Top Pittsburgh Tech Companies in 2020

Updated on March 10, 2020
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Pittsburgh’s economy depends on the success of the technology industry. We’ve compiled a list of Pittsburgh technology companies to look out for in 2020.


Roadbotics was commissioned by the CMU Robotics Institute in 2016. Its patented software can measure and calculate the condition and needs for road maintenance using photos taken with a standard smartphone camera. 

Instead of relying on human inspectors to recommend repairs, local authorities can save time and money by simply driving and sucking data. The company’s clients already have over 80 local governments in the United States and Austra. Roadbotics has also just signed an agreement to share its Detroit technology and first collaboration with a large American city. Together with the $ 3.9 million risk capital raised in November, Roadbotics will reach higher levels in 2020, with over 200 million users. 


Duolingo is the world’s most popular way to learn languages ​​online. Founded in 2011 by crowdsourcing pioneers Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker it is the most downloaded educational app for iOS and Android. It has been awarded the Apple iPhone App of the Year and the best on Android. Aiming to provide the world with free language learning methods, the company is building a future in which the highest quality of education will be available to everyone. 

Gecko Robotics 

Wall climbing robots from Gecko Robotics, such as EVA and TOKA 2, are slowly crawling over large industrial pipes and power plants, looking for cracks. This is a significant improvement in manual/visual controls that can be slow, inaccurate, and dangerous. Leah Lizarondo, CEO and co-founder, recently announced that the non-profit organization will work with partner organizations in Philadelphia, Cleveland, and San Francisco to expand its application and tailor it to the needs of relevant food industries. 

Bossa Nova Robotics 

Bossa Nova robots are getting thinner. This is a big deal because the Bossa Nova 2020 robot can navigate the narrow corridors of smaller format stores. There are also large stores such as Walmart, where hundreds of their robots are already used to track inventory. You can also look closer at the shelves and gather more information. This is the result of six years of retail experience and over a million scanned corridors. 


RoadRunner makes recycling much more efficient for many companies. Thanks to advanced technology, they help companies recover valuable materials from waste streams and recycling, and thus earn money. They offer retailers with small and medium-sized commercial areas as well as construction operators of all sizes unparalleled added value. 

Companies cooperating with RoadRunner save 15-45%, while processing more, reducing landfill storage and reducing their carbon footprint by 80%. This is a great opportunity for their clients, members of their team, and the planet. 


nanoGriptech, a natural adhesive manufacturing company, recently received $ 1.7 million from a Taiwanese venture capital company to help the company attract Asian customers to its revolutionary Semtex material. Semtex imitates the natural adhesive properties of the gecko’s feet and is essentially a silent Velcro closure for a variety of applications in clothing, medical care, and robotics. 

The company was originally separated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in 2009. Since then, he has won many scientific awards from institutions such as the National Science Foundation and NASA.


SnapRetail is a SaaS (Software As A Service) company that provides independent retailers with a comprehensive online marketing solution. The platform combines many digital marketing tools in one user-friendly interface and simplifies online customer contact to increase sales.

If as Brendan Wilde of said, any community with a high concentration of tech companies is an intellectual hub and is well-positioned to be a world market leader, then Pittsburgh is on the path to becoming a tech world headquarters!

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