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Updated on September 20, 2022
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Like many of you may have done, I got up at 4:30 am CT yesterday to watch the historic event, Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. She was an inspiring woman, with incredible grace and devotion to the service of others. She will be remembered as one of the great leaders in history. Although I have been a royal watcher for some years, I gained new perspective about this great lady and was moved by all she had done over her long life. 

Of course you’re thinking, well, she was the Queen of England, a person with a very defined role and famous throughout the world. And because of her status, we automatically think of her as a leader. 


But what is it to be a leader? Are you a leader? In reality, traits of leadership aren’t defined by title or fame. Leaders have confidence, a take charge attitude, flexibility, and are empowering to others 

I also think true leaders aren’t afraid of their own unique qualities, they don’t get into following others, but maintain vision in whatever they do. 

Leaders are creative people, they see the big picture, they inspire and encourage others. 

One of my favorite country music artists and someone I’ve always admired is Shania Twain. She is definitely a woman who worked hard to perpetuate her unique musical vision. If you get a chance, check out her acceptance speech when she was honored with an Academy of Country Music Award.  I loved part of her speech as she zeroed in on her fellow songwriters. I think her advice applies to everyone. She said and I quote, “ if you take the word follow out of your thought vocabulary, you’ll realize you are on the right path…your own path.” 

Leaders choose their own path and encourage others to take their own journey as well. 

In my article “Evolving,” I talked about how making little changes can get you to a better place in your career and life in general. 

Here are some ideas to become better at leading and inspire others to do the same. 

  • Practice random acts of kindness
  • Share your own accomplishments, how you did it, show others you will take on the grunt work…this is what you have to do to stay successful and also others watch what you do and find success, too
  • Show gratitude 
  • Stick to your word, say what you mean and live it, even if it’s not popular
  • Live in confidence of the path you choose and the steps you take

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Hope you enjoyed this article, I would love to hear from you. 

Whatever you do, stay inspired!

Nashville-based hit songwriter Kirsti Manna’s 6-week #1 Billboard chart smash hit Austin” introduced Blake Shelton (NBCs The Voice”) to country radio. She is a creativity expert, keynote speaker/performer and publisher. The go-to person for inspirational information, her mantra Whatever You Do, Stay Inspired” empowers creatives everywhere to find their voice. 

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Nashville-based hit songwriter Kirsti Manna's 6-week #1 Billboard chart smash hit "Austin" introduced Blake Shelton (NBC's "The Voice") to country radio. She is a creativity expert, keynote speaker/performer, and publisher. The go-to person for inspirational information, her mantra “Whatever You Do, Stay Inspired” empowers creatives everywhere to find their voice.