Understanding the Power of a Tea Tree Oil Extract

Updated on January 25, 2022

Time and time again, natural remedies have proven their worth in the medical field, despite years of traditional medicine arguing that only artificial chemical pharmaceuticals should be used. Much of that is geared to marketing for the pharmaceutical industry, but if people really examine the benefits of some natural remedies, they will find incredible value. That’s the case with Tea tree oil

An Age-Old Natural Product Finds a New Use

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the plant, technically known as Melaleuca alternifolia. It is indigenous to Australia and harvested both for cosmetics as well as for health products. Tea tree oil has long been known to be a form of natural anti-biotic and preventative treatment, but only now has it been confirmed the leaf product can also be used to kill off demodex mites. These minute creatures are common in the skin and eyelashes and trigger skin irritations in the affected areas. 

Splitting Hairs When It Makes a Difference

The exact element of tea tree oil that works as the active agent is 4-Terpineol. This particular ingredient is one of more than a dozen components that make up the oil but it is the key factor that directly affects a demodex mite infestation. However, for a full effect, the 4-Terpineol has to be extracted from the tea tree oil for full effect. As it turns out, if kept intact with the oil, the other components in it dilute the effect of the 4-Terpineol and its benefits against the mites. 

A Local Neighbor Becomes a Pain

Like many other creatures that live in a bio-harmony on the skin, demodex mites can be found around the eyes and on skin in general. In most cases, we don’t see them with the naked eye and they don’t cause problems. However, in patients who are already suffering from specific skin conditions, the demodex mites make things worse. These conditions can include blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction or MGD, and roscea. In these cases, the mites have propagated to such a degree, they are notably larger in number than an average person. And their activity contributes to the related skin irritation, making this worse and reactions far more serious. By reducing their number or wiping out the demodex mites, it has the beneficial effect of calming the skin’s reaction as well. 

If one were to apply tea tree oil in its natural form to the affected skin, some patients would likely have a reaction and note additional irritation. However, when a 4-Terpineol extract is used, irritation doesn’t occur. Instead, the material is non-toxic, kills off the local mite population, and helps reduce the local inflammation significantly. 

Finding 4-Terpineol in a Market Form

In terms of market access, Cliradex is the main product available that provides a 4-Terpineol treatment for eye hygiene and demodex treatment. It works directly against demodex mites without side effects from other ingredients. Cliradex eyelid cleansers are available in light foam or towelettes, both providing a gentle and safe treatment on the eye area that removes the mite condition without creating additional reactions. Cliradex can be incorporated in both morning and evening cleaning routines, as well as during the middle of the day if one is dealing with a lot of grit or midday reactions. The product is so effective, eye doctors themselves typically carry it for their own use if needed during the workday or traveling. 

Folks who suffer from dry eye, eye irritation, swelling, and allergies will benefit the most from Cliradex, as well as those with conditions noted above. The simple fact that it is extremely effective in reducing irritation is a blessing for many who spend day after day with irritated eyes and red, inflamed eyelid tissue and surrounding areas. Add in folks suffering from eczema, for example, and things just get downright rough without medical relief. Cliradex eyelid cleansers are simply a huge advantage going forward, as well as a relief for folks with chronic eyelid irritation. And, while it might seem simple in concept, when you suffer every day from burning, itching, swelling, and even pain around the eyes, relief takes on a whole new meaning when you have it and can break the cycle. 

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