How to Maintain Results after Cosmetic Surgery

Updated on August 24, 2020
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One of the most common misconceptions about cosmetic surgery is that it can automatically and permanently achieve a patient’s dream result. It’s important for patients to know the amount of time and effort they’ll need to put into their appearance in order to make the results of their procedure last. Plus, knowing all the side effects from lap band surgery can ensure you are better prepared for your next step in weight loss. For a better, more satisfying outcome, here’s how to maintain results after cosmetic surgery.

Make a Plan

Before the surgery, the patient and doctor should work together to come up with a post-operation plan. Identify habits that the patient needs to cut out of their daily life, such as smoking. Consider the kinds of medications and vitamins the patient takes, their regular diet and exercise routine, and other elements of their lifestyle. Use all of these to come up with a custom plan that fits their lifestyle and will help them achieve and maintain the best results possible. 

Healthy Recovery Period

Maintaining results starts as soon as the patient is out of surgery. A healthy recovery process is key to a good outcome after cosmetic surgery. The patient should follow all instructions regarding pain medications and recovery time. Rest is also a vital part of recovery. Post-surgical compression garments can help ease uncomfortable symptoms like bruising and swelling as well as let the patient rest more easily as they recover. 

Diet and Exercise

One of the best ways to maintain results after cosmetic surgery is to simply practice healthy habits. A proper diet and an active lifestyle will help the patient avoid regaining any weight lost in a weight-loss surgery, for example. Likewise, staying hydrated helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid unhealthy weight gain.

Skin Care

One result of surgery you don’t want to maintain is the scarring. While scars fade naturally over time, you can further improve their appearance with good skin-care practices. Scar creams and ointments help minimize the appearance of scars. Always protect the incision from the sun, as UV rays can cause further damage. The patient should also avoid habits that can damage the skin, like smoking or heavy drinking. 

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