Tips On How To Choose The Most Suitable Corner Bathtub Shower


So you built an extension to your home and have a small space for a bathroom. One great solution to fit in both your shower and bathtub is to combine them in one place! Yes, with a corner bathtub shower, you would not have to worry about cramping up space to fit in your toilet, sink, and other bathroom appliances.

But as for beginner homeowners who have little to no knowledge about choosing bathtub showers, you would likely wonder how you would choose a suitable one. Well, in this article, I will give you some simple tips in choosing what is best for you and your family. We will delve into each tip to give you more insight into what you need to look out for!

What Is A Corner Bathtub Shower And Its Uses?

The bathtub and shower are built into one to maximize the use of space in general. But even with a spacious bathroom, you can still install one for its aesthetic look. Most designs do not also have that outer rim that you might stumble upon, which makes them safer. They are attached to a corner of the room, and they look more natural than your average tub.

Design-wise, the bathtub and shower are versatile, and many companies offer several varieties! You can also build one for yourself if you plan to have a customized design, and there are many guides (read more) for it on the internet. Nonetheless, if you have no idea what to get, visit your local appliance store or look at some examples through the help of internet browsers.

5 Tips On How To Choose The Most Suitable Corner Bathtub Shower

  1. Shape

At first glance, the corner bathtub shower would have one shape, and that is the triangle. Although the triangle is indeed the most common, it certainly is not the only shape available. They are also available in different shapes, like a rectangle that occupies the most space of the corner and one side of the wall—a heart-shaped tub giving more protruding space towards the center of the room. And even a pear-shaped one, for the aesthetic looks of it!

For my tip here, choose the most comfortable shape if you are living alone. If you live with your family with children, rectangular-shaped bathtubs are a great choice for their spacious and long dome-shaped hollow!

  1. Size 

Size is essential when trying to install your bathtub shower. Of course, since your aim would be saving up as much space as possible, you might look for a small one. On average, the corner tub shower 60 inches high and about 23 inches wide. Commercial tub showers are already pre-measured, but you can modify them if you wish to buy one; with some help, of course.

My tip for this is not to look for a small one to fit the room. Choose a tub that you are comfortable with and do not feel cramped by the size of its dome hollow, or choose a different design. Look for a balance, the gray area where you can fit in the tub and at the same time comfortable with it.

  1. Designs

There are many different bathtub shower designs you can choose from home appliance stores. There are curtain and glass covers with different designs and patterns. Some tubs were made from different materials such as metal, acrylic, or marble! My tip here is simple; choose the tub that you think has the best design and can fit in with the theme of your bathroom. Choosing the designs is highly subjective, and that is why you have the freedom for it. 

  1. Ease Of Use And Safety

You would not only worry about the size, shape, and design of your bathtub shower but also how easy it is to use and how safe it is. There are designs out there that might look sophisticated. But awkward and dangerous when you use them. For example, tubs that have high rims or the dome made it harder to stand up. The elderly (link: family members would have a hard time because of their weak muscles. Make sure to try and think about it, or imagine yourself using it before making your decision!

  1. Cleaning

The bathtub showers are generally easy to clean. However, like the previous number, some designs look sophisticated but cleaning it would be dreadful. My tip here is to choose a wall-mounted one for easy clean, and avoid designs that require you to clean the underside of the tub!


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