YK-11 Review: Benefits, Side Effects & Where to Buy?

Updated on September 4, 2022

Growing your muscles and transforming your body into the beach body that you have always dreamed about is a lengthy process. The end results of this process depend on multiple different factors. For many people, this process and the wanted results seem almost unreachable. Well, not anymore.

All you need is a bit of help. Today, we are here to represent you as one of the strongest muscle-growing agents – YK-11. YK-11 is a name that is spoken with great respect in the bodybuilding community, often referred to as one of the best SARMs available on the market today.

That is exactly what we want to investigate today. If you are interested in using YK-11, we encourage you to stay with us and see what we have to say about it. We promise an honest review, one that consists of all the positive, but also negative sides, if there are any, of YK-11.

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What is YK-11?

YK-11 (Myostine) is one of the many famous SARMs – Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. It was first discovered back in 2011 by Yuichito Kanno, a well-known scientist. He quickly concluded that the result of his research was a product with effects similar to those of the usual steroids, but with much milder side-effects.

This is a new synthetic steroid that is based on DHT or 5-α-dihydrotestosterone. DHT is a naturally-occurring hormone in the human body, a much stronger form of testosterone. Science suggests that the use of YK-11 can promote muscle mass growth and enhance bone health, among other beneficial effects. YK-11 is a favorite of many professional bodybuilders because of the very few side-effects that it is known to cause, as compared to most other SARMs and steroids.

There is very little scientific research done regarding the YK-11 half-life. It has been suggested that the YK-11 half-life is anywhere between 6 and 10 hours. Knowing this, YK-11 is meant to be taken at least twice daily to achieve the ultimate results.

YK-11 Pros & Cons


  • It boosts fat-burning;
  • It supports and enhances bone health;
  • It encourages muscle tissue growth;
  • It causes very few, mild side-effects;
  • It is convenient to use;
  • It is affordable;
  • It has many positive reviews.


  • It may cause testosterone suppression;
  • The optimal dosage may be difficult to be determined;
  • Its efficiency and safety have not been tested on any animal and/or human subjects;
  • The long-term risks are unknown.
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How does YK-11 work?

The YK-11’s method of action is similar to the one of DHT in the body. Simply explained, YK-11 binds to the androgen receptors. By doing so, the levels of anabolic factors in the body are increased; hence the buildup of strong muscle mass happens. This allows YK-11 to not only promote muscle growth but to also promote muscle retention, which is very important during a cycle. But this is not the only method of action when it comes to YK-11.

According to the studies that have been performed so far, YK-11 is also able to increase the follistatin levels in the body, thus inhibiting myostatin. Myostatin inhibition is not something that many SARMs are able to make it happen. This is one of the many things that makes YK-11 special.

Follistatin is a protein that is naturally produced by the human body. It takes part in many important body functions, including metabolism control, muscle growth, and it can even boost fertility. Myostatin, on the other hand, is another naturally-occurring protein in the body, one that is responsible for inhibiting myogenesis – muscle cell growth and degeneration.

By inhibiting myostatin and increasing follistatin, YK-11 works to make sure that your muscles are rapidly growing. In addition, the recovery time will be shorter, and you will be able to engage in intensive sessions at the gym for longer periods of time. Forget all about muscle soreness, thanks to YK-11.

What are the benefits of YK-11 & Result Expectations?

YK-11 is considered to be extremely helpful and effective as a part of the bodybuilding process. Multiple beneficial effects are expected to occur shortly after the use of YK-11 has started. In the following, we will go over the supposed benefits of YK-11.

Rapid muscle growth

The most obvious benefit of using YK-11 daily is rapid muscle growth. If you want to grow strong and toned muscles, then YK-11 is the one that you need to choose. The muscle tissues seem to have high anabolic effects when exposed to YK-11, with these effects being much more intense as compared to the effects achieved with the exposure of muscle tissues to DHT. Here, a major influence also has myostatin inhibition and the increase of follistatin levels. It is thanks to these two events that YK-11 can further promote muscle mass growth.

Increased muscle strength

The goal of YK-11 is not to pump your muscles but also to make them stronger. Through the production of follistatin, YK-11 works to strengthen your muscles, making them stronger than ever. Soon you will be able to lift more than ever before, all thanks to the daily use of YK-11!

Enhanced bone health

Sex hormones, with testosterone being one of them, play a major role in the strengthening of the bones, thus enhancing bone health. By binding to the androgen receptors inside the bone tissue, YK-11 can work to strengthen the bones, similar to how steroids and the rest of the SARMs work.

A study published in the Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin investigated the effects of YK-11 on activated PKB (protein kinase B). PKB, when activated, is sending signals to the bones, thus promoting bone growth. The results found that YK-11 is able to activate PKB, hence promote bone growth and strength.

