some restrictions that apply. The product comes with a very limited refund policy. You need to return the product unopened if you want a refund on your purchase. It’s one of the best pre-workout available online so it’s a good investment!

Benefits of 4 Gauge

There are many benefits you get when taking 4 Gauge as a pre-workout supplement. The cost is on the lower side; the product has several proven ingredients, but, at the same time, the list of ingredients is not too big – which can sometimes cause confusion.

Let’s look at other benefits that you get when taking the supplement:

  • The increase in nitric oxide is good for more than just your muscles. Blood is critical for your brain, heart, and every other organ in your body.
  • Some men may also find that more nitric oxide leads to better erections. While not really related to the functions of a pre-workout, it is still a possible benefit.
  • The caffeine content, along with other energy-boosting ingredients, may offer a boost in stamina and focus even after your workout session comes to an end.
  • The brand spent a lot of time perfecting one single flavor profile for their supplement. The fruit explosion flavor is based on a lot of experimenting, allowing more people to gain access to a pre-workout that does NOT taste awful.

4 Gauge Side Effects?

Side effects can happen with the 4 Gauge supplement – but mostly when you do not take care to ensure you follow the instructions.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, then be extra careful. This is especially a concern if you decide to take more than the recommended dose. You could experience a sensitivity to the caffeine content in the supplement – even though it uses L-theanine to counter these effects.

4 Gauge Reviews by their Customers

There are a few testimonies available on the official 4 Gauge website. This can help you get a better idea of how the supplement has helped other people experience a boost in their performance.

People from several areas of the world have given the supplement a try and provided positive feedback on their experience with the pre-workout.

Final Verdict: Should you Buy 4 Gauge Preworkout?

Overall, 4 Gauge is a pre-workout that definitely has potential. The supplement has been around for some time – and a lot of people have tried it out. The one thing that makes this a unique option is the four-in-one functionality. The supplement boosts both physical and mental performance during a workout. It also helps your muscles recover faster. The pre-workout is also relatively affordable – especially when compared to other multifunctional pre-workouts on the market.      

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