What Business Are Doing to Keep You Safe During Covid

Updated on May 21, 2021

Covid continues to be a concern for people around the world and everyone is trying to get back to their normal routines. Maybe for you this includes visiting your favorite store, taking a vacation, or eating out at a restaurant. Businesses of all types are wanting to safely reopen and are modifying their practices in order to be more conscious of keeping you and their employees safe. Here are some examples of what businesses are doing to keep you safe during Covid so that you can get back to all the activities you love.

Retail Establishments

All kinds of stores, including clothing stores, convenient stores and other frequently visited retail establishments, have improved their cleaning procedures and changed the rules for shopping in their businesses. Cleaning and disinfecting routines have been enhanced, especially for areas and objects that are touched a lot such as carts, credit card machines and door handles. Also, hand sanitizing stations and disinfecting wipes have been placed throughout stores for you and employees to use.  

Retail shops have also established physical distancing rules by placing markers down on the ground that show where customers should stand in order to keep the right amount of distance between themselves and other customers.

Travel and Leisure Companies

The travel and leisure industries are also making changes that ensure you can safely enjoy a much needed break or vacation. For example, airlines are leaving some seats empty to allow for physical distancing and are requiring masks to be worn for the duration of a flight. They are also limiting their food and beverage services so they can keep close contact at a minimum.

Out as sea, cruise lines are implementing new safety protocols to make sailing possible again,  such as on an Antarctica cruise, where they will have physical distancing in place, improved cleaning procedures, limited capacity and even sailings where everyone over the age of 18 will be fully vaccinated. Cruises also have filtered air throughout their ships, which makes transmission of particles very low.

Hotels are frequently cleaning and sanitizing as well, and are limiting occupancy in typically crowded areas like lobbies and elevators. Making use of contactless room service and stopping certain concierge services like carrying luggage are also helping to keep you distanced and safe.

Restaurants and Bars

Food and beverage establishments are making sure to clean and disinfect tables and other common surfaces after each use, and have the recommended physical distancing rules in place. Many restaurants have stopped the use of certain features that require customers to use shared utensils, such as buffets and salad bars. They are also spacing tables further apart from each other, making use of outdoor seating and limiting occupancy. Barriers are also being put up as an additional safety measure when it’s difficult to keep your distance. In addition to these practices, employees at restaurants are given the time and means to wash their hands frequently and to stay home if they are not feeling well. 

Restaurants are also adapting by coming up with new ways to continue serving from a distance, like offering the use of take out services as a safe alternative to dining out. Curbside pick up areas are also allowing customers to maintain a safe distance from each other and from employees. Some restaurants are also offering contactless delivery services that allow you to order food without coming into contact with anyone.

Some restaurants and bars are also coming up with new and unique offerings such as meal kits and cocktail kits that you can purchase to enjoy a fun culinary or drink experience from home.  

Businesses are working hard to follow the recommended guidelines and adapt to the given circumstances by coming up with more ways to keep you safe. With these methods in place, businesses are able to reopen and you can get back to supporting your favorite stores, taking a vacation, or enjoying a nice meal out.

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