Visible fat loss

Fat loss is one of the major advantages that YK-11 has to offer over most other SARMs and steroids. YK-11 focuses on replacing any excess fat mass with solid, strong muscle mass – one that you can be proud of.

Additional benefits include enhanced libido, improved athletic performance, better sleep, increased endurance, muscle maintenance after cycle, no water retention, etc. Users report on feeling better overall, being in a better mood, and having a greater motivation to work hard on their bodies.

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What is the maximum safe dosage?

YK-11 can be used orally or through muscle injections. The method of use depends on personal preferences. The daily dosage is usually divided into two daily dosages.

When it comes to using YK-11, or any other SARMs for that matter, proper dosage is everything. Determining the exact dosage can be quite tricky at the beginning, especially for anyone who does not have any prior experience using this or any other SARMs. It is worth mentioning that there is still no clinically-determined safe and effective dosage of YK-11.

Men seem to use a dosage that usually ranges between 5 and 30 mg per day. For women, the dosage is significantly lower, ranging between 0.5 and 2 mg per day. The most commonly used dosage is between 10-15 mg. Again, this is not based on any actual clinical evidence, but rather on reports given by bodybuilders who have had their experience with YK-11 in the past.

  • If you are a complete beginner to using YK-11 or any other SARMs, consider starting with the initial dosage of 5 mg per day. After two weeks, the dosage can be increased up to 10 mg per day for the following two weeks. It is only then that you can start using 15 mg of YK-11 per day.
  • Intermediate users may begin with 10 mg per day. After two weeks, the dosage can be increased to 15 mg per day.
  • More advanced users may begin with using 15 mg of YK-11 per day and increase the dosage as they see fit.

Note that the higher the dosage, the higher the risk of potential side-effects. It is not recommended to exceed a maximum of 15 mg per day.

So how does one YK-11 cycle look, you ask? Most users tend to choose between two cycles. The first cycle usually involves taking around 5 mg per day for six consecutive weeks. The second cycle, which is popular among more experienced users, consists of using 10-15 mg per day for eight weeks.

The Potential Side Effects of YK-11

So far, the only clinical tests that have been done to test out the safety and potential adverse effects of YK-11 have been those done on cells. There is still a need for such tests to be performed on animal and/or human subjects for any concrete conclusions to be made.

What these tests have informed us of is the lack of side-effects linked to the use of YK-11. However, earlier, we mentioned that YK-11 increased follistatin levels. High follistatin levels pose a risk factor for many different cancer types. The list includes the esophagus, skin, stomach, and prostate cancer. On the other hand, science suggests that high follistatin levels may be beneficial when it comes to breast cancer.

Some researchers suggest that the use of YK-11 may have potentially toxic effects on the liver. The reason for that its chemical structure which is quite similar to one of the many steroids that are toxic for the liver.

If you are to research YK-11 and what the experienced bodybuilders think about it, you will come upon some negative effects. It is worth mentioning that these negative effects are similar to the typical side-effects that are linked to steroid use. This list includes the following side-effects:

  • Hair loss;
  • Joint pain;
  • Aggressive behavior;
  • Acne, etc.

It is also worth mentioning that YK-11 does cause testosterone suppression to happen. The majority of cases, however, report on a mild testosterone suppression only. Testosterone suppression is expected to happen even at a low dosage of 5 mg.

The signs of testosterone suppression include low energy levels, lethargy, depression, etc. Knowing all of this, it is good to prepare for the upcoming testosterone suppression. One method that has proven effective in the bodybuilding community is through the use of post-cycle therapy (PCT) after the cycle of YK-11 has finished. The most commonly used PCTs are Nolvadex (tamoxifen) and Clomid (clomifene).

Where can you buy YK-11?

With a little research, you will discover YK-11 being sold by different vendors in the United States. The question is – Which one should you choose?

The vendor that we would recommend is Proven Peptides. Proven Peptides will provide you with a high-quality product, one that has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory. The 3rd party laboratory is testing each of the Proven Peptides’ products to prove their purity, efficiency, and safety. What makes Proven Peptides different from most other vendors is the fact that Proven Peptides is the only company that publishes the test results from their 3rd party testing on their official website for everyone to see them.

Not to mention that their prices are quite affordable. When it comes to purchasing YK-11, there are three options to choose from:

  • Purchase 15 ml of YK-11 for the price of $44.99;
  • Purchase 30 ml of YK-11 for the price of $74.99;
  • Purchase 60 ml of YK-11 for the price of $139.99.

