Why the Location of Your Business is Important


When starting a new business, there are countless factors to consider. One of the most important considerations you will make, however, is choosing the location of your practice or business. Where you decide to start your company will impact nearly every single aspect of its operation. As such, you must choose wisely. To learn more about why the location of your business is important, continue reading.

Influences how many customers you receive

Perhaps the largest reason why the location of your business is important boils down to visibility. If customers can’t find your business, it may as well not exist. For this reason, businesses that are in high-traffic areas typically receive more success than those that are in more secluded areas. However, if your business requires more confidentiality, consider that some patients and customers may not appreciate such visibility.

Impacts the cost of operation

It’s no secret that it costs more to run a business in some areas than others. High-traffic areas such as city centers are ideal locations for optimizing your business’s visibility. However, rent costs in such locations will be far higher than in rural or edge-of-town premises. In addition to rent prices, state and local taxes will also impact your business’s operating costs, depending on where it is located.

Decides your staffing options

Your business’s location will also impact the employees that you can hire. Choosing to run your business in an area with insufficient numbers of local professionals who are qualified to fill the positions your business requires can derail its success.

Determines what codes, regulations, and laws you must follow

Different areas implement different codes, regulations, and laws. Such factors will impact what products and services your business can sell, what permits and licenses you need to obtain, how large your building can be, and even what signs you can use. To ensure that your business can carry out essential operations, you must choose the right location.

Affects your accessibility

The accessibility of your business can impact how many customers you receive, what employees you are able to hire, and the deliveries you’re able to receive. If your business is in an area that’s difficult to access or has inadequate parking, there may be significant repercussions on your business’s success. For example, Manchester accountants Alexander & Co, who specialise in life science and healthcare, have had a city centre location for decades, on the famous St Ann’s Square. This is just one of many Manchester central businesses to thrive due to their sought-after location. 


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