Relatient Continues Mission to Simplify Patient Communication with Launch of Dash Chat

Updated on August 27, 2023

 Relatient, the leading SaaS-based patient scheduling and engagement platform, announced today the launch of Dash Chat™, an interactive chat solution that enables simple two-way engagement between staff and patients directly from the provider group’s website. The solution allows providers and staff to address routine patient inquiries quickly while reducing call volume and driving overall patient satisfaction by delivering consistent access to care.

Amid mainstream adoption of live chat features across industries, healthcare organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of these tools for improving operational efficiency and patient care. An industry survey by Invesp cites that 73% of consumers find live chat the most satisfactory form of communication with an organization.

“Consumers have made it clear that they want the ability to communicate digitally with their providers on demand – to ask questions about hours or location, confirm or reschedule appointments, and more,” said Jeff Gartland, chief executive officer at Relatient. “Many healthcare organizations are faced with staffing shortages and overburdened clinical staff, which makes it even harder to effectively meet patients’ needs. Dash Chat offers a simplified and convenient solution that improves the experience for patients and providers alike.”

For provider organizations, Dash Chat will simplify the complexities of phone triage, which typically relies heavily on staff to manage voicemails and call-backs. The chat widget can be embedded directly on the website or behind a patient portal to drive intelligent conversations that help determine the patient’s need. Providers can then use the functionality to easily communicate with patients in real time, assigning different staff members to respond and easily routing patient inquiries to internal teams directly from the system.

For patients, Dash Chat enables faster, more convenient responses to inquiries such as appointment changes, office hours, directions or other questions they would typically call about.

“At Relatient, we are committed to simplifying the experience between providers and consumers, no matter the interaction,” Gartland said. “We are excited that Dash Chat will give healthcare providers the consistency, scalability, and enhanced communication functionality consumers demand.”

About Relatient, Inc.

Relatient, Inc. is a leading patient scheduling and engagement technology company that utilizes a mobile-first approach to simplifying access to care. Integrating with all leading EHR/PM systems, Relatient engages with over 50 million unique patients per year on behalf of provider groups and health systems across the U.S. Relatient’s self-scheduling, patient messaging, chat, digital registration and payment solutions drive operational efficiency, increased appointments, reduced no-shows, faster patient payments and improved patient satisfaction, all while supporting better health and care quality initiatives. For more information, visit:

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