With each order of YK-11, you will also be earning Peptide Points. By creating an account on the official website of Proven Peptides, you get a chance to collect Peptides Points, which you can later use to save money on your following orders! 10 Peptide Points can be redeemed for $1. Here is how much Peptide Points you will be getting for each order of YK-11:

  • 15 ml of YK-11 will get you 45 Peptide Points or $4.5;
  • 30 ml of YK-11 will get you 75 Peptide Points or $7.5;
  • 60 ml of YK-11 will get you 140 Peptide Points or $14.

As for payment options, there is quite a variety to choose from, whichever may be the most convenient for you. Proven Peptides accept payments made with a credit card, bitcoin, bank transfer, mailed check, eCheck, and even cash.

The handling period variates depending on which payment method you choose. There is a maximum of one day handling period for all orders placed via credit card. These products are shipped within one business day—the company ships all orders via USPS First Class or USPS Priority.

They are shipping anywhere around the US as well as internationally. It takes around three business days for the US, and around two weeks for any international orders to arrive. Shipping is free-of-charge for each order above $75.

Proven Peptides also offers a convenient money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the product within the first 90 days after making the purchase, you can ask for a full refund. The refund does not cover any return shipping costs.

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YK-11: FAQs

Is YK-11 legal?

Yes, YK-11 is legal to buy and use in all countries in the world, except Australia, that is. Like any other SARM, YK-11 too, is completely legal to use. The only exception is Australia, where SARMs, including YK-11, is yet to be approved for legal use.

Does YK-11 cause dependency?

So far, there has not been a case of YK-11 dependency reported in the bodybuilding community. If you are not satisfied with YK-11, you can safely discontinue its use without expecting any signs of withdrawal to take place. 

Does YK-11 cause enlarged breasts?

Enlarged breast is a common side-effect among testosterone and SARMs users. Although there is no concrete evidence that YK-11 does not cause this side-effect to take place, the possibility has not been excluded. There have been some reports of users experiencing slight changes and twitching in the breast area. If such side-effects take place, do discontinue the use of YK-11 and contact a physician for further instructions.

Can women use YK-11?

Yes, both men and women can gain the beneficial effects that YK-11 has to offer. Keep in mind though the details that we discussed around the dosage of YK-11 and how it is adjusted depending on whether the user is female or male. Women are supposed to be taking a much lower YK-11 dosage as compared to that that men are usually using daily.

Does YK-11 cause hair loss?

As the risk of enlarged breasts, there is also a small risk of experiencing hair loss. Although there have been some users who experienced hair loss due to their use of YK-11 in the past, everybody is different. This does not necessarily mean that you, too, will experience any hair loss issue.

Can YK-11 be used in professional sports?

No, YK-11 is not allowed to be used by any professional athlete as a part of any professional sport. Do not use this substance or any other SARM if you are a professional athlete. YK-11 is one of the many substances banned by the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) and USADA (the United States Anti Doping Agency).

How soon can you expect the first results?

YK-11 acts fast and acts strong! It is one powerful substance that will make your muscles grow and develop fast and efficiently. The first results can be seen after only 4 to 8 weeks, according to past user reports.

Is YK-11 safe?

Yes, YK-11 is considered to be generally safe to use. So far, the available scientific research has not tested the safety of YK-11, and such research is yet to be done. However, past users and experienced bodybuilders who have used YK-11 in the past have not reported anything beyond mild side-effects.

Does YK-11 interact with any medications and/or supplements?

There is no knowledge of the potential interactions of YK-11 and other prescribed and non-prescribed medications and dietary supplements. If you happen to use any medications – prescribed or over-the-counter ones, do consult your doctor before you use this or any other substance.

Is it safe to order YK-11 online?

Yes, YK-11 can be safely bought online as long as you know where to shop. That is why we shared our favorite company – Proven Peptides. Proven Peptides are transparent regarding their 3rd party testing results, which adds up to the safety of their product. Not to mention all of the positive reviews, affordable prices, money-back guarantee, and even free shipping that they have to offer.

Why should I use PCT?

After you finish your cycle, testosterone suppression is expected to happen. As a result, you can experience muscle mass and muscle strength loss, among other health issues. The goal of PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is to prevent that. With the help of PCT, you get to keep everything that you have worked for during your cycle with YK-11.

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Final verdict: Should You Buy YK-11 ?

Since it had first been found back in 2011, YK-11 continues to be one of the best SARMs on the market, even today. With the little to no side-effects that it causes, YK-11 is a sure favorite among bodybuilders – from beginners to the more advanced ones. Acting as a myostatin inhibitor and a follistatin enhancer, YK-11 focuses on muscle growth, muscle retention, and muscle strengthening.

Additional health benefits are expected to happen, as well. Being easy and convenient to use, in addition to being offered at great prices, especially by our all-time favorite – Proven Peptides, YK-11 sure deserves all the attention that it has been getting. The only negative side of it is the lack of scientific research that we sure hope of having done in the years to come.

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